You Say Tomato

M004 - You Say Tomato

You say tomato, I say kill them all!

Why kill vegetables, you ask? Har!

Did I mention quivering stalks, or slavering fangs?
I was out for a stroll the other day and one bit clean through me britches! I doubt me or me britches are the only victims here. Help!

Gusah, Greengrocer


Quest Notice

Rank: 5
Fee: 100
Repeatable: No

Required Item(s): None
Required Talent(s): None
Recommended for Dispatch: None

Quest Type: Battle
Reward(s): 560 Gil, Fury Fragments x2, Silk Thread x2, Rabbit Pelt x2
Dispatch: No
Cancellation: No

Destination: Camoa
Location: Adventurer's Rest

Battle Statistics

Objective: Defeat all foes!
Law: Lightning

Total Unit(s): 7
Required Unit(s): Luso
Partner Unit(s): None
Guest Unit(s): Cid, Bangaa Warrior, Lv. 8; Adelle, Hume Thief, Lv. 6

CP Earned: 10
AP Earned: 80
Talent(s) Earned: Teamwork +2, Adaptability +2

Previous Quest: The Yellow Wings
Next Quest: Wanted: Ugohr


Level: 7
Equipment: None
Abilities: Impale: Horn Blow, Horn Venom, Horn Shot; Counter

Deadly Nightshade
Level: 6
Equipment: None
Abilities: Deadly Nightshade: Tomato Fang, Tomato Tackle; Attack Boost

Deadly Nightshade
Level: 5
Equipment: None
Abilities: Deadly Nightshade: Tomato Fang, Tomato Tackle; Defense Boost

Deadly Nightshade
Level: 4
Equipment: None
Abilities: Deadly Nightshade: Tomato Tackle, Green Magick: Blind

Deadly Nightshade
Level: 5
Equipment: None
Abilities: Deadly Nightshade: Tomato Tackle, Green Magick: Silence


At the start of the battle, Cid and Adelle, both uncontrolled by the player, tend to block off the area to the right, with Deadly Nightshades coming up right against them so that no one can pass. It's not too much of a problem, however, since they both have Counter.

Cid has gotten stronger once again, now level 8, and with two extremely useful abilities: the Discipline (White Monk) ability Air Render, which hits distant units and usually does even more damage than normally attacking; and Counter. On the other hand, he tends to use Rend Power#ffta2 sometimes, which is more-or-less useless against the already pretty weak enemies in this battle.

Adelle will rarely attack, and generally tends to try to steal, either items or gil. On the bright side, whatever she steals does go into your inventory. Anyway, she will counter all enemy attacks going her way.

On the enemy side, the Alraune has Counter as well, but its attack is not very strong in general, and Counter would normally do no more than 10 damage.

Be careful that some of the Deadly Nightshade can use Green Magick - Silence and Blind, to be precise. There's a good chance you might take them down before they even use these, but if you don't, they can get annoying.


Luso: Wow!
Just look at this place!
The shops…the people…
I expected it to be different, but this is something else!

Cid: Camoa is an old town. Her shops are full of relics and her streets full of adventurers.
It’s an easy place for us clanners to make a decent living.

Luso: I bet.

Cid: This way, Luso.
A streetear acquaintance of mine works up the hill.

Cid: Lo, Ribs.

Ribs: Ah, if it isn’t Master Cid!
*snort* Been a long time.

Cid: Aye, you’d be surprised. I’m almost respectable these days.
Haven’t had reason of late to visit my shady past.

Ribs: Hra hra! *snort* You’re too kind.
So, Cid, what morsel have you come fishing for today?

Cid: Know any wizards, Ribs?
I don’t mean the street conjurors or their kind.
I’m talking upper-crust.
Someone at the akademy or even a Kiltias…a sorcerer

Ribs: An odd request coming from you, that.
…Aught t’do with the boy, perhaps? *snort*

Luso: …

Cid: I’ll take that as a “no” then. So long, Ribs.

Ribs: Wait, wait. Just so happens I do know someone.

Ribs: A very, very special someone, as it turns out.
Hra hra hra! *snort*

Cid: How special? Name your price.

Ribs: Oh no, no, no. I wouldn’t dream of asking for your gil.
Though, there is one thing you could help me obtain.

Cid: One thing…?

Ribs: A tomato stalk.
Been a shortage lately, you know. Hard to come by.

Cid: So you want us to hunt tomatoes and fetch you a stalk?

Ribs: Hunt tomatoes? …Now that you mention it, I seem to recall seeing a bill at the pub…

Luso: Well why didn’t you say so in the first place! Fine, we’ll get you your stalk.
Let’s go, Cid. We’ll pick those tomatoes and be back in no time.

Cid: You do realize we’re not talking about garden-variety tomatoes, here?

Luso: I don’t care what garden they’re from. Let’s go get ’em.

Cid: *sigh*
I don’t know what you’re up to, but I’ll play along for now.

Ribs: Hra hra! *snort*
Always a pleasure, Master Cid.


Cid: Luso! Haven’t you mastered all there is to know about yer current job yet?
Try a new job for a change.
Who knows, you might even learn somethin’!


Luso: Wow, you weren’t kidding about these tomatoes…
It’s a shame, really.
I kind of like tomatoes.
That is, I used to.
I don’t think I’ll ever be able to eat a tomato again.

Cid: One of the many hazards of our occupation.

Luso: Wait…
Hey, Cid.
Look at that one over there, with the funny head.
That’s a tomato, too?

