A Well-Balanced Diet


Name: A Well-Balanced Diet
How to begin: talk to V'nabyano by the Greatloam Growery
Areas: Gridania, Tranquil Paths

Last quest: -
Next quest: ?
Related quests: Proceed with Caution

Requirements to sign up: level ?
Required items: Tinolqa Popoto x?
Reward: ?


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Level: ?
Drops: ?
Location: north of Camp Tranquil

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Delectable Vegetables

V'nabyano: Oh, such delectable vegetables!
You, there, adventurer. Tell me, do you have a penchant for fine vegetables?
(Do you enjoy eating leaf, stem and root? "Indeed I do"/"<snort> No, I eat real food - meat")
V'nabyano: You and that fool Sandre both! Look at him over there by that door… Probably daydreaming of meat right now, the heathen!
Well it certainly hasn't done him a mite of good. How can he expect to keep his strength up on a diet void of vegetables? I shudder to think what deficiencies are sapping his vitality even as we speak!
And so I have taken it upon myself to find the most delicious of vegetables! Something savory enough to make omnivores out of imbecilic carnivores such as you and he.
It may be best to have a finicky eater such as yourself conduct the search. Bring me eight of the most delicious vegetables you can find, would you? If not for me, do it for Sandre. I fear he is not long for this world if he continues in his barbaric ways.
(quest accept)
V'nabyano: Forgive me my imposition, but who better than a well-traveled and well-fed adventurer to find the perfect vegetables? I have the utmost faith in you, despite the fact that you reek of meat.
Best go and speak to Mestonnaux first. His years of notes and memorandums may prrrove useful. Return to me with only the most superb vegetables from the bosom of this Eorzea!

(Greatloam Growery)
Mestonnaux: Why, hello there. You look like an inquisitive soul. Come, what would you ask of Mestonnaux?
The knowledge that I keep belonged to my father's father, and his father before him. Still, if Sandre's health is at stake, I suppose I could unfold my secrets to you.
My forebears write that north of Camp Tranquil, the Tinolqa popoto grows nigh unchecked. They claim its flavor is unmatched in the vegetable kingdom.
They also write that it is a favorite of the region's popoto-opotos. Bloody prolific creatures, and filthy. They have proved a bother more than once in the past. I'd not be at all surprised if they'd eaten the Tinolqa popoto to extinction!
Still, males of the species are known to carry food back to their nests… If you were to slay some of the vile beasts, you might be lucky enough to find a few of the tubers you seek - and thin the blighters' numbers at the same time! you can find them north of Camp Tranquil. Best of luck, friend.

Loss of Vision

V'nabyano: And so you've returned! I must say, you look absolutely exhausted.
Did finding delicious vegetables pose so great a challenge I know just what you need. Wait right there, I'll only be a moment.
Here, I've washed them. Go on, treat yourself to a bite. You've more than earned it!
Well, what say you? Delicious, is it not?
(Is the tinolqa popoto delicious? "<retch>can I have some meat to wash this down?"/"It is a veritable flavor explosion")
V'nabyano: Excellent! If it agrees with your palate, surely Sandre will enjoy it as well. The only thing not long for this world now is his hatred of vegetables!
Sandre's been grumbling again. Hardly a night goes by that he doesn't bump into some Watcher or other. He blames the anger of the elementals, of course. According to him, it is they who are responsible for making the nights so unseasonably dark - but I know the truth of the matter.
Vitamin deficiencies causing temporary loss of vision - nothing more! And I'll soon remedy that! Please, take this. It is the least I can do. I thank you, friend. And so will Sandre!

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