A Slippery Stone


Name: GR - A Slippery Stone
How to begin: talk to Miounne at Carline Canopy
Areas: Gridania, Limsa Lominsa

Last quest: -
Next quest: Call of Booty

Requirements to sign up:
Required items: Airship pass (GRD-LMS)
Reward: ?


Coming soon


The Missing Stone

Miounne: Always a pleasure, <Player>. Tell me, what brings you here today? Is it work you seek?
If so, I may have just the thing. Rumors are widespread of late of a cave in the isle of Vylbrand. Shposhae, folk call it. They say it is the den of that pirate of legend, Mistbeard, and his crew.
The rumors have become so widespread that even the Order of the Twin Adder has caught the scent of opportunity and begun to stir.
Seems they believe a certain treasure to be hidden away in the cave's depths - a magical stone with the power to deliver Gridania from the coming dangers. Aye, I speak fo the Heart of Infinity.
But there is more. The goldsmiths are wont to recount an ancient legend concenring a stone in which a great elemental of the Twelveswood was sealed by sorceries since lost to knowledge. Years passed and it was bequeathed and inherited, bought and sold, stolen and gifted, and came to know many masters.
The stone's beauty was beyond compare, they say, it s glimmer never fading, but growing stronger with time. Small wonder, then, that many and more sought ot make it their own.
Mayhap you see where this is going? Granted, none can say for sure, but the Serpents are of a mind that the stone of the goldsmiths' legend and the Heart of Infinity are one and the same.
And so they seek to secure it, no matter the cost. Should their suspicions prove true, they mean to release the great elemental within and see it returned to the Twelveswood. I should add that this is not the first such attempt, however.
Two generations past, a conjurer of the Fane succeeded in tracking the stone down, and negotiating its purchase. Unfortunately, the caravan bearing it to Gridania was waylaid by Mistbeard, and the prize lost once more.
The power of the great elemental within is such that were it returned to the forest, it would no doubt turn the tide of Gridania's fortunes in these dark times.
The Twin Adder has tasked me with finding a stout soul to journey to and search this Shposhae.
If you think you might be the right man for the job, you'd do well to travel first to Limsa Lominsa. I know of a pirate by the name of Hasthwab aboard the Astalicia. If any man knows aught of this cave and stone, it's him.
Kan-E-Senna and the Twin Adder will look very kindly upon any soul who sees this thing done. I daresay all of Gridania will know your name!
Oh, and the Order has arranged passage by airship to Limsa for any who would attempt the task. A generous gesture, as I'm sure you will agree. Tell me, then, will you lend us your aid?
(quest accept)
Miounne: I expected nothing less, <Player>. Make use of the airship to reach Limsa. It is an experience not to be missed. And be on your guard once you arrive.
The airship landing is just down those steps, there.
(obtain an airship pass (GRD-LMS))

On the Way

(Airship Landing)
Lionnellais: Welcome to the airship landing, sir.
At present, Highwind Skyways is offering flights between Ul'dah, Limsa Lominsa, and our own Gridania.
For a time, we were premitted only to fly under unavoidable circumstances. But surveillance of the skies has improved since the reformation of the Grand Companies, and has allowed us to resume passenger flights.
Our vessels are the proud products of the Garlond Ironworks - second to none in both safety and speed.
I'm sorry. I must be boring you. Come, do you have a ticket?
(Take the airship to Limsa Lominsa? Yes/No)
Lionnellais: Passage for one to Limsa Lominsa. Your airship will be arriving shortly.
It may not be my place to say, but I am told that Limsa Lo insa can be quite an…inhospitable palce. Do take care, sir.

Talk Like a Pirate

(aboard Astalicia, Limsa Lominsa)
Hasthwab: Tree lovers sent ye all th' way from Girdania to 'unt fer buried pirate treasure, did they? Gah hah hah hah! But tell me, lad, which partic'lar dragon's 'oard did yer wet nurse fill yer daft 'ead wi' stories of?
Not at liberty to say? Or not of a mind to tell me? Bah, ye be as tight-lipped as Vongola, an' twice as bleedin' ugly! But ye'll 'ave no words from me if ye've none to give in turn. I bid ye luck scourin' every ilm o' this isle.
Stubborn bugger, ain't ye? Aye, that or th' biggest bloody fool what ever drew breath. Gah hah hah hah hah!
I ain't one fer gettin' me and mine involved in dealin's I ain't rightly privy to. Still, them Gridanians was bright enough t' send ye my way, an' ye 'ad balls enough to come. No small thing, that.
'Tis in yer favor, an' I'll not deny it. An' truth be told, I'd been thinkin' o' sendin' me own lads down there to-
Ah! But don't ye go worryin' yer daft 'ead about that! In fact, best forget ye 'eard anythin' at all.
'Course, if ye still don't feel like buggerin' off back to whosever teat it is ye suckle from…I don't s'pose I'd object t' ye askin' me about that treasure again - nice, like. 'Ells, I might even take pity on ye an' put a cross on yer map! Gah hah hah hah hah!

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