A Knock in the Night


Name: A Knock in the Night
How to begin: talk to Eleanor by Arrzaneth Ossuary
Areas: Ul'dah, Nanawa Mines

Last quest: -
Next quest: -

Requirements to sign up: ?
Required items: Cursed lens x8
Reward: ?


Coming soon


Cursed Eye

Level: 35
Drops: ?
Location: Nanawa Mines

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Knocking on the Door

Eleanor: Would you be so kind as to lend me your ear, adventurer? I am in a state of great distress! Someone, or something, has been pounding on the door to my chambers in the dead of night!
The mere thought of it sends chills down my spine! I mean to have one of the Ossuary's notable thaumaturges look into the matter, yet his services are in high demand, and I've been informed that I must wait. But I simply cannot stand it any longer!
I was told that if I sent the proper consideration in advance, my place on the waiting list might be improved, but…
Well, I asked several persons with experience in such matters what best to send, and it seems that most leading thaumaturges have a penchant for cursed lenses. The trouble is, they are nigh on impossible to find.
And that is the dilemma that plagues me now.
I have heard that the Nanawa Mines of central Thanalan are home to cursed eyes. Some of them may have the quality of lens that I require. Do you think you could gather me a few - eight, shall we say?
(quest accept)
Eleanor: Oh, gods bless you! But please, you must hhurry. The knocking sounds grow louder as of late. I fear something awful may happen soon…

Eleanor: Please, you must hurry. The knocking sounds grow louder as of late. Without the help fo the Ossuary, I fear something awful may happen soon…
What is a lone Midlander lass like myself to do? It would take me a lifetime to procure eight cursed lenses, and that at great personal risk! Please, kill cursed eyes within the Nanawa Mines and bring me the lenses I require.

A Little Something

Eleanor: The cursed lenses! You've brought them! These will surely have the thaumaturge come running to tell me what sort of spirit is lurking about my home.
I shall deliver them forthwith! This haunting nonsense ends today! Gods know I need a decent night's rest…
Oh, before I forget - here, this is for you. I made a bit of coin killing eyes within the mines myself. Bought a little something at the Esthaime shop that I'd like you to have - for all that you've done.
Take care here in Ul'dah, friend. There is no shortage of evils in these lands. Then again, we adventurers crave such excitement, do we not?

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