Cid: Why, that’s an alraune!
Hrrah! Our luck is strong!
The drill off the alraune’s head fetches a pretty price.
Finally, some good news!

Offscreen: Hello there, hunters! Say, you weren’t going to kill all those poor tomatoes, were you?

Luso: Who are you?
Don’t even think about poaching our kill. These tomatoes are ours!

Girl: Poach? Me? Never!

Adelle: I’ll just lend you a hand, for which I expect a reasonable cut, of course.
Money’s tight these days! Why, I was just wondering where tonight’s supper was going to come from.
Is there anything more piteous than a growing girl driven to the brink of starvation?
Think of it as, I don’t know, a good deed?
Pretty please?
Pretty please with suga—

Luso: Um, okay…
What do we do about her, Cid?

Cid: We don’t trust her, for starters.
Still, if we can get that alraune, we could afford to make a small donation to her cause.

Cid: We’ll split the reward four parts to one. No more.

Adelle: Four to one? Why, how generous!
Let’s teach these vegetables some table manners, shall we?


Adelle: It’s been a while since I had a good fight…but it’s worth it for a three to two split!

Luso: Wait a second!
That’s not what we said!

Adelle: Oh right, four to one was it?
And I’ll take the four, of course.
Why, that’s even more for me!

Luso: Eh!?
Four!? You’re the one!


Luso: Ugh. That’s it. As of today, I’m swearing off tomatoes.


Cid: Heh heh heh.
Alraune… Sweet alraune.
I can practically taste the behemoth steak I’m going to buy with my cut.

Luso: Cid, I got that stalk.

Cid: And the alraune drill?
You have it?

Luso: Oh… Huh, funny. I didn’t see one out there.

Cid: Didn’t see—!?
Well look again! I’m not leaving without that drill!

Adelle: Ah, there you are.
I wanted to thank you for the help.
Many hands make light work!

Cid: Look, we’re busy here.
Give us a moment?

Adelle: Take your time.
I was just coming to say good-bye, anyway.

Luso: Huh?
What about your cut?

Adelle: Oh, don’t worry about that.
This alraune drill will do me just fine. They’re quite rare, you know.

Luso: Hey!

Cid: Whaaat!?

Adelle: You’d be surprised how much these little things sell for!
I’ll have more than enough for dinner.
Not to mention those Brint Mea shoes I saw the other day…and maybe a Galmia Pepe bag—they’re to die for!
Oh, I don’t know how to thank you enough! So I’ll just say “thanks”!
Well, time for me to be off!
So long!

Luso: Hey, wai—
Where’d she go!?
I don’t believe it!!!
She ran off with our drill!
Man, I bet she was after that drill from the start…
What a fraud!
We were had, Cid!

Cid: …

Luso: Cid?

Cid: …

Luso: Um, w-well, at least we got the stalk we needed, right?
Let’s go trade it for some information! That’s worth more than some silly old drill, right?

Cid: I…
I’ll kill her! You hear me!?


Ribs: Ah, my tomato stalk, yes! *snort*
Pleasure doing business with you.

Cid: …

Ribs: Not very talkative today, are you?
Ah, I do detect a foul—or perhaps I should say “fouler” mood?

Cid: I’m fine, Ribs. Fine.
Just tell us what you know.

Ribs: Master Cid…your clan is adjudged, yes?

Cid: What of it?

Ribs: *snort*
Judges and laws.
Manifestations of a powerful, unique sort of magick that appeared in our lands centuries ago.
At the time, it was suggested that the lord of this territory, the Archduke Beaudonis, was responsible.
…That he had made his *snort* court magicker weave the first spells.

Cid: Devised as a way to avoid profitless battle and preserve the peace, I know.
I didn’t fetch you that stalk to learn something any schoolchild could tell me!

Ribs: Ah, but would a schoolchild know that the very same court magicker is still alive?

Cid: Faerie tales!

Ribs: Oh, I assure you that high mage Lezaford is no faerie tale.
Though to hear the chroniclers tell it, he’s dead—and they’ve the grave and bones to prove it. *snort*
So why now, hundreds of years later, would there be whispers ’neath every eave of Lezaford’s return?

Cid: Hrrm? Tell me more.

Luso: Yeah. Where do we go to meet this mage guy?

Ribs: Two whispers speak of a northern wood…others of a swamp, and ruins, and—

Luso: Whoa, whoa, whoa! I was hoping for a lead…not a list!

Cid: You know how much trouble we went through to get this stalk!?

Luso: Hey, it’s her!

Cid: The thief!
What’s she doing here?

Luso: Hey, you haven’t heard anything about a freelance headhunter around—a girl?
Wears this ribbon in her hair with little cat ears?
Oh, and she’s a total poacher.
No sense of fair play at all.

Ribs: Ah, hra hra. *snort*
You must mean Adelle.
She gets around, that one.
Got a finger in every pie.
They call her the Cat…

Luso: You know anything else?
Like where she’s going?

Ribs: Hrmm… I did hear of a rather large sum being offered for a particular beastie down at the pub…
Perhaps she’s gone off to take care of that?

Luso: Change of plans, Cid.
Let’s hit the pub!
I’m sure those rumors about the mage guy are just that: rumors.
They can wait, can’t they?
But if we let her go now, we might never catch up to her!

Ribs: Master Cid… Sorry about the mage, but you must admit, I came through with knowledge of Adelle!

Cid: If any of what you said turns out to be true, maybe.

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