A Relic Reborn

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Name: A Relic Reborn
How to begin: talk to Gerolt
Areas: Hawthorne Hut/Nine Ivies, etc

Last quest: -
Next quest: -

Requirements to sign up: DoW/DoM 50, Soiled Promissory Note
Required items: melded class-specific weapon (see Strategy for details), Miser's Mythril x3, Alumina Salts x3, Enchiridion, Allagan Band, Oschon's Finger, beast coins (see Strategy for details), book item (see Strategy for details)
Reward: 4,000 exp, one of: Curtana & Holy Shield, Sphairai, Bravura, Gae Bolg, Artemis Bow, Thyrus, Stardust Rod


You meet and speak with Gerolt, a weaponsmith of great talent and repute who has fallen upon hard times due to his fondness of drink. Shamelessly exploiting the prodigious debt he owes Rowena, you coerce the man into lending you his expertise in the restoration of a relic weapon. Do as Gerolt directs if you wish to become the proud owner of a legendary arm of yore.

According to Gerolt, the restoration process involves merging the old with the new - that is, embedding a part of the original relic in a new host weapon. To this end, you must obtain and deliver to him the following:
(job-dependent requirements. One unusable old relic and one class-specific weapon)

You have obtained and delivered the required items - a part of the relic and a new host weapon - to Gerolt. However, it would seem that the relic is in so poor a state as to render it unfit for restoration. In order to proceed, Gerolt requires that you bring him three chunks of miser's mythril, which can be found within the Aurum Vale.

Using the chunks of miser's mythril you supplied, Gerolt reinforces the relic and successfully merges it with the host weapon. Owing to the selfsame substance, however, the weapon has hardened to such an extent as to render it impossible to add the finishing touches. In order to proceed, this time the weaponsmith requests that you bring him three pieces of alumina salts from Cutter's Cry.

Using the pinches of alumina salts you supplied, Gerolt adds the finishing touches to your relic weapon. Even as he declares his work over, however, the man believes that there is still something incomplete about it. In order to shed light upon the mystery, Gerolt suggests that you seek out literature surrounding the hero associated with the relic. Perhaps the trader Rowena will be able to assist you in this endeavor.

Rowena exchange item section missing

You now possess literature on the hero who once wielded the relic weapon. Gerolt the weaponsmith will be keen to peruse it.

Spiritbonding section missing

Combining information gleaned from the text with your firsthand experience, Gerolt has ascertained what must be done next. While the weaponsmith goes about his preparations, you must reenact the heroic deed of which he spoke with your relic weapon in hand. For this, Gerolt recommends that you undertake the faction leve 'Wanted: Ursulien the Unseen' issued by Azeyma's Shields.

Upon learning of your success, Gerolt declares his readiness to carry out the final stage of restoration. For this, he requires you to fetch him a white-hot ember and a howling gale, which can be obtained in the following manner:
-Defeat Ifrit in the Bowl of Embers (Extreme)
-Defeat Garuda in the Howling Eye (Hard) having fulfilled certain conditions.


A Relic Reborn is a long and complicated quest for level 50+ characters. It can be repeated once for every job's relic weapon.

The quest itself comes in multiple phases, and for clarity's sake the phases have been separated into various sections. Out of these, the prerequisites only need to be done once, but the rest of the phases need doing for every single relic weapon/quest repeat.


There are several prerequisites you must complete before you can sign up for the quest itself. You can find out these prerequisites by talking to Rowena in Ul'dah. She requests several items from you. Once you have them all, talk to her and ask to exchange them for a Soiled Promissory Note, which is the key item that will let you start the actual quest.

Required items
On the Properties of Beastmen - buy for 25,000 seals from your Grand Company. Requires the rank Petty Officer or higher.
Tremor Seal x3 - rare reward from Aleport Hamlet Defense
Inferno Seal x3 - rare reward from Golden Bazaar Hamlet Defense
Vortex Seal x3 - rare reward from Hyrstmill Hamlet Defense

Phase I

The first part of the actual quest requires you to talk to Gerolt and pick which job's weapon you want to work on.
Afterwards, you will be required to trade in your corresponding class-specific melded weapon. Note that you can obtain the weapon before you sign up for the quest, all that matters is that you meld it with the right materia and trade it in when required.
Also at the same time, you will need to hand in a Timeworn version of your desired relic, obtainable from a stronghold NM (which NM depends on your desired weapon). See the NM's own page for more details about the fight required.

