A Fruitful Murder


Name: WVR3 - Dance the Night Away
How to begin: talk to Deaustie at Sunsilk Tapestries in Ul'dah
Areas: Ul'dah, Nophica's Wells by Copperbell Mines entrance

Last quest: Dance the Night Away
Next quest: -

Requirements to sign up: WVR36, Dance the Night Away complete
Required items: Luxurious gloves x10, Thanalan spider silk x10, Undyed Velveteen x10, Cotton Yarn x10
Reward: ?


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As is often the case with FF14 1.x quests, most of it is very straightforward. When you're sent out to make the luxurious gloves however, things get marginally more complicated. Before heading out to Nophica's Wells for the Thanalan spider silk, take with you all materials to make each of the 10 pairs of gloves you need, as you can only obtain one Thanalan spider silk at a time. Aside from the spider silk, each pair needs one bolt of undyed velveteen and one spindle of cotton yarn.



Single Gloves

Deaustie: <Player>, I'm afraid tragedy has befallen us once again. But with your help, we may be able to spin it into a wave of free publicity for the weavers. Come to Sunsilk tapestries right away! There is no time to lose!

(Sunsilk Tapestries)
Deaustie: Well, you adventurers always seem to catch wind of the latest goings-on, gods know how. Surely you've heard what transpired at the royal ball?
They are saying a lovely maid appeared, unescorted, and that Prince Teledji Adeledji fell in love with her the instant their eyes met. They danced the night away in each other's arms.
But then, at the stroke of midnight, she ran off without so much as a goodbye, dropping a single glove in her haste!
So now Teledji Adeledji is scouring the city, searching for his beloved of an evening. He has been asking every maid he comes upon to try on the glove.
And so we've received a predictable influx of orders for single gloves. No doubt these fool women mean to deceive the prince into thinking it was they who left behind the glove he now carries.
But this is a place of business, and the customer is the thirteenth of the gods! It will not serve to question their motives. We must give them what they want. Will you help us, <Player>?
(quest accept)
Deaustie: You may have already guessed what it is I would ask of you. Make for me 10 pairs of luxurious gloves, as quickly as you are able.

Deaustie: Prince Teledji Adeledji is searching the entire city for the maid that stole his heart at the royal ball.
It seems in her haste to flee the palace, she left behind a single glove.
And so now every lady, maid, and courtesan in the city is placing orders with us for single luxurious gloves! Be a dear and make me ten pairs of them, would you?

Jannie: We're damn near out of bloody swatches! Are the novices making more? I'll cut up my own smallclothes and use them if I must!

Dylise: Shhh sh sh sh… No time to talk to you.

Gloiucen: This business with the prince and the glove - it is the chance of a lifetime. And Ul'dahns are nothing if not gamblers. Every woman with coin will have a glove made and attempt to deceive the prince with it.
And as we say in Thanalan, to the deceiver go the spoils. The desert is too hot for one to stand around waiting for justice, I suppose.

Barnabaix: The gloves are selling faster than we can make them. I've never seen anything like it!
Deaustie says we've received an entire ledger's worth of orders since the ball!

Aspipi: Imagine how powerless our prince must feel. His heart taken by a fleeing beauty and naught but a scrap of cloth to find her.
A glove to find a love…

Cahernaut: My only regret is that we didn't procure more fiber for cloth from Gridania while trade was still strong. Chances to turn profits such as this are few and far between.
But demanding more material would only win the ire of the forestborn. Bloody tree-huggers.

Chuchumu: Making pairs of luxurious gloves is no easy task. Are you familiar with the materials?
You have to use strands of Thanalan spider silk to get the smoothest, softest glove possible. But they can only be taken from the spiders of the Copperbell Mines. <shudder>

Unspooling the Silk

(by Copperbell Mines)
Chuchumu: To me, <Player>. To me! I neeeeeed you!
I came to get some Thanalan spider silk to give to you, for all you've done for me. But one of the spiders woke and chased me through the shafts. Gods know how many webs and nests I ran through.
I think I lost it, and I certainly found some silk, but…well, we can't use it like this. Also…I can't move. Would you, uh, mind freeing me?

(talk while not in possession of silk)
Chuchumu: Ewww! Get these webs off of me, <Player>. Hurry!
(obtain a strand of Thanalan spider silk)

(talk while in possession of silk)
Chuchumu: I still…can't…move…

(after crafting all pairs of gloves)
Chuchumu: That should be enough. I think I can manage on my own from here.
Well that was scary and disgusting all at the same time. Tell me, were you able to craft the pairs of luxurious gloves?
Excellent! Then I shall return to Sunsillk Tapestries ahead of you. I need a wash…

