All Bark and No Bite


Name: GLD1 - All Bark and No Bite
How to begin: talk to Lulutsu
Areas: Ul'dah

Last quest: -
Next quest: Unalienable Rights

Requirements to sign up: GLA20
Required items: -
Reward: ?


Coming soon


Ala Mhigan Challenger

Level: ?
Drops: -
Location: Coliseum/Bloodsands instanced fight

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Lulutsu: Welcome to the Coliseum, friend. This place is home to the bloodsands, where wielders of both steel and spell come to dance the deadly dance of battle.
You'll not find a more lively venue in all of Ul'dah - hells, make that all of Eorzea. Just spectating has been known to make people faint, and when you add a wager into the bargain, you can imagine the thrills to be had.
But to become a gladiator and take to the bloodsands yourself - aye, that is the greatest thrill of all. To fight! To be cheered! To triumph! Are you here to join us and secure such a legacy?
(Will you join the Gladiators' Guild? "No, and you need to calm down"/"Yes, the people will chant my name")
Lulutsu: So they will!
Yes, I see in you a man who understands there is more to glory than mere victory. More than killing. We are entertainers, and so we must entertain. Give the crowd something to remember you by, and they will make your name legend!
There are many others like yourself who work for us here. Some fight themselves, others scout the realm for those who would.
But you are new to us, and must begin at the beginning.
Selections for the next tourney are already underway. It presents an ideal opportunity for us to weed out the…lesser individuals.
For as the old saying goes, he that is base in both skill and face doth not a champion make. Knowing little of your own skill, I think perhaps I will have you participate in this tourney, too. Do try not to die.
(quest accept)
Lulutsu: Make your way within through the door, there. And be sure to give the weaklings a thorough trouncing. It's for their own good. I just pray to the Twelve you aren't one of them.
(obtain Coliseum linkpearl)

On the Way

(Coliseum instance)

Fineco Romanecco: (text missing) to employ you adventurers here? I will tell you. It is your potential - potential for connections.
Your ties stretch throughout the realm, and put you int he company of all, highborn and low. So forge your bonds with as many as you may. The Coliseum will be the better for it.

Wannore: 'Tain't as simple as pittin' the strong against the strong. Makin' the lists is a bloody art. Takes years of workin' in the Coliseum to know what makes for a good match.
(text missing) like yourself must know of all the standard weapons and their uses, though, right? Aye, well…that'll take you far, here.

Fruhybolg: The first rule of the Coliseum is you do not talk about the Coliseum. Others will try to pry words from you, by force or by promises of coin and flesh. You must be strong to resist - of mind and body.
I don't care what they threaten you with - spill our bloody secrets, and I'll spill your bloody guts!

Q'mhalawi: If you ask me, those damned Ala Mhigans are cowards for fleeing their homes. Still, you'd best watch your back whenever they're around. They're harmless enough alone, to be sure, but they got nasty tempers on them, and take courage from numbers - and they almost always turn up in numbers.
Coliseum's been more tolerant of the bastards than anywhere else in Ul'dah. Aye, threw our doors wide open, we did. And I don't like it one bloody bit.

Papawa: (text missing) resting on every fight.
The sums in the Coliseum's ledgers are so large, the smallfolk would scarcely be able to make sense of them. I myself was taken by a shaking fit when I first saw their like.

Abylgo Hamylgo: There's but three ways to make it onto the sands - get accepted, get recommended, or get scouted.
Once you's on 'em, gods be good, there's riches to be had! Gil and gifts what would put the sultana to shame.

Galeren: If pushed, I'd have to say Luzlo Pulazlo is the gladiator of the moment. Luzlo Lowthrust, the commonfolk call him. Before him, there was Melusine the Muse, but she suffered wounds in her last match that have kept her abed ever since.
It matters little enough. The names borne by the cheers will change afore long, sure as sunrise. And all the better. Naught stirs the crowd's displeasure quicker than boredom.

Swerdahrm: Might be you'll apply to fight, and might be you'll get accepted. but you'll not even make underling until you pass our trials.
You know what an underling is, you spineless mass of puk shite? Naught but a worm what just offers itself up to be thrashed by the crowd favorites, hoping for a bit of coin.