Class-specific Weapons
Paladin: Mailbreaker melded with two Heaven's Eye Materia IV
Monk: Avengers melded with two Manathirst Materia IV
Warrior: Rampager melded with two Touch of Rage Materia IV
Dragoon: Obelisk melded with two Savage Might Materia IV
Bard: Sarnga melded with two Heaven's Eye Materia IV
White Mage: Alkalurops melded with two Mind Materia IV
Black Mage: Astrolabe melded with two Hell's Fist Materia IV

NM to defeat
PLD, MNK: Flamefist Ahlygg Roh / Zahar'ak
WAR, WHM, BLM: Third Order Patriarch Zu Ga / U'Ghamaro Mines
DRG, BRD: Lozol Totoloq the Decapitator / Natalan

Phase II

The second part requires you to bring in several items to make your relic stronger. Both types of items come from a dungeon's rewards, and you won't get them unless you complete the dungeon in less than 25 minutes.
These are not job-dependent, everyone doing the quest requires these every time they complete it. Note that you must be on the appropriate part of the quest for the dungeons to yield these items. To be able to obtain alumina salts, you must have first obtained and handed in your miser's mythrils.

Required items
Miser's Mythril x3 / Aurum Vale
Alumina Salts x3 / Cutter's Cry

Phase III

To have Gerolt improve the relic he's been in the process of making, he requires some more information, which only Rowena possesses. Rowena, in turn, wants some beastman currency and several other items to provide it for you.
The currency you can obtain beforehands, but you must be on this part of the quest to be able to obtain the other two. As for the key item listed below, it is what Rowena gives you to deliver to Gerolt after you've handed in your required items.

Common items
Enchiridion / Dzemael Darkhold (complete in 15 minutes or less)
Allagan Band / Behest at Iron Lake/Broken Water/Nine Ivies
Oschon's Finger / Caravan Escort

PLD, MNK: 990 Bronze Amalj'ok or 495 Iron Amalj'ok or 99 Darksteel Amalj'ok, drop from Amalj'aa
WAR, WHM, BLM: 990 Titan Copperpiece or 495 Titan Mythrilpiece or 99 Titan Electrumpiece, drop from Kobolds
DRG, BRD: 990 Ixali Willowknot or 495 Ixali Mapleknot or 99 Ixali Ebonknot, drop from Ixal

Book item
DRG - The Book of Reinette

Phase IV

Now that you have the unfinished relic in your possession, you must spiritbond with it. This is harder than for normal equipment, however, as you must find enemies of level 50+, and you cannot be in a party. If either requirement is unfulfilled, your spiritbond will not accumulate.
Once done with that, return to Gerolt once again. You'll receive instructions to participate in and complete a certain Faction Leve. Each of them costs 100 points, so be prepared. Note that you must have your unfinished relic weapon equipped while completing the leve, otherwise it won't count.

Faction leve
Paladin: Operation: Tailspin (Brotherhood of the Broken Blade)
Monk: Wanted: Striped Lightning (Azeyma's Shields)
Warrior: Operation: Deepground (Brotherhood of the Broken Blade)
Dragoon: Wanted: Ursulien the Unseen (Azeyma's Shields)
Bard: Operation: Leaving the Nest (Brotherhood of the Broken Blade)
White Mage: Wanted: Porus (Azeyma's Shields)
Black Mage: Wanted: Princess Pudding (Azeyma's Shields)

Phase V

Even all this hasn't been enough for Gerolt. To complete your weapon, you must defeat two primals in their hardest difficulty setting. Once done with these, return once again to Gerolt to finally obtain your relic.

