A Bitter Oil to Swallow


Name: A Bitter Oil to Swallow
How to begin: talk to Eugenaire
Areas: Gridania, Buscarron's Fold

Last quest: ?
Next quest: -

Requirements to sign up: level ?
Required items: Scarlet Oil x8
Reward: 960 exp, Cotton Doublet Vest


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Oil Bug

Level: 18
Drops: ?, Scarlet Oil
Location: near Camp Tranquil and Buscarron's Fold

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The Problem

Eugenaire: Gods, if only there were more time!
Oh… Why…hello there. I, errr…I suppose you caught me muttering to myself there. How embarrassing. <sigh> This latest development has left me rather flustered. Oh dear! And now I've gone and forgotten my manners.
I am Eugenaire, of the Trappers' League. I've just received an urgent request from a sentry at Buscarron's Fold - an Elezen fellow by the name of Chamberliaux - asking that we deliver a quantity of oil.
But our oil reserves are pitifully low - far from sufficient to fulfill the order. Ordinarily, I'd set about producing more, but I've drawn patrol in the wood. And so you see my dilemma.
Tell me, do you seek work, adventurer? If you'd be so good as to bring me some dollops of scarlet oil, I'd be in your debt. It can be obtained from the orifices of oilbugs.
Eight dollops of the stuff will serve, I should think.
(quest accept)
Eugenaire: Excellent! Then allow me to furnish you with the knowledge you will need.
Follow the road south of Gridania and you will soon see Buscarron's Fold. From there, head further south still, and you will come upon the area inhabited by the oilbug.
I daresay it will not take you long to extract the requisite quantity of scarlet oil. Oh, and once you have, be a good lad and deliver it to Chamberliaux at the Fold. He'll see to it that you're suitably rewarded.
Oh, you needn't worry about profits on our end. The Trappers' League serves the people of the realm. Their trust in us is all the currency we require.
I can't help but wonder, though - what in the seven hells does Chamberliaux intend to do with that much scarlet oil?
I know the stuff is prized down in Ul'dah, where it's used to mask the stench of corpses in funerary rites, but we've had no word of the Fold taking any casualties of late. Strange indeed…

(talk again)
Eugenaire: Come, come, the deed requires doing, whatever its purpose. Head south of Buscarron's Fold, and there kill as many oilbugs as you must to collect eight dollops of scarlet oil.
Once you have, see the goods safely to Chamberliaux back at the Fold to receive your reward.

The Solution

Chamberliaux: So this is the upstanding adventurer Eugenaire spoke of. And here with the scarlet oil, as promised, I see. Bloody decent of you to have come all this way.
Come now, you're dying to ask what I mean to do with the stuff, are you not? No doubt Eugenaire is as well.
If you must know, it is for agricultural purposes. Allow me to enlighten you, as you are obviously unaware. The guards of Buscarron's Fold are yeomen farmers. We patrol the land, and fight when the call to arms is made, aye, but in times of peace, we till the soil.
We see to the trees, just as we see to our borders.
Of late, our greatest enemy within the wood is the opo-opo. Those confounded creatures pick at and gnaw on near all the seedlings and shrubberies we plant, voracious eaters that they are. But they abhor the taste of scarlet oil, and are sure to stay away from any plants we coat in the stuff.
Something in the anatomy of those oilbugs gives it a bloody bitter taste. One lick and the opo-opos will run for the other side of the Twelveswood.
Oh, surely you didn't think I meant to use it to mask the scent of a dead body like those barbarian southrons!
No, the smell of a corpse is proof that nature is at work. All life returns to the earth in death - that is the way of things. Whatever odors are emitted in the process are whatever odors that must be. No more, and no less.
You've done the Fold a great service. Here is your reward. I've added a little something extra for your trouble.

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