Absolutely, Positively

An important missive from the Admiral must be delivered to South Tidegate. See to it the storm courier tasked with carrying the message reaches her destination unharmed.


Name: Absolutely, Positively
Type: Escort
Level: 16
Location: Western La Noscea / Skull Valley (26,25)
Spawn: 15

Reward: 5,250 exp, 32 gil, 92 seals
Additional Reward: -


Axe Beak
Dusk Bat
Killer Mantis
Shallowclaw Reaver
Shallowtail Reaver


The goal of the FATE is the escort the Storm Courier to safety. The FATE can be started by talking to her if it has already popped but isn't active yet.


Storm Courier: I have an urgent request, but only if you are bound for Tidegate. I must deliver important orders from the Admiral herself to the Maelstrom commander stationed at South Tidegate, but the storm privates assigned to accompany me have yet to arrive. For all I know they could be lying drunk in a gutter somewhere. Or dead in a gutter somewhere. You don't appear to be dead or drunk, so could I ask you to escort me through Quarterstone? I don't believe we will encounter much trouble, but I've been known to be wrong on countless occasions.

Category: Quests


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