A Piece of History


Name: MIN1 - A Piece of History
How to begin: talk to Linette at Amajina & Sons
Areas: Ul'dah, Black Brush, Drybone, Horizon

Last quest: -
Next quest: Little Saboteurs

Requirements to sign up: MIN20
Required items: Sheep's-eye, Piece of petrified wood, Ewer fragment
Reward: ?


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Coming soon



Joining the Guild

Linette: Welcome to the Amajina & Sons Mineral Concern, overseers and operators of mines throughout the region. You will no doubt have heard of certain of our better-known sites - the Nanawa Mines, for instance.
There are even mines which we have opened to the public - the quality of their remaining resources no longer being conducive to commercial mining, you understand.
If you wish to gain access to the mines that will yield truly valuable ores and gems, you will first have to join our Miners' Guild. I assume that is why you are here?
(Will you join the Miners' Guild? No, I prefer to stake my own claim, as it were/Yes, where are the diamonds?)
Linette: A decision you will not regret. You have just taken the first step towards striking it rich!
Ul'dah is a commercial center which thrives on trade and is teeming with merchants, but we boast our own well-developed industries, as well. The materials we miners provide help lay the foundation upon which they build.
The lands around U'ldah are naught but barren wastes of rock and sand. Look beneath them, however, and things could not be more different. Veins of gold, silver and copper beyond measure! Near every excavation yields a new discovery.
Our studies show that we have only just scratched the surface. The vast majority of minerals still lie hidden, deep below. And who knows? It may yet be you who finds the next undiscovered vein of precious metal.
Why not have a look around the guild? This is where our miners come to relax. Perhaps you can cajole some of them into teaching you the tricks of the trade.
(quest accept)
Linette: Make your way to the Nanawa Mines when you can. It is Amajina & Sons' main base of operations.
(receive Amajina & Sons pearl)

Linette: Make your way to the Nanawa Mines when you can. It is Amajina & Sons' main base of operations.
There will likely be a Miqo'te at the mine's entrance. Her name is Z'ssapa. Speak to her to learn what you must do.

Meet the Twins

(Nanawa entrance)
Z'ssapa: These are the Nanawa Mines, property of Amajina & Sons Mineral Concern. The shafts have been opened to the public, but visitors are asked not to venture too deep.
Another new miner? I swear, Linette must have a weak spot for you adventurers. She sends you here without so much as a second thought.
Well, you've come to the right palce. These are the Nanawa Mines. But I can't just let you go wandering in. A single miner over capacity, and the whole shaft becomes a damn deathtrap!
(the twins arrive from within, looking suspicious)
Popokkuli: Twelve be good, another bloody new recruit!?
Seserukka: Don't even look strong enough to work a pickaxe, this one.
(Popokkuli flexes his muscles)
Popokkuli: Oh, I'm sorry, does your boyfriend do all the heavy lifting?
(Seserukka flexes his muscles)
Seserukka: How about that? Can you feel that? Because I can keep up all day.
Popokkuli: Come now, be honest. Who do you think has the better body? You know…for mining.
Seserukka: And tell us the truth! We can take it.
(choose Seserukka. Poporukka staggers and heads back)
Seserukka: Was it ever even close? I mean, look at me. Just look at me! See how they bulge beneath? That takes years!
A discerning eye like yours could come in handy around here. Tell you what, do me one small job to show you're up to it. If I like what I see, I'll let you into the mines.
See if you can't unearth us something rare out in Thanalan - east or west, it makes no matter. Shouldnt' be all that hard.
If you dig something up and don't know what you've got, just bring it back to Z'ssapa here.
(Seserukka turns to Z'ssapa)
Seserukka: And you! Don't you go forgetting to bring our grub later, neither. I've got a mind to eat Popokkuli's again.
Z'ssapa: Yes, sir.

Z'ssapa: <sigh> Always the same with those two - competing over the most infantile thigns. I fear for the future of this guild…
But you'd best do as they say. Just be wary of any beasts - the outlands have their share of them. And bring me back anything you find. Meanwhile, I'll…stand here. Gods, I'm so borrred.


