An Officer and a Wise Man


Name: TM5 - An Officer and a Wise Man
How to begin: talk to Orn Guincum
Areas: Maelstrom Command, Bloodshore

Last quest: Engineering Victory
Next quest: Ceruleum Shock

Requirements to sign up: Engineering Victory complete
Required items: -
Reward: ?


Coming soon


Unruly Raider

Level: 23
Drops: ?
Location: canyon near Bloodshore in instanced fight

Come in a group of 4 and are aggro.


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On Your Way

Guincum: At ease, recruit. I won't bite your head off…though the Maelstrom certainly has its share of those who would.
Yet their actions are not born of malice. they simply wish to see you achieve your full potential. And if what I have witnessed is any indication, your potential is as limitless as the mighty sea.
You have a certain gift, a strength seldom seen save in those who have traveled the world and sampled its wonders. You are an experienced adventurer, and that makes you special. It places you at an advantage - an advantage that could benefit this company, this city, this whole realm.
Let me ask you this: why did both Gridania and Ul'dah choose the same moment as the thalassocracy to re-establish their Grand Companies? Is it mere coincidence, or something more? What drives the two city-states? What are their plans? …What are their weaknesses?
We would like you to help us answer these questions. To put it plainly, we would like yo to spy on our neighbors to the east - or rather observe them from within. 'Spy' sounds so…dishonest. As an adventurer with no obvious allegiance, you should experience little trouble infiltrating their ranks. Once you have learned all you can about both the Immortal Flames and the Order of the Twin Adder, report back to Maelstrom Command. Dismissed.

Mission Briefing

Guincum: You have come on a most glorious day, recruit. A ceremony to officially inaugurate the Maelstrom armada is scheduled to take place this evening, and is to be conducted by none other than the Admiral herself.
There is, however, one small problem. You see, the Admiral is…well…she is…how would you say…in absentia. Alright, she's missing. She left the city several bells past, saying that she needed to meet with representatives of Limsa's most prestigious pirate crews in order to settle the remaining details of their peace accord.
So as not to betray their trust, she insisted on traveling to the meeting place unarmed and, ahem, without escort… This, unfortunately, has left us all in the dark as to her safety.
Worse, we cannot dispatch a party of Barracuda Knights to search of her for fear of inviting the ire of the pirates and thereby undermining all that the Admiral has worked so hard to achieve. No, our only option is to send a suitably inconspicuous third party in our stead. A third party who would rouse little suspicion of spotted… A third party, in point of fact, like you. What better disguise than a common adventurer chasing chigoes on some levequest or other?
The Admiral's attendants overheard her mention a clearing west of Camp Bloodshore to a pirate envoy. We believe it to be the location of the moot. Would you consent to go there on our behalf?
(quest accept)
Guincum: You have my thanks, recruit. Now, I must ask that you work quickly. The longer the Admiral is away from the city, the greater the chance her absence will be noted, and the likelier it is that one of the more ambitious pirate crews will endeavor to turn the situation to their advantage.

(talk again)
Guincum: It is believed the Admiral left, unarmed and unattended, for a clearing to the southwest of Camp Bloodshore. You are to travel to the clearing and confirm her whereabouts and well-being.

Secret Meeting

(instance in valley near Bloodshore)
Urianger: The Twelve have willed that our paths cross once more, and for this I give thanks.
For that which came to pass when last we met, I do beg thy pardon. Though I called upon my familiar, I swear I meant thee no lasting hurt.
Upon these once taintless shores lurk Garlean devils, wizened in darkness - their object, to bestrew venomous falsehoods anent my person and purpose.
They claim me one of a cabal of malign mages whom erst summoned forth a terrible doom unto Eorzea. They cover my knowledge of the Seventh Moon, deeming it a threat to peace, and have ventured so far as to call for my death, luring would-be abettors with the luster of false riches.
I have pled mine innocence to them that would hear it, but what is one voice of truth amidst a chorus of calumnies? So, that my message might be delivered, I was compelled to brave a less trodden path. I had need of them that could discern good from evil, though each be clad in the cloth of the other.
And it was with this in mind that I did test thee, knowing that when thou hadst overcome adversity, thou wouldst awaken anew to the light of truth.
From thy feats that day, I know I have found one of them I seek. Thou art blessed with the fortitude to endure the blight that will descend upon Eorzea anon. Aye, thou shalt prove a boon in the battle to come, and any of the Grand Companies of Eorzea would be fortunate to count thee in their number.
Yet…though thou hast hitherto endured much, thou must needs apprehend all this as but the beginning. The fate of the realm rests upon thy shoulders and the shoulders of they compeers. Shirk not this burden, for if thou dost, Eorzea will perish ere the first flame falleth from the heavens.
I have traveled far this day. Permit me a moment's respite, I prithee, that I might rest my weary bones before betaking me to my journey once more.