Ifrit (Extreme mode)
Garuda (Hard mode) - must defeat in under 10 min with no deaths


Buying Debts

Coming soon

(pick option: Exchange for the soiled promissory note)
Rowena: You have my thanks, friend. Gerolt's debt is yours now - as is the note to prove it.
Present it to the ol' bugger if you ever find him. He'll return you in kind. The man's a drunkard and a fool, but he's worth his word.
Go on then, have it.
(you obtain the Soiled Promissory Note)

In Search of the Relic

(at Hawthorne Hut)
Gerolt: Got business with me, have ye, adventurer? Then there'd better be coin or drink in it. Elsewise, bugger off back to wherever it was ye came from.
Restoration work on an old weapon, ye say? Hah! What makes ye think I'd fire up the forge for a grimy old-
Egads! Wh-Where in the seven hells did ye get that soiled promissory note!? I ain't got no coin, I tell ye! Nay, not a single bloody gil!
Gods, just look at me…how far I've fallen. Me, the greatest weaponsmith of our age, hammerin' out dints in kettles to pay off a tavern debt! <sob>
Can ye even begin to grasp the humiliation? Can ye!? Bah, 'course ye can't! Why did I even bother askin'!?
<sigh> All right, all right… I'll restore yer bloody weapon. Jus' get that godsdamned slip of paper out of me sight.
(quest accept)
Gerolt: Just let me make one thing clear: it might be as I'm repairin' kettles to pay for yesterday's mead, but I still got me pride as a master weaponsmith. Ye'll get no less than the finest out of me forge.
An' it might be as ye've got that godsdamned slip of paper, but it'll only get ye so much. Restorin' relics like these calls for some rare ol' materials, an' I ain't got none. So if you want the job doin', ye'll have to run along an' fetch 'em for me.
Now, it goes without sayin', but the materials vary from piece to piece. Lucky for ye, I ken what each one needs. Aye, I've still got that much of me wits about me.
(pick weapon)

(picked 'relic spear')
Gerolt: Fancy yerself a dragonslayer, eh? Well, I happen to know jus' the weapon for ye…but wouldn't it be quicker if ye had one of the Holy See's blacksmiths pound one out?
Hm, yer expression tells me there's a reason why ye came to me instead. Well, I ain't one to prey into the affairs of Ishgard. Don't fancy being branded a heretic, see. Also, I don't reckon I'd enjoy the view from the Gates of Judgment half so much if me head was on a pike.
Anyroad, it's a spear named Gae Bolg that ye'll be wantin'.
I've heard tell that it's made of dragon bone, but how it's forged is a jealously guarded secret. Bein' the genius that I am, though, I reckon I can unravel the mystery if I could jus' get me hands on a sample.
Now then, did ye ever hear of Saint Reinette, the legendary dragoon? I only ask 'cause she's s'posed to have wielded the very same weapon, see.
Story goes that a dragon slew her sweetheart, prompting the ol' girl to seek out the beast what did it an' put it down. Havin' exacted her revenge, they say she thrust her spear into the ground where the battle was waged, givin' up the life of a dragoon to become a woman of cloth.
Unlucky for ye, the valley where the spear sleeps is Ixali territory - a stronghold called Natalan, to be precise. But if ye desire's strong, I trust ye already know what must be done.
Ah, but don't go skippin' off jus' yet. Ye also need to bring me an obelisk, an' one with two savage might materia IV melded to it. This'll serve as a vessel for the restored relic.
Remember, that's two savage might materia IV. Aught less, an' ye'll get naught from me, no matter how many slips of paper ye wave in me face.
Bring me that little lot, an' I'll see to it ye'll get yer Gae Bolg.

Crumbling Relics

(turn in old relic and melded class-specific weapon)
Gerolt: Well, bugger me… Never in me wildest, drunkest dreams did I imagine ye'd actually find the bloody thing… Bah, so I'll have to fire up the forge after all.
But don't ye go skippin' off jus' yet, 'cause yer work ain't over. Ye haven't forgot about the base weapon, I trust?
Ah, 'tis a fine spear ye've brought me. Aye, jus' the thing to host a timeworn Gae Bolg.
Oh…bugger. This timeworn Gae Bolg is ripe to crumble!
It ain't like to survive much poundin' in this state. Truth be told, I'd be worried about sneezin' near it. <sigh> This'll take more work than I first thought.
We need to reinforce it usin' some chunks of miser's mythril. About three of 'em should serve, I reckon.
Where to get a hold of 'em, ye ask? Heh, ye're gonna love this: from the belly of a giant Morbol what prowls the depths of the Aurum Vale.
Not familiar with chunks of miser's mythril? It's a substance formed when a beastie drinks water what's been filtered through mythril ore.
Over time, the minerals in that water accumulate an' form a poor man's mythril, which happens to be the ideal repair material for our purposes.
So, slay a giant Morbol an' slice open its belly, an' ye might jus' find what we need. Better yet, ye might end up dead an' plague me no more.