First Match

(You enter the bloodsands. A lalafell is standing referee with a miqo'te and a hyur)
Yoyobina: Another Ala Mhigan? When they goin' to learn? I can't dig the bloody graves fast enough.
Wait, who's that? There. Newcome gladiator from the looks of it. Let's throw him in.
To aaarms!

Ala Mhigan Challenger: I've no hope of besting one such as you…

(you win, and the lalafell falls to his knees)
Yoyobina: Not half bad. No proper training, that's easy enough to see, but you hold your own well enough.
Ala Mhigan Challenger: …I yield…
Yoyobina: Victory or no, this fight is over. Put it behind you. Ain't nothing more it can teach you now. A true gladiator knows the only fight worth thinking of is the next one.

Words to the Victor


Swerdahrm: I've had it up to here with these false warriors. They come cralwin' out of some stinkin' pit on the outskirts of Aldenard - where they was doubtless one o' the very best sword fighter sin the whole village - thinkin' that maybe they can fight their way to fame.
And so they takes to the sands, fancyin' themselves the next Greinfarr, only to get their arses damn near hacked off. At least most got sense or pride enough to relent after that. Only most of them, mind. The worst insist on stayin' and fightin' over and over again.

Abylgo Hamylgo: I heard the last tourney champion bought an estate in the Oasis with his winnings. They are even saying he hired some twenty or thirty servants into his employ.
Of course, the Coliseum keeps a watchful eye on its fighters. It'd be bad business to let the lackwit drown himself in wine and women. Aye, we'll keep him fit, so long as he can turn a profit. After that, the bloody fool can do aught he pleases.

Papawa: Truth be told, even that last match of yours was open to wagers.
I might have put a gil or two on you myself, if it hadn't been for your opponent. There isn't a soul in Ul'dah who'd risk their coin on him, so there was no profit in it.

Lyngwaek: There is more fighting than mere victory, friend. You must respect the opponent who treads the bloodsands with you, and earn your glories together.

Q'mhalawi: Ala Mhigo long claimed to be home to the finest warriors in the land - far mightier than even our own! Ha!
If that's so, then tell me why is it they were so quick to turn tail and flee before the Garleans. Bloody cowards, the lot of them.

Fruhybolg: You fought… Well, you fought. That much can be said. But you've still got a lot to learn.
If you live long enough, mayhap I'll teach you some of the techniques Mastesr Greinfarr himself shared with me. Deadly stuff, that. And right popular with the crowds, too.

Wannore: Can't for the life of me reason why we got us more of these Ala Mhigan cravens than Gridania. Gods know the trees are closer to their home. You'd think they mean to conquer us.
Some think it's the Black Shroud what drives 'em our way. They say that godsforsaken forest would put paid to most of 'em afore they got anywhere near the city.

Fineco Romanecco: I envy you adventurers, truly. You have such wonderful opportunities to meet others like yourself and improve your skills.
Make sure and seize those chances when they come along, <Player>. Or you may regret it the rest of your days.

Galeren: A few of the Ala Mhigans have claimed a victory or two on the bloodsands. But it was only a matter of time, given their numbers. Still, none have yet won a tourney.
There was a tourney a while back where one of their kind nearly triumphed. It cause quite a stir about town.

Singleton: All seeking entry to the Coliseum, present yourselves here. Fame! Wealth! Power! Come, and know the true meaning of victory.
Hahaha! Not you, sprat. You've too few winters under your belt.

Lulutsu: Look at you! Starting off your career with a resounding victory!
You may think it easy now, but you've only scratched the surface. It will take more work and more time than you can imagine to see your name inscribed in legend.
Remember - you must win not only the fight, but the crowd as well. Then you will know what it is to be called a gladiator.
(the challenger from before walks past)
Lulutsu: Heeheehee! Looks like he's still feeling his latest beating! He's not much on the bloodsands, but then most of these poor sods crawling in from Ala Mhigo aren't.
I'm not even sure why the Coliseum still tolerates them. We only charge them a fraction of the fees we take form the other fighters.
Some of them have ptoential, to be sure, but that one there… Huh, I can't believe he's still walking, after all the thrashings he's taken.
I know that look! While I've been waffling away, you've been spending all the prize money in your head, haven't you? All right, I won't bore you any longer.
Oh, oh, oh… That Ala Mhigan was your opponent?

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