Name: TM9 - Alive
How to begin: talk to Orn Guincum in Maelstrom Command
Areas: Limsa Lominsa, Iron Lake (close to Oakwood)

Last quest: It Kills With Fire
Next quest: Deus Ex Machina

Requirements to sign up: ?
Required items: Imperial disruptor
Reward: ?


Coming soon


Imperial Hoplomachus

Level: 40
Drops: ?
Location: Oakwood instance

Imperial Medicus

Level: 39
Drops: ?
Location: Oakwood instance

Imperial Secutor

Level: 39
Drops: ?
Location: Oakwood instance

Coming soon



A Distress Signal

Guincum: Welcome back, <rank> <Lastname>. As always, your timing is impeccable.
It just so happens there is a matter that requires immediate attention, and as you have served us so well in the past… I trust you see where I am going with this.
Earlier this evening, we received a distress signal from an airship recently departed from the city-state - an airship carrying several senior representatives of the Garlond Ironworks.
From what we could gather, the vessel encountered difficulties somewhere over upper La Noscea, and went down shortly thereafter. I regret to add that we have had no contact with the ship of her crew - Twelve protect them - since that time…
A search-and-rescue party has already been deployed to Camp Iron Lake, but initial reports state that the area is crawling with imperial soldiers preventing the unit from carrying out its orders.
It is imperative we ascertain the status of the passengers on that airship, and secure what survivors there may be - which is why Maelstrom Command has authorized your dispatchment.
You are to journey to camp Iron Lake, where you will join High Storm Commander R'ashaht Rhiki and her unit of elite operatives and aid them in their search.
(quest accept)
Guincum: Very good, <rank>. You continue to serve the armada well. The Admiral will be pleased.
You see, it was not just anyone on that airship…but Master Garlond himself.
Ordinarily, the boy wouldn't set foot beyond the protective walls of the Ironworks, but the recent discovery of a vast network of Allagan ruins in upper La Noscea prompted him to tear himself away from his studies and come here to Limsa Lominsa.
Shortly prior to his departure, rumors began to circulate that Cid believed these vestiges of the ancients to be the key to unlocking the secrets of Dalamud, and preventing the Empire from carrying out their so-called Meteor project. In other words, something best left to the scholarlies. Heh heh.

Guincum: Make haste to Camp Iron Lake. There you will join High Storm Commander R'ashaht Rhiki and her unit of elite operatives and aid them in their search for the passengers of the Ironworks airship.

Meet the Redwind

(Camp Iron Lake)
Hidden Sunset: Consider yourself fortunate. There are few officers who command the respect of their men as does R'ashaht Rhiki.
A veteran of battles on both land and sea, the high commander has earned the name Redwind, for when she walks the fields of valor, the air waxes ruddy with the blood of her enemies.
Yet never once has she allowed the foul stain of pride to color her judgment. Even now, she remains humble in her appraisal of her talents - always striving to work on what few weaknesses she has.
Hidden Sunset: There is much one might learn from observing her, which is why there is a list of names a malm long requesting transfer into her elite unit. More than a few will feel slighted when they learn of your assignment…

Roehmannsyn: Maelstrom Command sent you, eh? Well, it's about bloody time. Me and the lads've spent the last gods know how many bells twiddling our thumbs while we waited for the great adventurer to grace us with his dashing presence. Anyway, have you reprted to the commander yet?
Don't tell me that you thought it was old Myrganmoen who would be leading you on this mission. I may have seen a few more summers than R'ashaht, but when it comes to war, there isn't a finer soldier in the armada.
Rumor has she was the youngest Barracuda ever to make major, and was on course to become general one day, only to resign her post and enlist in the Maelstrom - and in the foreign levy of all places.
Needless to say, when the scrawny lass arrived, we all had ourselves a good laugh…until, that is, she beat each and every one of us to a bloody pulp. Since then, let's just say there have been no problems.
Roehmannsyn: The commander has more than earned the respect of the men and women under her, and we're more than ready to die in her service. You'd do well to remember that.

