Adventures in Throat Slitting

The leader of the ill-famed Corpse Brigade, Milleuda the Slitter, has finally emerged from hiding to lead her men on a raid into the nearby hills. Use the opportunity to slay the killer and bring an end to her bloody reign.


Name: Adventures in Throat Slitting
Type: Boss
Level: 28
Location: Southern Thanalan / The Sepulchre (22,9)
Spawn: 15 min duration

Previous FATE: (success) Bump and Grind

Reward: ? exp, ? gil, ? seals
Additional Reward: -


Corpse Brigade Firedancer
Corpse Brigade Knuckledancer
Milleuda the Slitter


Note that only Milleuda will progress the FATE. Depending on her exact location, she may be easy or hard to pull without aggro, and is tough enough that she usually cannot be taken down solo.

Category: Quests


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