9 to 5

After the Calamity devastated much of Eorzea's workforce, Mamool Ja mercenaries were called over from their homeland to do everything from slay aether-crazed monsters to tile roofs. However, now with the return of a much more stable workforce in adventurers, many of the Mamool Ja find themselves out of work..and have turned to banditry to make ends meet.


Name: 9 to 5
Type: Battle
Level: 32
Location: Eastern La Noscea / Wineport (23,19)
Spawn: 15 min duration

Reward: ~7,410 exp, ~60 gil, ~181 seals
Additional Reward: -


Mamool Ja Breeder
Mamool Ja Executioner
Mamool Ja Sophist


You will be aided in the FATE by several Yellowjackets.

Category: Quests


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