Wanted: Ugohr

M005 - Wanted: Ugohr


Wanted: Ugohr, a green-colored shelling, last spotted on Baptiste Hill.

One reported case of injury arising from contact with said beast. Payment to be made by injured party.

Jylland Defenders of the Peace


Quest Notice

Rank: 8
Fee: 200
Repeatable: No

Required Item(s): None
Required Talent(s): None
Recommended for Dispatch: None

Quest Type: Headhunt
Reward(s): 1,650 Gil, Healing Water x4, Holy Stone x3, Moonwood x3
Dispatch: No
Cancellation: No

Destination: Baptiste Hill
Location: Sun-dappled Trail

Battle Statistics

Objective: Defeat Ugohr!
Law: Restoring MP

Total Unit(s): 7
Required Unit(s): Luso
Partner Unit(s): None
Guest Unit(s): Cid, Bangaa Warrior, Lv. 8

CP Earned: 16
AP Earned: 80
Talent(s) Earned: Teamwork +3

Previous Quest: Wanted: The Cyanwolf, You Say Tomato
Next Quest: Wanted: Gilmunto


Normal Enemies

Wolf x2
Level: 11
Equipment: None
Abilities: Maw#ffta2: Fangs; Reveal

Level: 10
Equipment: None
Abilities: Territorialism: Peck; Critical: Quicken

Level: 11
Equipment: None
Abilities: Territorialism: Peck; Critical: Quicken


Great Tortoise
Level: 13
Equipment: None
Abilities: Shell Crush: Headbutt, Sonic Spin, Rain of Stone; Counter, Defense Boost


The first thing you might notice this battle is that Cid is no longer super high leveled. In fact, if you've been doing a lot of quests, it's very possible that the rest of your people are stronger than him now. However, he still is very tough, and won't go down easily.

As with all headhunt quests, you only really need to take down the boss, Ugohr in this case, but if you're bored, feel free to fight the other monsters for loot, and to get them out of the way. They will be a whole lot easier to beat.

Like all other enemies in the shelling family, Ugohr has extremely high defense, but only average resistance. Fight it with magic where possible, and it should go down quickly.

The law shouldn't really be a problem at this point, since you most likely won't have more than the basic spells, anyway, and they cost less MP than what you naturally regain each turn.


Luso: I don’t see our friend anywhere.

Cid: Aye… I daresay she’s heard our foe isn’t to be trifled with.
She’ll show herself once we’ve done all the hard work though, you mark my words.

Luso: Whatever, let’s do what we came to do!


Luso: You think she’s watching us from somewhere?


Luso: Well, the hunt is done.
Want to head back?

Cid: Aye. Though I wish we’d found something of more substantial worth.

Luso: And our friend never showed up, did she.

Adelle: Ha ha! The real treasure was right under their noses all along!

Adelle: Urk!?
Wh-What’s going on!?
I can’t move my legs!

Cid: Hrmm, that rat trap works better than I’d have thought.
Might even serve against monsters.

Luso: I dunno. I think I’d rather save it for rats. I mean, we have living proof it can catch them, right?

Adelle: Just what is the meaning of this!?

Cid: It means I didn’t want you stealing off with what’s ours again.

Luso: Speaking of which…
We’ll be taking that alraune drill back!

Adelle: Ha! That old thing!?
Long since pawned for gil, my friend.

Luso: Not a problem.
We’ll just take the gil and pretend we never met.

Adelle: Nothing would make me happier.
But I’m afraid I’ve already spent the gil.

Luso: You spent it!? All of it!?

Cid: What’s that? Already?
How could you spend so much so quickly!?

Adelle: It’s policy. Why save for tomorrow what I can spend today?
You’re free to have a look at my purse if you like.

Luso: …

Adelle: Now that we all understand each other, mind removing this…this –thing– from my boots?

Cid: We leave, Luso.
I cannot begin to fathom this woman’s prattling.

Luso: Yeah, me neither.

Adelle: H-Hey! I’m still stuck in this—Hey!!!
Great. What am I supposed to do now? Come back, please!!!


Luso: Wow, I’m beat.
Hey Cid, you mind if we rest up a bit before getting back to our wild mage hunt?

Cid: It makes no difference to me.
But…I suspect we’ll hear little more of value from the streetears in this burg.
Even Ribs was offering me chocobo feed.

Luso: So, what now? We quest until we find someone who knows more?

Cid: That’s one possibility.

Luso: You have an idea?

Cid: There’s someone in Graszton—an old friend.
She might know something others do not. Maybe.

Luso: You…don’t sound all that confident, Cid.

Cid: Confidence’s got nothing to do with it.

Adelle: Graszton!
Now we’re talking!

Luso: You!
What are you doing here!?

Adelle: Awh, Luso!
Don’t look so sad.
I’m here because we’re friends! Isn’t it obvious?

Luso: Did you just call me Luso?

Cid: Since when have we been “friends” and how soon can we stop?

Adelle: Cid, please. You know, in my own way, I’m much more valuable than that silly drill.

Luso: Maybe she’s planning on working to pay us back for the drill?

Adelle: Barman!
One fresh Starfruit Surprise, if you’d be so kind.
Oh, and put it on their tab.

Luso: …I guess not.

Cid: Come to see what else she can wring out of us, more like.

Adelle: You know, Graszton has the best confectionary…the cakes there are simply divine!
I’m so glad I’ll be joining you!

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