A Wailing Welcome


Name: LNC1 - A Wailing Welcome
How to begin: talk to Willelda at the Wailing Barracks
Areas: Gridania, Tranquil Paths

Last quest: -
Next quest: Culture Shock

Requirements to sign up: LNC20
Required items: -
Reward: ?


Coming soon


Orchard Chigoe

Level: ?
Location: Tranquil Paths/South Shroud

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Coming soon



Joining the Guild

Willelda: The Wood Wailers serve only true forestborn.
What business brings you? Speak quickly or begone.
(choose to join guild)
Very well I shall see to it the registrar is notified. But first you should know who we are.
We Wood Wailers are the hands of Gridania - the agents of her people's will.
We are the eyes of the Twelveswood - keepers of her peace and protectors of her sanctity.
Harmony in the forest and peace in our nation are one and the same. Only through the efforts of all Gridanians can both be maintained.
From this day forth, you are one of us, wailer. Are you prepared to accept your first duty?
(choose yes)
Good. Go and speak with J'moldva. You will find her within.
(you obtain a linkpearl of the Wailing Barracks)

First Task

J'moldva: Gods save us, I ask for fearsome lancers and this is what they send me?
Bah, so be it. There is work to be done. The botanists at the Greatloam Growery have requested our aid.
It seems they have a pest problem. Damn things have been devastating the harvests.
I've marked the infested zones on your map. Watch yourself out there, wailer.
(text missing) explanation is called for.
Our masks allow us to avoid the gaze of the elementals. The magic within them hides far more than the flesh beneath.
The forest is our mother - we hunt and harvest when and where she tells us, and we would give our lives to protect her.
Still, culture and nature can never be in complete harmony. It is an unavoidable fact that some of what we do serves to anger the elementals.
At such times, our masks spare us their greenwrath. Of course, I can't well put such a powerful artifact in the hands of a newly recruited adventurer.
Oh, don't soil your britches. The elementals have consented to this culling. Dismissed, Wailer.

A Meeting

(near Tranquil, you see an elemental. You and a moogle watch it go.)
Teary Moogle: Oh, do take care, kupo! The forest isn't kind to strangers. Not kind at all, no, no.


(at the Barracks)
J'moldva: I'll have your report now, <Full Name>.
Why would you come under attack? It makes no sense. The elementals gave their consent to this culling beforehand.
I can only surmise that it was because you are still new to us - new to the forest.
Still, you are safe and the task is done. That is all that matters.
Regular cullings of this sort ensure that the plants we need live to bear their bounty.
Were it not for us, the harvests of the botanists would yield far less.
Well done, wailer. Go and collect your payment from Willelda.

Willelda: Not bad for your first ranging, <Full Name>. Here - your payment in full.
You are now a true Wood Wailer, in deed as well as name.
Know that we may never fully discharge ourselves of our duty to Gridania - and that you will soon be called upon again.

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