Merlwyb: Halt. Come not a step closer till you have made yourself known.
First Lieutenant Orn sent you, did he? Well, you may report to the overstrung officer that he should put away his timeworn tenterhooks - his beloved Admiral is quite unscathed. Well, her person is, at least - her wits have been dealt something of a blow. I came here to trade words with the Archon, you see, but learned rather more than I had hoped to know…
<sigh> And now I suppose courtesy dictates I explain myself. My advisors would most certainly advise against it, of course…but they are not here, and I rarely heed their cautioning cries when they are. So then, I have heard the whisperings concerning the Archon and know that there are many who would brand him an enemy of the realm. I, for my part, would not have you believe that I was conspiring with a criminal, and spread rumors to that effect, as is doubtless your wont.
No, you shall have it plain. Let it be seeds of truth and not hearsay that you scatter amongst those who still harbor doubts as to my intentions.
First, a confession: it was not I who devised the plan to re-establish the Maelstrom. That I owe to Urianger - to the Archons. Had I made this fact known in the beginning, few would have credited it, and those who did would have demanded my resignation, or - in the case of the pirates - my head.
Hence the secrecy, and hence my traveling here alone…though little good that did. I caught wind of a band of overly inquisitive ruffians tracking me on my way to this clearing. I did my best to cover my trail in hopes that I would have enough time to conduct my business with Urianger and void the area before they arrived.
What's this? You met with the band upon the road and summarily slew the brigands? …Well, you adventurers are seldom afraid to take the initiative. Would that the Maelstrom had more men like you.
You have served the thalassocracy well today. As a token of my gratitude, I invite you to join me at the Grand Company inauguration ceremony.
The ceremony was to be held on the Bridge later this evening, but it appears my little outing has taken rather longer than anticipated… I would warn you that proceedings are like to be delayed, but I have little doubt that you will arrive at precisely the right moment in any event - you adventurers being uncannily gifted where timing is concerned.

The Speech

Zanthael: <Player Name>? The Admiral has informed me of your arrival. Do you wish to proceed to the Bridge? (Access the lift? yes/no)

(you arrive at the top floor. A crowd has gathered)
Merlwyb: Brothers and sisters of the sea, hearken unto me!
Look upon this, our mighty crimson standard, and tell me your hearts do not swell with pride!
Seven hundred summers and seven hundred winters have we chronicled since our forefathers first arrived in this fertile bay, guided by the good grace of the Mother of Oceans.
In that time, the world has looked on in aw as Limsa Lominsa grew from humble fishing village to uncontested ruler of the five seas and beyond. From the Pearl in the East to the Isles of Umber in the West. From the Farreach in the North to the Cieldales in the South. And where the thalassocracy does not command respect, it instills fear. We, friends, are a mighty galleon - the realm our sea to sail.
But even now, our brave vessel is being drawn into the midst of a terrible storm - a storm that threatens to scatter our hopes to the wind and send our souls plummeting to the abyss…a storm raised by the Garlean Empire.
A fearsome foe, to be sure - but, my friends, my shipmates, ask unto any captain of any vessel, "Pray, what be the best way to weather a storm?" and they will all answer the same…
Heave to and hold fast!
Yet to endure the raging tempest's spite, the captain needs the strength of the whole crew, from the highest officer to the lowest tarboy.
And though the course be wrought with peril, and the captain ask the impossible, it is imperative that each man obey, lest the storm claim all.
Tattooed Pirate: Bollocks! Cork that fancy gob o' yours - there's bilge enough below!
Hot-headed Pirate: I answers t' but one cap'n, an' 'e ain't a preenin' 'ore in a sailor suit!
Merlwyb: There is nary a soul in this hall who would disagree when I say this city-state is as much yours as it is mine - that it was founded on the premise that on the sea, each and every man is free.
I also know that since its founding, it has become a beacon of hope to those who seek that same freedom in all things - a haven for adventurers and merchants, vagrants and vagabonds, all who crave respite from the tyrannies of the world beyond.
And so, as Admiral of this proud vessel, I pledge you this…
Though it mean offering up mine own body and blood to the Navigator Herself, I, Merlwyb Bloefhiswyn, shall see you safe through this storm!
The Maelstrom shall see you safe through this storm!
Brother sand sisters of the sea, come! Gather beneath the undying crimson standard and pledge me your strength, your skill, your wisdom!
Show the enemy your fatal blades, granting them the same mercy they would us…and commit them to the gaping abyss!
The Maelstrom has launched, its final destination a new Eorzea where Limsa Lominsa's founding principles shall shine like the lodestone and reverberate like thunder, till sea swallows all!
(people leave. You see Y'shtola)