(turn in miser's mythrils)
Gerolt: Ye're… Ye're still alive! Why the hells do you adventurers have to be so godsdamned sturdy!? I was bloody sure ye'd be morbol dung by now… <sigh>
But what's done is done…or in this case, not done. Anyroad, I'll make a start on the weapon. Ye can sit tight for a while.
I've merged what was left of the relic with the host weapon, so the groundwork's done. But don't go jumpin' for joy jus' yet - there's still more to do.
I need to work on the finishin' touches, but thanks to the chunks of miser's mythril, the weapon's provin' rather stubborn to shape.
To get 'round this, we'll be needin' some pinches of alumina salts, a substance made by grindin' a rock called alumina into fine grains. Unlucky fer ye, though, it ain't easy to get hold of.
Mayhap ye already know this, but there's beasties out there what devour their prey whole. An' some of 'em swallow rocks so as to aid with digestion.
The chimera what terrorizes Cutter's Cry happens to swallow pinches of alumina salts for this exact purpose.
Slay the chimera an' bring me three pinches of alumina salts, an' I'll see to the finishin' touches on yer weapon.

(talk again)
Gerolt: Just a dozen more kettles, then it's off to the tav-
Ye again!? What in the seven hells do ye want this time!?
Forgotten what to bring, eh? Gods' sake, man, ye've got the memory of a bleedin' whatsit!
I've a mind to put the finishin' touches on yer weapon, but thanks to the chunks of miser's mythril, the thing's provin' rather stubborn to shape.
To get 'round this, we'll be needin' some pinches of alumina salts, a substance made by grindin' a rock called alumina into fine grains. Unlucky fer ye, though, it ain't easy to get hold of.
Now, there's beasties out there what devour their prey whole. An' some of 'em swallow rocks so as to aid with digestion.
The chimera what terrorizes Cutter's Cry happens to swallow pinches of alumina salts for this exact purpose.
Slay the chimera an' bring me three pinches of alumina salts, an' I'll see to the finishin' touches on yer weapon.

In Search of Knowledge

(turn in alumina salts)
Gerolt: …An' of course, the adventurer comes back triumphant. <sigh> Should've bloody known not even the chimera would be able to put yet out of me misery.
Hand over those pinches of alumina salts, an' I'll get right to work.
There, the deed's done. I've squeezed out every onze of me skill to restore yer weapon, an' I think ye'll agree it looks the part.
Yet there's summat…missing somehow, though I'm buggered if I know what. The piece jus' lacks a certain glow, as it were.
We need to learn more about the relic. Literature surroundin' the hero associated with it would be a fine place to begin…but I ain't exactly a scholar an' haven't the slightest inklin' where to get me hands on such stuff.
As much as I hate to say this, Rowena's probably the one to talk to. Thing is, I'd sooner shove hot kettles up me arse sideways than owe that thrice-damned harridan another debt.
Ye're gonna have to make yerself useful again. Take yerself to Rowena an' ask for help, an' return here once ye've learned summat what might be of use.

(in Ul'dah)
Rowena: I say, you're lookin' more run-down than usual. Your dealin's with Gerolt takin' their toll, are they?
But let's speak no more o' that sorry specimen. My mouth tastes o' bile if I so much as think his name. So, is there somethin' you need?
…Literature on the hero of old who once wielded your weapon?
Hm, I reckon I can find what you need. Might take a bit o' time, is all.
'Course, this ain't a charity I'm runnin' here. I can get you what you want, but you'll have to do likewise for me.
I'll track down literature on Saint Reinette.
For your part, you're to bring me a copy of the Enchiridion, an Allagan band, and an Oschon's finger charm.
'Course, that little lot won't be enough to compensate me for my trouble…
To make up the difference, I want you to bring me the stuff what the beast tribes use as coin.
If it's Ixali willowknots, then I'll be needin' 990. In the case of Ixali mapleknots, I'll settle for 495. Elsewise, I'll accept 99 Ixali ebonknots.
You're clear on the deal, I trust?