R'ashaht Rhiki: <rank> <Lastname>, is it? Thank you for cmoing so far on such short notice.
I would normally give you a proper briefing, but we've little time and every moment spent here lessens our chances of locating Master Garlond and his companions alive.
As Lieutenant Guincum will have told you, an Ironworks airship was grounded while en route to an excavation site here in upper La Nosca. Witnesses living nearby claim that they saw the vessel flying dangerously low, most likely in order to avoid being spotted by the Imperial juggernauts which periodically patrol the area.
We can only assume that the airship came into contact with something on the ground and crashed.
Attempts are being made to contact the Ironworks engineers via linkpearl, but aetheric interference is hampering our efforts. On the handful of occasions when we have gotten through, the link has lasted a matter of seconds.
In spite of this, we have learned that the ship went down somewhere in Oakwood, and that most of the crew, including Master Garlond and his advisors, survived - the bad news being that they are in an extremely hostile area, and unable to move.
I sent scouts to determine if the northern route into Oakwood is safe, yet as I feared, the Garleans have alrady begun their march towards the wreckage.
Master Garlond's only hope lies in us reaching Oakwood before the Empire, but to accomplish that will mean putting our trust in the very machines our nemesis are wont to use against us.
This device was stolen form a Garlean camp and brought back to the Ironworks for inspection. It turns out that it cna be made to disrupt the communication signals of nearby imperials. Use it while we engage the enemy today, and they will be unable to call for reinforcments. Understood?
(obtain an imperial disruptor)

Legatus Leaving

(you see an Imperial airship and run towards it. As you do, Gaius appears behind you and shoots you)
Gaius Van Baelsar: When you arrive at the gates of your Seventh Hell, let the Black Warden know it was not I, but the good Admiral who sent you there.
Cid: Stop!
Kicking aman while he's down?
My, how far the wolf has fallen.
Eh, old friend?
Gaius Van Baelsar: Son of Midas. Has the misguided youth come back to beg a place at my side?
Cid: Take orders from a megalomaniac man-child with an inferiority complex? No, that's not for me. I obey no man but myself.
Aye, you know what that is, don't you?
Which means the Meteor project has not yet been abandoned. You truly are mad…all of you.
Answer me this, Gaius - how exactly do you mean to liberate a realm that has been reduced to ash? For that will be Eorzea's fate should Meteor be summoned.
Gaius Van Baelsar: This miserable cesspool would have been liberated ten yars ago if it were not for your timely betrayal! It is you who have doomed Eorzea! You!
Cid: Barked the Emperor's dog.
What have you to show for yourself these past ten summers?
A once great leader plagued by failure, toppled from his throne and forced to scurry about in the shadow of a White Raven.
Reduced to rummaging through potshards in hopes of pleasing your new master!
Nael van Darnus has you on a leash and still you wag your miserable tail.
Nothing to say, Gaius? Not so much as a yap? You truly have fallen.
(Gaius turns and shoots Cid in the shoulder)
Cid: Try as you will, Gaius! That stone brings you no closer to success than you were ten years ago!

Inside Knowledge

Saelbmoht: It is said that the legatus and Cid's father, Midas nan Garlond, were close friends…though I find it difficult to believe Gaius van Baelsar capable of anything even remotely resembling friendship.
It was about the time that Midas was assigned to oversee the Meteor project that Cid's burgeoning talents came to the attention of the Emperor, and His Excellence invited the young prodigy to work for the crown.
That was how Master Garlond came to be separated from his father at such a young and impressionable age. Separated, and given over to care of those chamberlains and generals who frequented the royal court…
…among whom was one Gaius van Baelsar, Legatus of the XIVth Legion.
Master Garlond appeard full wroth moments ago, but I do not doubt his feelings for the legatus are far more complicated than that.

Ebolaff: The Meteor project was a platform for the development of new armamanets for use in the Empire's subjugation of rival nations - until the accident at Bozja Citadel ten summers past, that is.
It was on that ill-fated day that we learned which lines the Emperor was willing to cross in order to slake his thirst for power…
That was also the day Master Garlond and the rest of us made our decision to flee Garlemald. As to what progress has been made on the project since then, your guess is as good as any.

Ebrelnaux: Many thanks, soldier of the storm.
Your assistance in clearing the area of imperial operatives has saved me and my colleagues a good deal of unwanted trouble, and will allow us to promptly return to our search for Allagan tomestones.
While much has been uncovered about the lost civilization, a great deal remains veiled in the mists of time.
What we do know is that the Allagan civilization was established sometime soon after the dawn of the Third Astral Era, more than fifty centuries past. It thrived in Eorzea for more than a thousand years, its boundaries extending as far as the great continent to the north and east.
The Allagans were remarkably skilled in the manufacture and manipulation of complex machina similar to what is seen in Garlemald today, though it is believed that their knowledge was at a level far in advance of the Garleans.
Though it may sound ludicrous, we believe that a recently discovered device of theirs may have been used to communicate with…and possibly even control the lesser moon Dalamud.
Yes, I understand this is all difficult to digest, but you must bear with me. That which you and countless other Eorzeans believe to be a star, a god, a divine watch hound, is actually something more…substantial, and the Allagans, in their hubris, found a way to bend it to their own will.
Yet in the end, it was this very power that hastened their civilization to its Doom. You see, for all their knowledge and all their marvelous achievements, their meddling served not to halt the eternal cycle of destruction, but to speed its progress.
And now Garlemald walks the same path. The fact that they still seek tomestones like the one Master Garlond threw to the legatus serves as confirmation that they have not abandoned the Meteor project, or their hopes of controlling Dalamud.
Ebrelnaux: That the Black wolf is involved… Well, there can be but one explanation - the White Raven now pulls the strings.

