Give a Moogle a Break

Your moogle wants to take a power bow and a beetle ring to his family for the holidays. He sure would be happy if you found them for him.


How to begin: Talk to your Moogle (Note: This must be done in your Mog House, not a Rent-A-Room)
Repeatable: No
Quest Type: Safe Expansion
Areas: Mog House

Last Quest: -
Next Quest: The Moogle's Picnic!, Moogles in the Wild

Requirements to sign up: Home nation reputation 3
Required items: Bronze Bed, Power Bow, Beetle Ring
Reward: Mog Safe with 60 capacity, title: Mog's Kind Master


You must have reputation 3 in your home city, and have placed a Bronze Bed in your Mog House for at least one Vana'diel day (approx. one earth hour) before a Conquest Tally (midnight of Sunday night / Monday morning JST) before you can start this quest. When you do, your Moogle will ask to go on a break to see his parents, but he wants to bring back a Power Bow and a Beetle Ring, and has no idea how to get one. Get a Power Bow and a Beetle Ring (both of them, plus the bed, are purchasable on the Auction House) and trade them to him. Speak to him the following day (JST) to complete the quest and receive your bigger safe.


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Category: Quests


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