An Ear for Quality


Name: BSM1 - An Ear for Quality
How to begin: talk to Bodenolf
Areas: Naldiq&Vymelli's

Last quest: -
Next quest: Song of the Sirens

Requirements to sign up: BSM20
Required items: Naldiq Gramophone Case, Naldiq Trembler, Bronze Nugget x5, Bronze Ingot
Reward: ?


Coming soon


Note that you will have to buy the actual materials for both recipes, you'll only receive information on how to make them from the NPCs.

Naldiq Gramophone Case
Level: ?
Materials: Naldiq Gramophone Case recipe, 2x Bronze Nugget, Bronze Ingot

Naldiq Trembler
Level: ?
Materials: Naldiq Trembler recipe, 3x Bronze Nugget


Note that starting this quest on either Armorer or Blacksmith will render you incapable of doing the whole quest line on the other class, only one of them can be chosen.

To be continued



Joining the Smithy

Bodenolf: Ah, so ye reckon ye've got iron in yer veins now, eh? Well, we'll jus' see about that, won't we? Tell us, what mangy moniker did yer mammy cry out when ye finally quit her quakin' loins?
<Full Name>, eh? Good enough for an unsooted whelp, I s'pose. So, what be yer heart a-yearnin' t' pound into bein'? Most o' the forgehands walk through this here door dreamin' o' buildin' their own grand ship. Mayhaps ye be thinkin' the same, eh?
(Join the Blacksmiths' Guild? "Nay"/"Aye")
Bodenolf: Ye ken what they say 'bout a man what don't feel complete wi'out a big ship? Hahahah! I'm sure ye do. But buildin' a ship be a serious business. Knowin' the fate o' countless souls be restin' on yer own humble craftsmanship can prove more burden than a mountain o' lead.
Question is, can yer heart handle that burden, eh? Well, ain't no one better t' size ye up than ol' Mimidoa. He looks no more'n a fortnight past his tenth nameday, but truth be told, the wee man's been poundin' steel since back before anyone can remember. don't seem none the worse for it, neither.
(quest accept)
Bodenolf: Remember, take what ye're told with a grain o' salt, lad. Jus' 'cause th' burden be beyond bearin' fer now, it don't mean ye be doomed t' failure fer the rest o' yer days.
(obtain pearl, enter instance)

Bodenolf: Now toddle off t' Mimidoa - the short-arse up on that balcony. An' be quick about it. A man o' his age ain't got many turns o' the sun left in him.
The old hand spent his youth workin' on ships, makin' certain each an' every one might stay afloat long enough t' return t' port. 'Twas his skill with a hammer what saw many a sailor back t' shore.

Qhas Chalahko: Joined th' smitties, have ye? Well, ain't this a fine day? Now I don't need no permission from the forgemaster t' sling ye in the fires if ye step out o' line.

Pfynhaemr: What are ye gawpin' at, outlander? Get them winkers off me forgemate's dugs, fore I renders ye black an' blue.

Martiallais: Say ye're one of us, eh? Well, of course ye are! Ye can't rightly be both of us, now, can ye? Ye're either an armorer or a smitty. And if ye're a smitty, then ye just made yerself a friend.
Now, if an armorer ye be…well… See, a river brimful o' bad blood runs 'twixt th' armorers and smitties, yet 'cause there be but one roof 'ere - an' all our 'eads stuck b'neath 'er like a leg under an 'ound - we makes a point o' bein' polite…most days.

Iofa: Hear you'll be prenticin under ol' Mimidoa. Consider yourself lucky. Took me five years of pounding chocoboshoes before the master'd even give me a second look.
Even then, he was so caught up in one of his pet projects, I was lucky if I got three words out of him at a sitting - if that.

Joeullaut: Welcome to th' guildshop. Jus' don't be thinkin' on account o' th' fact ye're officially one of us that I'll be givin' ye a special discount.

Colson: Set to work under ol' Mimidoa, are ye? Well, then ye'd best get at it. The man ain't got the time t' waste on an unsooted whelp, and ye ain't got the craft nor the clout t' be keepin' him waitin'.
And jus' 'cause he's vertic'ly challenged, don't think ye can go givin' him lip. I seen him serve a Roeggie a thick ear with one hand while temperin' a sword with t'other. His bloomin' ear, mind!

Sosoze: (text missing) in this fair city, Naldiq & Vymelli's is the name, and you'll find there ain't no better name if you're searching for the name in steel and iron workings.
And might you have come to borrow the fine name of our fiery forges to make a name for yourself? But of course you have!

