A Call to Arms


Name: A Call to Arms
How to begin: talk to Fruhybolg
Areas: Ul'dah

Last quest: -
Next quest: ?

Requirements to sign up: level ?
Required items: List of Adoring Masses, List of Champions, List of Companions, List of the Elite, List of the Impoverished
Reward: ?


Coming soon



Fruhybolg: The Garleans grow bolder by the day. They'll launch an assault on Gridania before long, mark my words.
But from what I hear, they're not the only ones busying themselves. Rumor has it the three nations are moving to resurrect the Grand Companies.
What are the Grand Companies? Bloody hells, lad, don't you know nothing? They were the forces of old - the union of the free peoples in each nation, formed to confront the threat facing Eorzea long ago.
(This variation was used before the official launch of the Grand Companies)
They say Ul'dah's own Grand Company will be dubbed the Immortal Flames.
No doubt the call will go out to great men and women from the realm over. No small feat, though. The royal family, Syndicate, and any other soul with any clout in this city will have their hands full unifying so many.
Still, call it Ul'dahn pride, but I mean to do my part. The time's come to take stock of our realm's warriors, and we've no shortage of them here at the Coliseum.
(This variation is currently in use)
Here and now, in our own lifetimes, the Immortal Flames of Ul'dah have been rekindles.
No doubt the call will go out to the great men and women of the realm. No small feat, though, unifying the masses. The royal family, Syndicate, and all the rest of them have got quite a job on their hands.
We've been called upon to take stock of our realm's warriors - and what better place to start? We've certainly no shortage of them here at the Coliseum.
(Common continuance)
But we've need of all the heroes we can muster. What say you to lending a hand, friend? Might you be willing to roam the city and find word of any warriors? Must be some smallfolk in this bloody town what know of a good swordarm.
(quest accept)
Fruhybolg: Good, then. Come, let's see that map of yours. I'll mark a few places you're like to find someone in the know. You're on your own from there.

Fruhybolg: We'll need all the heroes we can muster to restore the Immortal Flames to their former glory. Go now, and find whatever word there is to be had of warriors fit to champion our cause.

Find the People

(by the Coliseum)
Vannes: Hm? What is it, dear boy? I'm frightfully busy, you see.
Searching for heroes? Is that so? Well, I will always lend my support to any initiative offering opportunities to the gladiatorially gifted!
(This variation was used before the official launch of the Grand Companies)
Enlistment in the Immortal Flames? Now just a moment, dear boy. If you've come to simply fuel rumors of Garlean subterfuge here in Ul'dah, or the recreation of the Grand Companies, I'm afraid I must ask you to-
You do not look as one with a forked tongue. No, nor do you eyes lend themselves to idle whispers… Tell me, boy, is it true? Are the Grand Companies to be remade!? If so, there are many recruits I can offer!
(This variation is currently in use)
Enlistment? Then the Immortal Flames have begun building their army of heroes. It seems the rumors have turned to truth.
(Common continuance)
Raubahn Aldynn was once a great champion of the bloodsands, and former owner of the Coliseum. In all my years, I've yet to see any match his prowess in battle.
There is an entire generation of young warriors who train day in and day out, aspiring to repeat Raubahn's past glories - gifted swordsmen and women all. Here, this is a list of their names. Please, take it - and Twelve watch over Ul'dah!
(obtain a list of adoring masses)
Vannes: You have what you came for, yes? Please, I've been looking forward to this match for some time. Allow me to savor it in peace.

Zoengterbin: Fine warriors from across the realm? Gathering in Ul'dah? Perhaps the rumors about kindling these Immortal Flames are true, after all.
They say lineage and lands will stand for naught in the Flames. Any and all proven warriors will be welcomed into its ranks. I myself have often dreamt of the honor that would come with pledging my allegiance to such a banner, should it fly.
So, it's great heroes you want, is it? Well, since you ask, the companions that accompanied me on a recent journey were warriors of the first order, all. Here, I shall write down their names if you wish - along with my own, of course!
(obtain a list of companions)
Zoengterbin: How goes the hero hunting, friend? Don't go and find none too mighty, now, lest they make me look bad.

(unknown location)
Lettice: Champions to aid in the founding of the Immortal Flames, eh? Wouldn't that fall under the thaumaturges' jurisdiction?
Bah, bugger the Order. This is hardly the time for formalities, what with sightings of Garlean airships increasing by the day. If we do nothing but continue to watch, we'll soon be watching our city walls come down around us!
To be sure, nothing would do more for the morale of the nation than the gathering of heroes under the banner of the Immortal Flames. Allow me to give you a few of the more respected names mentioned here at the Adventurers' Guild.
(obtain a list of champions)
Lettice: To be sure, nothing would do more for the morale of the nation than the gathering of heroes under the banner of the Immortal Flames. I pray you find us many great souls.

(Gold Court)
Jeger: So you seek to recruit heroes for the Grand Companies? Curious…
(This variation was used before the official launch of the Grand Companies)
Now as in times long past, the Grand Company of Ul'dah would be the sultana's to command. Should the need arise, she will see to their reformation, with or without the efforts of you adventurers.
(This variation is currently in use)
Now, as in times long past, the Immortal Flames serve the sultana. The finest souls in the realm are being rallied to our banners. We shall know victory, whether you adventures cast your lot with us or no.
(Common continuance)
Still, the efforts of the Gladiators' Guild are reassuring, to say the least. Very well, I shall give you the names of several strong, sure warriors.
(obtain a list of the elite)
Jeger: The Coliseum does Ul'dah a great service by amassing this information. Thank you.

(Pearl Lane)
Thimm: Gathering great warriors to establish the Immortal Flames of Ul'dah, is it?
(This variation was used before the official launch of the Grand Companies)
There is truth to the rumors then? Ahhh, so it is small wonder everyone has been in such a stir of late. If the Grand Companies are to rise again, Ul'dah will require vast restructuring. The great bonds between the nations will be reforged!
(This variation is currently in use)
(text missing) again! As we speak, Ul'dah is already undergoing a vast restructuring.
(Common continuance)
There will be new opportunities for all - rich and poor alike. That is what has the people so excited.
Aye, I know a number of able men and women - just the type you seek. Here, their names. May the Twelve see them into the service of Ul'dah.
(obtain a list of the impoverished)
Thimm: There are those empowered in name who are powerless. And those who wield true power with no name. Travel the city and learn what you will - but know truth from falsehood.


Fruhybold: How did you fare? Were you able to discover the names of any possible recruits?
Raubahn Aldynn… That certainly has a familiar ring to it… Of course! He's the former Coliseum champion!
Surely not even the Empire's finest could best the great Raubahn Aldynn! We must enlist him immediately!
Thank you, friend. You've done more than I hoped. Please, take this as payment.
Oh, and consider devoting a bit of time to training, you hear? If you're to serve in the Immortal Flames, you just might find yourself sparring with Raubahn one day, hahaha!

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