Adder's Nest Egg


Name: OTA3 - Adder's Nest Egg
How to begin: talk to Sorainne Haurtelle
Areas: Gridania

Last quest: Why Did it Have to Be Snakes
Next quest: The Mail Must Get Through

Requirements to sign up: Why Did it Have to Be Snakes complete
Required items: -
Reward: ?


Coming soon


Haurtelle: Hello, friend. I am Serpent Sergeant First Class Sorainne Haurtelle. Allow me to congratulate you on your provisional enlistment in the Order of the Twin Adder.
I am charged with overseeing the exchange of Grand Company seals for all manner of items. Shall I explain in more detail?
We have amassed a trove of items suited to the needs of you adventurers. Unfortunately, as your enlistment is not yet official, I am only able to show you a handful of them.
Should you swear allegiance to the Order of the Twin Adder, more sought-after items will be made available to you. Of course, items are not the only things you can acquire with the seals you earn. You may alternately use them to increase your standing within the Order.
Beyond that, there are certain other Grand Company privileges that-
What's that? You wish to know how to become an official recruit? Champing at the bit, are we?
(before official opening of Grand Companies)
Haurtelle: Now, we are still working to build the Order of the Twin Adder's foundation. Only once that foundation is firmly in place will we be capable of fighting to restore lasting peace to Eorzea.
That is the vision Elder Seedseer Kan-E-Senna has for the Grand Company of Gridania - and it is the vision which guides us towards our goal. When we have achieved that, then we will begin accepting the allegiance of devoted heroes such as yourself.
(after Grand Company opening)
Haurtelle: What's that? You wish to know how to officially enlist in the Order of the Twin Adder? Champing at the bit, are we?
There are several ways you may achieve the honor. For example, you may come at the strong recommendation of a senior member within the company.
The simplest way, though, is to prove your worth with dedication and service. The Twin Adder takes notice of those who are capable and true of purpose. Take on whatever duties you can, and see them through to completion. do this, and you will soon be among our ranks.
(common continuance)
Haurtelle: Official enlistment will be subject to certain restrictions. Each enlistee will be required to provide a quantity of Serpent Seals to demonstrate commitment to the cause. Do not worry, though, you will have ample time to acquire them. For now, why not exchange what seals you have for a nice bottle of kiss of the morning meadow?
Our bottles of kiss of the morning meadow are indispensable concoctions. They will prove most useful while fulfilling the tasks assigned you by First Serpent Lieutenant Fulke.

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