An Inconvenient Dodo


Name: An Inconvenient Dodo
How to begin: talk to U'bokhn opposite the Coliseum
Areas: Ul'dah, Black Brush

Last quest: -
Next quest: ?

Requirements to sign up: level ?
Required items: -
Reward: ?


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Stuffed Dodo

Level: 15
Drops: ?
Location: Thanalan, Black Brush area close to Nanawa Mines

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Desert Shade

U'bokhn: Parched, much? How's about a cold beverage to slake that adventurer's thirrrst?
What is it, then? You think I enjoy doing this? Doling out drinks to passersby? It ain't the most glamorous work, I grant you that. But it's got to be done - for the sake of the Desert Shade.
Never heard of the Desert Shade, have you? See, there? You've only proved my point. Well, I'll enlighten you. It is a group of concerned souls fighting for the ecology of Ul'dah. We do what we can to stop these arid lands becoming even drier.
I hail from Gridania, myself. Couldn't believe me own peepers first time I laid eyes on Ul'dah. Never knew there to be landscapes without the merest trace o' green.
Willing to wager you didn't know this whole area used to be forests, either, did you? Aye, well it was. It pains me heart to think of all them trees and shrubs and whatnot, slowly drying up and dying. And look at this hellish-hot, barren wasteland left in the wake of it all.
That's why I gathered together all those who felt as I did, and founded the Desert Shade. Even got sanctioned by the Botanists' Guild so as we could register guildleves and get you willing and able-bodied adventurers to help our cause.
Trouble is, on them rare occasions when we are able to get seeds to sprout in these fallow barrens, those damned stuffed dodos come along and gobble 'em up! It's enough to make you think Mother Nature don't know what's in her own best interests!
The most recent success we've had is over by the Nanawa Mines. I'm asking every adventurer to kill me eight stuffed dodos. You look capable enough. What do you say?
(quest accept)
U'bokhn: I see there's a bit o' green in your heart! I'll mark the lands we fertilized on your map.
Hurry along now, and kill the vile buggers before they polish off all of our sprouts!

U'bokhn: Kill me eight of the stuffed dodos over by the Nanawa Mines in Thanalan. Our sprouts need protecting - no matter the cost!

Return to Green

U'bokhn: Parched much? How's about a cold beverage to slake - oh! It's you!
Tell me, have you killed those winged vermin that have been eating our sprouts?
Magnificent! May their blood feed the soil! Thanks to you, the Desert Shade's efforts won't be for naught!
You've done Eorzea a great service. I thank you - and the land thanks you too. Here, take this.
Through the toil of good souls such as you, we'll see green returned to Thanalan one day. One day…

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