A Forbidden Love


Name: GR - A Forbidden Love
How to begin: talk to Ethelinda at Quarrymill entrance
Areas: Quarrymill, Humblehearth, Gridania

Last quest: Embarrassing Excerpts
Next quest: -

Requirements to sign up: ?
Required items: Weaver lily x3
Reward: ?


Coming soon


Mirror Roselet

Level: 30-ish?
Drops: ?
Location: in the clearing south-east of Humbleheart gate

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In Need of Lilies

Ethelinda: I'm sorry? My face? Red, you say? Well, the watch fires haven't quite cooked me through, if that's what you're worried about. Kindly think no more on it.
There's something else I would speak of. I recently visited the Mun-Tuy Cellars, you see, and…well…this may seem a little hard to believe, but an opo-opo there delivered a letter to me. Not the most likely of messengers, I grant you, but oddly adorable nonetheless!
The letter was from a aman named Lonsygg, and it contained the most singular poem, followed by a rather…graphic confession of his unequivocal love for me. You say my face appears red to you? Well, if that is so, it is only becase the mere recollection of his words and accompanying, uh…illustrations would give any maid cause to blush.
You wish to hear a sample, you say? <sigh> I suppose it is only fair, considering what it is I would ask of you… Very well.
"O sweet little monster, o beast of delight,
No other so cuddly is known to my sight.
To they brightness of eye do all other stars pale,
Now come a pace closer and show me thy t-"
…Er, it goes on. And on. And then on some more. Quite a lot more, in fact, and is signed "Eternally yours, Lonsygg."
It's actually rather breathtaking - the sheer length of it, I mean.
The thing is, I too am…somewhat enamored with Lonsygg. He is a Wood Wailer of Gridania, after all, and a good man. But I find myself at a loss as to how to respond o such a letter.
Tell me, how would you fel if a woman were to present you with weaver lilies? All know the maning their blossoms carry, do they not? That the sender and the recipient are of one heart.
No doubt you've heard this a thousand times before, but…my duties bind me here. Please, would you gather three weaver lilies and deliver them to Lonsygg on my behalf?
I should probably forewarn you that they are not easy to acquire. One must pluck them from the corpses of mirror roselets, you see. But they are plentiful near Humblehearth, and I'm sure the elementals won't begrudge us just a few!
(quest accept)
Ethelinda: Oh, thank you, friend! Thank you ever so much!

Ethelinda: Please, gather three weaver lilies and deliver them to Lonsygg in Girdania on my behalf. That will surely send the message that I feel the same as he!
You will have to slay mirror roselets near Humblehearth and pluck them from the corpses. Please hurry - before he thinks my silence a refusal!

Misunderstood Words

Lonsygg: What's all this, then? A bouquet of weaver lilies? Why, this is a rare treat indeed. But to what or whom do I owe the honor?
Ethelinda? These are from Ethelinda? Response to my letter? Gods, man, what are you on about? I sent Ethelinda no such letter.
Th-Those words… H-How could you…? That was no love letter! My journal, those words are from my journal!
You… Yes, I knew you looked familiar! You're the adventurer I asked to retrieve my journal pages from the opo-opos! And you swore you wouldn't look at the pages you found! You swooore!
What!? An opo-opo gave it to her at the Mun-Tuy Cellars!? Just what do you take me for, you little- But why would you invent such a preposterous lie? I can only assume…
<gasp> Gods, there must have been one last page I hadn't accounted for! But that an opo-opo should give it to Ethelinda…
To think, an opo-opo simply walking up to within arm's reach! <sigh> I should be so lucky… I would give anything to have the opo-opos come that close to me!
The closest I've been was when I saw them tearing my journal apart. Yet even as I watched them do so, I was filled with a happiness I had never known… A happiness whcih only grew when I realized that I could draw nearer to them than ever before, so enraptured were they with violating my book.
Oh! There is no use hiding it anymroe! It is not for Ethelinda that my heart pines! It is for…the opo-opos! I love the little things, and always have - in every way I can! My journal isn't a journal at all. It's a collection of the many ballads, musings, and drawings I've made over the years - all for the love of them.
And now you've brought me this bouquet of weaver lilies from a woman who thinks me her admirer. Please, pleeease! You havee to get me out of htis! Tell her something - anything! Pleeease!

Lonsygg: It is no letter Ethelinda has - it is a poem and certain…drawings, describing my adoration of the opo-opos. Please, pleeease! You have to get me out of this! Tell her soemthing - anything! Pleeease!

Beastly Actions

Ethelinda: Tell me, did you find the weaver lilies? And did you deliver them to Lonsygg? Well, what did he say? Come, come, tell me!
What do you mean it wasn't a lettr? Opo-opo confessions?
You're having a jape at me. Though there was a drawing of an opo-opo on the page, which I thought odd. But I put it down to artistic license…
Wait, wait, wait just a moment! Are you saying the purpose of Lonsygg's daily trips to the Mun-Tuy Cellars…is to watch the opo-opos?
I thought perhaps he was meeting another woman…but opo-opos? I know not whether I am relieved or disgusted. A bit of both, I should think. I suppose there is some comfort in knowing my rival for his affections is a small woodland creature…isn't there?
Well, there is no point in subjecting you to this nonsense any longer. Here you are - take your reward and go, before one of us does something beastly.

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