Fits Like a Glove

(Sunsilk Tapestries)
Deaustie: A job well done. We should be able to turn twenty sales out of these, seeing as how everyone only has need for a single glove - and knows not whether it is the right or the left the prince has in his possession. Hahaha!
(Eadburga and Okkh Polaali walk in)
Eadburga: Deaustie, darling! Tell us, have the gloves we've ordered been finished? We must have them!
Okkh Polaali: We simply must! Please tell us they are ready.
Deaustie: Yes, ladies, of course, of course. If you would be so good as to wait a mom-
(a Brass Blade escort walks in, followed by several people)
Okkh Polaali: <gasp>
Eadburga: The prince… Prince Teledji!
Little Prince: Pardon my intrusion, ladies, my good Sunsilk weavers. I shall not keep you long.
I have but a single small request to ask of these lovely ladies.
Prince's Retainer: The glove, miladies.
Okkh Polaali: Oh no, no, no. This is far too small. It must be the wrong one!
Eadburga: Why, a glove of that size would barely fit a Lalaf-
(Chuchumu walks past at the other end of the room. The retainer walks up to her, and gives her the glove to try. It fits, and in a sparkle of lights she changes into better clothes suddenly)
Little Prince: My love! I have found you at last!
(the prince runs to her and kneels)
Deaustie: Is that not the most heartwarming thing you've ever seen? But I'm afraid it is no faerie tale ending just yet.
Love at first sight it may be - but Chuchumu will require a substantial dowry if she's to secure a royal marriage.
And I have my doubts as to whether her stepmother will be charitable enough to provide it.
Do go and see how this all ends, <Player>. I'd go myself, but my duties prevent me. I should imagine the next scene will unfold at the Gold Court.

Deaustie: So the love of Prince Teledji Adeledji was Sunsilk's own Chuchumu… Gods be good, I couldn't have imagined a more thrilling turn of events!
But if the prince proposes marriage… Chuchumu's stepmother will surely not put up the dowry required to marry into the royal house.
Do go and see how this all ends, <Player>. I'd go myself, but my duties prevent me. I should imagine the next scene will unfold at the Gold Court.

Jannie: How fortunate it was that the prince should arrive just as Chuchumu happened to be passing! He has found his love, and now these accursed glove orders will stop!

Dylise: I finished an order for the prince just in time. He wishes to appear as regal as possible before his new love.

Barnabaix: Ul'dahns live for this sort of drama.
Come, ordering single bespoke gloves? If that doesn't suggest a lust for drama, I know not what would. Of course…it may equally suggest incurable silliness.

Gloiucen: The Gold Court is the plaza which lies before the Heaven's Shard. It is favorite mingling place for Ul'dah's highborn and wealthy.
If an event is set to take place there, you can rest assured it is deserving of attention.

Aspipi: Seems I lost a shoe in all the excitement…
I wonder if some handsome lordling won't scoop it up and seek me out. All I ask is a single night of romance, nothing more. Hehehe!

Cahernaut: Well, since word got out, I'd say everyone short of the sultana herself has come around asking after Chuchumu.
If I know Lady Ouvielle, I'd say her fury must be on her as it's never been before. I can't wait to see where the story goes from here…

Taste of Royalty

(Royal Promenade)
(you approach the gates and Chuchumu comes meet you)
Chuchumu: Oh, <Player>! Did you see the way the prince looked at me? I truly think it may have been love at first sight! And again at second!
Oh, gods, it's all every girl dreams of to become a princess. Do you think that it might actually come true? Do you!?
What? A dowry? Yes, well… About that…
(you Echo, and end up down at the Gold Court)
Ouvielle: How dare you do this to your loving stepsisters! And after all we've done for you! I never should have taken you in!
And how exactly do you hope to procure your dowry? Twelve know you'll not see a single gil from me!
(Chuchumu runs away in tears)
Ouvielle: Apples from the palace gardens!? Did she truly mean to bribe me with fruit!? The girl is as foolish as she is filthy.
Still, it would be such a waste to let them spoil. Come, girls, at least you might have a taste of the royal life, however brief.
(after taking a bite of the apples, each of the three falls, lifeless)
(back in the present)
Chuchumu: Don't you see, <Player>? It's so simple and perfect.
There is no need to beg my stepmother for a dowry. I'll just kill her and take it. Her and my stepsisters! With poisoned apples, I should think. Then I'll stand to inherit the entire estate.
And then I'll buy myself the finest dress Ul'dah has ever seen, and wear it to the most extravagant wedding the palace has ever hosted!
(she walks away, skipping and humming)

Girl Who Would be Princess

(Sunsilk Tapestries)
Deaustie: Why, <Player>, you look like somebody just walked over your grave. What troubles you?
Poisoned apples? Chuchumu? An inheritance? Slow down!
Yes, you have the right of it. I mean, someone has to die, no? Someone always has to die.
I think the real problem here is Chuchumu's glib jaw. She knows full well she is not to be revealing the plot to anyone before the performance. I suppose I will have to silence you myself…
(someone approaches you from behind. It's Lady Ouvielle, along with the prince)
Ouvielle: I've heard all about it, Deaustie. It would seem our little starlet has told <Player> here everything.
She gets giddier and giddier as the wedding scene draws near. She truly was not ready for a lead role - I told you as much.
Little Prince: Perhaps you were right, Ouvielle. But do not forget it was you who insisted on playing the stepmother.
Ouvielle: But of course. There is no other actress in this town who can play the role, and you know it.
(the two leave)
Deaustie: Well, not everything went as smoothly as I would have hoped on the production side. But 'The Girl Who Would be Princess' is still getting rave reviews.
This new approach of putting on a scene at different locations instead of all on a single stage is so fresh! And it publicizes itself!
Even unsuspecting participants such as yourself helped to spread word of what we were doing.
I hope you don't feel as though we intentionally deceived you. That's not the way of it at all. The Sunsilk Troupe simply does whatever it takes to put on a good show.
Our love-struck 'prince', in particular, played his role to perfection, but Chuchumu's acting still needs a good deal of polish. She certainly can't expect people to come and watch the performance if she's already told them the plot!
Here, then. Take this. Consider it the price of your silence. Tell no one what you know of the next act. The Sunsilk Troupe appreciates your cooperation.

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