Jijina: Might you be curious as to what it was that Master Garlond threw at the legatus?
We call them tomestones - relics from the Third Astral Era. It is believed that they were once used to store the knowledge of the empire that ruled during that age, but time has rendered them useless - no more than novelties to collectors.
You may be interested to hear that Nael van Darnus, Legatus of the VIIth Legion, hails from a family of just such antiquarians… moreover, van Darnus's father - a decorated hero of the Empire - famously used Allagan technology to give Garlemald the upper hand in the war which ultimately earnd the Empire its independence.
That his son should be so heroic. Upon inheriting the mantle of legatus when his father died, young Nael's first act as to publicly execute his father's entire household guard and replace them with a cabal of hand-picked loyalists.
One would think that such a gratuitous display of ruthlessness would invite the scorn of the Emperor, especially since rumors of patricide were already rife in the royal court. But as it turned out, the opposite was true - Nael's willingness to do whatever it took to achieve his goals was exactly the quality His Excellence sought in his leaders.
Jijina: And so, despite his murky past, Nael van Darnus has soared through the ranks of the Imperial Army, surpassing even Gaius ban Baelsar. Still, his enemies whisper that for all his ruthlessness, the man would never have achieved such greatness if it had not been for his family's study of Allagan technologies.

Suzari Sorezari: I suppose we all owe you our thanks for your daring - albeit delayed - rescue effort.
Had you arrived sooner, we may not have had time to complete our repairs to the airship. However, your belated arrival afforded us ample opportunity to mend the hull, retune the engine, and apply several coats of stain to the figurehead. And then some varnish. Which is now dry.

Cid: It is I who have doomed Eorzea? I!? The gall of that man to even suggest that a decade of suffering is somehow my fault!
It is not I who kidnaps children and poisons their minds, turning them against their mothers. It is not I who razes entire cities upon the whim of a madman whose addiction to power requires a daily sacrifice in blood.
It is not I wh- uh, oh. <Player>, I-I'm… You should not have had to witness that. My behavior was…unbefitting.
Allow me to apologize and thank you once again for coming. Preventing the Empire from advancing on our position allowed us sufficient time to restore our airship to something approaching working order.
I suppose you will be heading back to Camp Iron Lake to report the day's happenings to your commanding officer. Well, to show my gratitude for your bravery, let me give you a piece of information that the Chief Admiral is certain to appreciate.
The Empire's Meteor project is far more than it seems. While the initiative itself is fairly new, its origins lie in ancient magicks that legends tell us were used to tear stars from the heavens and send them crashing down upon the land.
However, the Empire's interest centers not only on the arcane, but on a colossal machine created thosuands of years ago by a people known as the Allagans. What is this colossal machine, you ask? Why, look up and you can see it for yourself.
Dalamud - the perfect weapon with which to destroy the beast tries. A pity that it will destroy all the rest of us, as well.
After the incident at Bozja Citadel, I believed that the Empire had come to realize their folly, and abandoned their studies regarding Meteor.
But here they are, scouring every ilm of Vylbrand for the solitary needle, buried somewhere in this vast haystack of a realm, that will bring them closer to achieving their ends.
And House Darnus's role in all of this only serves to deepen my dread. The Empire are getting close.
Make haste back to Iron Lake and inform your High Commander of what I have told you here today. If the Garleans are truly on the verge of completing the Meteor project, then we may not have much time…


(Camp Iron Lake)
Roehmannsyn: You were attacked by the legatus of the XIVth Legion, Gaius van Balesar, yet you stand here before us with your head still upon your shoulders!?
Thal's balls, lad! You have more lives than a bloody coeurl!

Hidden Sunset: Not moments ago I saw the Ironworks' airship rise from behind the mountains and set off for the north and east.
Just watching the infernal contraption makes my head spin and my stomach churn. I cannot begin to fathom the horrrors I would face were I to sail on the bloody thing.

R'ashaht Rhiki: Time is of the essence, <rank> <Lastname>. Report.
I see… The Chief Admiral must be informed of these developments directly.
Accept that as payment for your work here today. I shall mention your performance in my report to Maelstorm Command. Dismissed!

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