(talk again)
(Are you clear on the details of the deal?)
(Not exactly. What are the terms again?)
(I think so. But I would know more of the copy of the Enchiridion.
(Largely. What else can you tell me about the Allagan band?)
(For the most part. Remind me again about the Oschon's finger charm.)
(Of course. I'm ready to make the exchange.)
Rowena: Ah, good lad! This is exactly what I was after. You've honored your side of the deal, and so I'll do the same.
(obtain your job-specific key item)

(at Hawthorne Hut)
Gerolt: Back to pester me so soon? Judgin' from that smirk on yer face, I take it ye've found what ye need?
Aye, this text is about Saint Reinette, all right. But gods, would it have killed the bugger that wrote it to use normal bloody words!?
It'll take me bleedin' moons to get through this lot - time I could be spendin' on kettles! Gah…while I try to make head or tail of it all, why don't ye take this here unfinished Gae Bolg an' try it out?
As I mentioned before, it's still missin' summat, but it's all there shape-wise, meanin' it should serve ye jus' fine as an ordinary weapon.
Seein' as ye're a ripe ol' dragoon, mayhap ye'll be able to feel out exactly what it wants for.
With the information in the text an' yer firsthand experience, I reckon we'll solve this puzzle yet.

Restoring the Glow

(come back spiritbonded)
Gerolt: The text ye brought me contains an account of Saint Reinette's painfully pious life. Seems to be part of Ishgard's holy scriptures.
Be true to the Fury, live in virtuous penury, dedicate yer life to the blah-bloody-blah…
The book fair put me to sleep, and not even eleventeen flagons of mead can do that.
Anyroad, one bit touched on ol' Saint Reinette's time as a dragoon. That's where I found a passage describin' the relic spear Gae Bolg.
Turns out the base of the spearhead - that's the bit what looks like wings - ain't jus' for show. Apparently, it helps dragoons get their arc jus' right when they're leapin' on their prey.
As ye can see, I've done me research. I trust ye've also been pullin' yer weight, puttin' the relic to use like I said. Well, go on then, tell me what ye've learned.
Is that so? Aye…I'd wondered about that.
Based on what we've gleaned from the text an' yer firsthand experience, I'll rework the relic so as to improve yer affinity with it. Hand it over for a second, will ye?
There, the deed's done. That leaves us with one last step.
I'll go about makin' ready for the final process. Meanwhile, ye need to get yer arse back out there an' test the latest work I did on the relic.
To be precise, I want you to reenact a heroic deed of Saint Reinette with that there spear in yer hand.
Back in Saint Reinette's day, Ishgard was plagued by an organized band of heretics. An' it jus' so happened they fell upon a hamlet when the ol' girl was passin' through on her quest to find the dragon what had slain her true love.
The heretics struck with a vengeance, summonin' forth nasty fiends to do their biddin'. But despite bein' completely outnumbered, Saint Reinette refused to budge an ilm afore their onslaught.
Owin' to her bravery, the hamlet's residents were able to flee to safety - every last one of 'em.
As luck would have it, I seem to remember Azeyma's Shields issuin' a leve what sounded perfect for stagin' a little reenactment.
Now, at risk of bruisin' yer tender ego, ye couldn't hope to live up to Saint Reinette's legacy on yer own. Best ye take some friends with ye - three of 'em, say.

Finishing Up

(once done with the leve)
Gerolt: Bah… Had a sick feeling in me gut ye'd come back alive.
But no matter - I'd be lyin' if I said I didn't care how the relic turns out. As it happens, I've jus' finished makin' ready for the final process.
Surprised I'm takin' the initiative, are ye? Aye, well, even I can move me arse when the mood takes me.
Anyroad, it seems you were able to reenact the heroic deed as I asked. By that feat, ye've proven that the weapon ye hold is worthy of the legend. But we ain't quite done yet - one last crucial step remains.
That is, fully mergin' the old relic, the new host, an' the soul of the bearer - aye, that's ye. Only then can the weapon be restored to its former glory.
But to do this, I need a fire what's hotter than the seventh hell. An' to keep such a fire alive an' ragin', I need a wind what's fiercer than the…than the…er, hangover I had last week. Gah, ye know what I mean!
Jus' get me a white-hot ember an' a howling gale, an' I'll finish yer bloody weapon!

To be continued…

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