Z'ssapa: Well, this is a dilemma. What have you brought me so far? Let's see…a sheep's-eye, a piece of petrified wood, and this queer shard.
It is certainly no mineral, but there is something intriguing about it. It's just so…odd. I suppose there's no end to what one can dig up in these parts.
(a lala girl approaches from the direction of ul'dah)
Nenekko: Ancient, by the looks of it. Sil'dihn, I'd say.
Z'ssapa: By the Twelve, Nenekko. You scared me half to death!
Nenekko: I apologize, Z'ssapa. Such was not my intention. I came only to deliver my brothers' meals.
Z'ssapa: Ah, their food, of course. Thank you, it was good of you to bring it. They were becoming a little boisterous.
(she leaves to deliver the food)
Nenekko: Excuse me… That shard you had. Might I ask how you came by it?
I see. Sil'dih must have been a truly vast city at its peak, just as the histories say.
Oh dear, forgive me for not explaining. I assumed you know.
Sil'dih was an ancient city, located very near to Ul'dah. At one time, it prospered much as Ul'dah does now, but they lost a great war and the civilization crumbled.
To this day, none know precisely what kind of city it was.
But to gaze upon the sheer scale of the ruins, one can only imagine that it must have been as great and lively a city as our own.
(the twins run in)
Popokkuli: Nenekko!
Seserukka: Nenekko!
(they shove you away from Nenekko. She looks down)
Popokkuli: Take your filthy mitts off her!
Seserukka: Not another ilm! Or it'll be the end of you around here.
Nenekko: Brothers, brothers, I'm fine. I was just sharing a few historical morsels with this kindly adventurer.
Seserukka: Is that all? Well, alright then… He didn't…bore you, did he?
Popokkuli: Say the word, Nenekko, and I'd be happy to end him right here and now!
Nenekko: Oh, you'll do no such thing. I was only asking about this shard he found. See?
Popokkuli: Well, he's new here. No wonder he can only find rubbish like that.
Seserukka: What do you want with old broken shards? Here, these emeralds and rubies'll suit you far better.
Popokkuli: And these. Diamonds and cat's-eyes! As many as you like.
Nenekko: Thank you, brothers, as always. Now be good and eat your meals. And no stealing each other's food!
Seserukka: Wait a minute! You're not thinking of walking home by yourself, are you?
Popokkuli: I'll see you home. Tend to the mine, Sese.
Seserukka: Have you taken leave of your senses? I'll walk her home, and you can watch over the mines.
Nenekko: Brothers, are you not going to eat the food I prepared for you while it is still hot? After all the trouble I went to…
Besides, the good adventurer here has offered to see me home safe. Isn't that right?

Popokkuli: If she suffers so much as a stubbed toe, gods help me…I will end you!
Seserukka: That's our little sister. She may not look it, or sound it, or smell it, but she's our blood. If anything happens to her, anything at all
Nenekko: I hate to inconvenience you, but my brothers worry for my safety. Would you be so kind as to see me home? I'd be in your debt.
(you start escorting Nenekko. She stops after a bend in the road)
Nenekko: Thank you for the escort. I can make it the rest of the way on my own.
There are some things I can do on my own, after all.
I'd like to have this shard, if you don't mind. I promise to convince my brothers to let you enter the mines in return. Just come and visit the Concern whenever you have time. And thank you!

Late Warning

(Amajina & Sons)
Linette: (text missing) but they are dutiful, caring boys. You need only see them around their sister Nenekko to know as much.
The surest way to advance in this guild is to have nothing to do with Nenekko. No good will come of it. I apologize, I should have told you when first you came to us.
But, since it seems she has already warmed to you, I suppose there's naught to be done for it. She is a sweet girl, truly, but can be trouble. When she is taken by one of her fits of wanderlust…
Well, you need only endure the drama until you are granted your entry permit to the deep shafts. Then you'll be able to pass the days in a miner's paradise!

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