A Hypocritical Oath


Name: A Hypocritical Oath
How to begin: talk to Arscelin
Areas: Owl's Nest, Fields of Glory

Last quest: -
Next quest: -
Related quests: Hunting the Hunters

Requirements to sign up: level ?
Required items: Sheepbur Seed x5
Reward: ?


Coming soon


Antelope Doe

Level: 29
Drops: ?, Sheepbur Seed
Location: Coerthas/Camp Glody

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Coming soon


Wounded Man

Arscelin: Good adventurer, I find myself in something of a predicament and would appreciate any assistance you could provide. Late last night, I stumbled upon a man lying half-conscious outside the main gate. Seeing at once that he was grievously wounded, I resolved to carry him back to my hovel - where he now rests.
I cleaned and bandaged the cuts the best I could, but due to a lack of sheepbur seeds, I have as yet been unable to prepare the herbal poultice necessary to ensure the wounded areas do not fester.
I cannot stray far from my patient, for there is still the possibility that his condition may worsen, yet I cannot ask others in the hamlet for assistance for reasons that remain rather…complicated. Which leaves me no other choice than to place the life of this man in the hands of a stranger.
Sheepbur is a plant native to Coerthas, but it is tiny and wont to grow in the shade of larger shrubs, making it a nightmare to find. However, its barbed seeds have been known to snag on the furry hides of antelope does that graze in the region, and remain entangled there for many moons. In short, your efforts might better be spent hunting antelope than the plant itself, especially given the relatively modest quantity required for the poultice. I need hardly add that time is of the essence.
(quest accept)
Arscelin: You have my thanks, adventurer. I require no fewer than five sheepbur seeds to complete my patient's poultice.
Scouring the hills for the tiny plant and its seeds would almost certainly take too long, which leaves us with no other option but to hunt doe antelopes in the hope of finding burs entangled in their fur. Antelope are known to graze near the stretch of Thordan's March south of Camp Glory, so I suggest you start your search there.

Arscelin: My patient will be most pleased when he learns you have agreed to help us. It was he who revealed to me the recipe of the sheepbur poultice.
And to think that a common weed could possess such healing properties! <sigh> There is so little we know of the forest, and so much they could teach us, if only we would put aside our differences…

Wounded Ixal

Arscelin: You found the seeds! And not a moment too soon, I may add. The Ixal's wounds have begun to supp-
<gasp> I mean, the, uh… I-I mean… Oh dear. I apologize for not saying anything earlier, but you must believe me when I tell you that my intentions were pure.
I cared only of my patient's well-being, and did not wish something as trivial as bigotry to prevent him from receiving the treatment he deserved.
During my apprenticeship as a healer, I learned the importance of never denying a man succor. However, in Gridania, where I used to provide my services, the people grow up being taught that the Ixal are foul beings who do not belong in the forest. My willingness to offer aid to those deemed outsiders often put me at odds with my colleagues.
Which is how I ended up here. Though not a few score malms from the Black Shroud, the people in this sleepy hamlet adhere to a completely different set of values - those established by the Holy See of Ishgard. And while I wouldn't go as far as branding one set wrong and another right, I find my work better tolerated in Owl's Nest. That's not to say the villagers don't have their misgivings about accepting me…
Yet one thing is certain - it matters little how others perceive me and my actions, as this is the path I have chosen to follow. The Spinner may see fit to nudge me one way or another, but it is I who determine my own destiny. Nothing is set in stone, my friend. Change is but a step away, if you are only brave enough to take it.

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