The Aftermath

Tattooed Pirate: Me cap'n always says we be free t' do as we please. 'Tis the way o' th' pirates, 'e says, an' always 'as been. I'm wonderin', though…does that makes us free t' join th' Admiral?

Hot-headed Pirate: That bloody saltwife's stubborn as a sea lion, an' twice as ugly…but 'er love o' Limsa runs deeper than the abyss itself, an' there ain't many as can say that.

Syhrdaeg: What a speech! Never have I been more inspired in all my years as a Knight of the Barracuda! I'm more than ready to play my part!
Even if it is cleaning up after the ceremony… <sigh>

S'laiboli: When Merlwyb failed to appear in time for the originally scheduled ceremony, I immediately assumed the worst. This is Limsa Lominsa, you know. We've had more than a few Admirals turn up int he gutter over the years, whether drink-sodden…or dead.

Y'shtola: Offer her body and blood to the Navigator, indeed? I suppose that MIGHT stir the drowsy deity from her hitherto ceaseless slumber…but I suspect her sacrifice would benefit Limsa's carrion crabs rather more than her people.
And we could not have that, for I fear the mighty Maelstrom would fare rather poorly without Merlwyb at its helm. There is no other in this city with a voice as resounding as hers.
Now, I had an opportunity to exchange pleasantries with the Admiral before the day's display of pomp and circumstance. She spoke highly of you, commending your courage and cunning. Indeed, it seems both she and Urianger have fallen for your charms.
Yes, I know of the Archon, for he and I are colleagues, sent form a land far to the north to study what some call the "Divine Chronicles".
You seem…unconvinced. Mayhap you recall our rather timely meeting in eastern La Noscea? Well, it just so happens that I traveled there that day in order to discuss how vest to persuade the Admiral to reinstate the Maelstrom. Can you guess with whom I spoke?
And here we are. Would that I could say things are all well and good, but as you can imagine, they are far from it.
Based on the information that my brothers and I have gathered, it would seem the Garlean Empire has chosen to tread the same vainglorious path that other civilizations trod in ages past - a course which may succinctly be described as the shortest road to ruin.
But all is not yet lost. Sensing the gravity of the situation, our master - the Allseer - has arrived to begin his search for Daybreak - one of the valiant blades mentioned int eh Divine Chronicles.
So you see, though we are beset on all sides by death, there is still hope. Hope in Merlwyb, hope in the Maelstrom, and hope in those who follow them.
And then there is you. In the coming moons, you shall face a despair darker than any you have ever known. But the light of hope burns bright in your soul - a light which none may quench save you yourself.
You must let that flame guide you to the furthest reaches of Eorzea - the burning sands of Ul'dah and the dewy groves of Gridania.
Heed the words of the maiden who speaks with the trees, embrace the resolve of the warrior who stands alone against many, and let each add to your flame.
A path must be chosen, a decision made. Open your mind and your senses to all that is around you, and answers will come. My companions await you.
Now go, but forget not that of which I spake. Hope is what you are, and you are what we seek.

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