Hihine: Welcome to Naldiq & Vymelli's, metallurgists extraordinaire - fonded many, many generations gone by legendary forgemasters Naldiq the Wright and Vymelli the Smith…or was it Naldiq the Smith and Vymelli the Wright…?
Ah, but that is a detail of little import, for it was the fire in their collective eyes and the passion in their collective hearts that paved the proverbial way for all you see before you! Why, even today, we honor both our forefathers by changing our leadership every few years to ensure that both armorers and smiths are given the opportunity to serve as guildmaster.

Trinne: Ye paid proper obeisances t' yer fellow forgemates?
A good forge is built on respect. Ye don't show none, ye don't get none.

First Task

(you approach Mimidoa from the left)
Mimidoa: What ye say? What ye say?
'Nother 'nitiate, eh? 'Nitiate, ye say? Gettin' lots o' 'nitiates these days. Lots o' 'nitiates. What day ye say it was?
Name's <Full Name>, is it? <Player> ain't done much in the way of smittin' n ow, has he. Ain't done much at all. Hands too clean. Too pale. No calluses. How long did he say he'd been smittin'? Not long?
Ah, another 'nitiate, eh? Then I've got to test ye. Gives ye a test, I will. Then we'll see if ye've got smittin' in yer blood. What say ye, son?
Make me a Naldiq gramophone case. That's yer test. Ye hear me? Eh? Speak up, I can't hear ye! Ah?
here's the recipe. Best give it a good ol' lookin' at afore startin'. A good ol' lookin' at, y'hear? Eh?
(obtain a recipe for a Naldiq gramophone case)

Mimidoa: Quiet now, an' listen. I needs t' find out if there be some use in them arms o' yours. Make us a Naldiq gramophone case and we'll see how much temperin' yer skills require.

Second Task

Mimidoa: Eh? 'Nother 'nitiate, are ye? No? Then what in the builder's name do ye call this? Ain't no smitty with a whit o' pride'd dare claim this work fer his own.
Mayhaps a few moons facin' the flames of a forge'll right ye. To put it plain-like, ye needs some practice - and what better way t' sharpen up the dullest o' skills than by craftin' a Naldiq trembler?
That of of a smith, Iofa, will have th' recipe handy, I should think. Now bugger off!

Iofa: Praise the Builder he gave you the sense to become a smitty. Wouldn't have been another way to learn from Iofa Ironeye.
Now, I can provide you the recipe for the Naldiq trembler, but you're on your own finding the three bronze nuggets needed to make it. I'm ten parts metallurgist and no part philanthropist.
(obtain a recipe for a Naldiq trembler)

Martiallais: Time was, shipwrights were the most respected craftsmen in town… Each had his own style, and each ship was as different as the fish int eh sea.
But them days are long gone. 'Tis quantity afore quality that the forgemasters preach now. The only ships being built are those forged from a model and chased out the yard as quick as they can snap the parts together. Ain't a whit of tradition left in the trade.

Bodenolf: Ye find yerself lackin' a little o' this or that, ye be sure t' speak with our own Smydhaemr. Jus' don't forget yer coin, eh?

Qhas Chalahko: 'Eard the sayin' "got a fire in yer eye"? Well it ain't jus' words. I once saw a bloke stare into them forges ten bells straight. By the time the day was done, 'is eyeballs were black as pitch. Take care, friend, or it'll be you meetin' the same fate.

Colson: As of late, seems like ol' Mimidoa's been havin' adventures just like ye forgin' him all manner of things.
And by the looks of it, his eye for talent ain't gone cloudy yet! He's got some use out of every half-decent trainee smitty and armorer in the shop!

Blessings in Disguise

Mimidoa: What's this? I told ye t' make this, did I. Don't recall doin'. 'This fine work, nonetheless. Fine work, indeed.
Ye've got that spark. Ye never give up. I likes that about ye. Ye reminds me of a lad I once had makin' me gramophone parts. <Player> was his name. Nice enough lad. None too bright, though.
Now if ye'd just stop all that weavin' an' windin'.
Y'see, this here ear don't hear, so I has t' turn me head when I wants to listen, like. Ain't no need fer ye t' keep flankin' me.
Hm? Ye worried havin' a bum ear might make life terrible hard here in the forge? Ahahahah! I wouldnt' trade her fer the world!
(Mimidoa watches as three women enter and goes greet them)
R'piqoi: We'll be seeing you tonight, right, Mimidoa?
Ailisse: Why, what ever would we do without you?
Ceryth: Things just wouldn't be the same.
(the girls leave. You approach Mimidoa)
Mimidoa: Me bum ear? I wouldn't trade 'er for the world! Hahahahah!
(he goes after the women)

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