The Yellow Wings

M003 - The Yellow Wings

Drive off those brigands, the Yellow Wings, before I lose what little business I got left!
They've been squatting the highroads, demanding gil from all what pass by.

If I can't use that highroad, I can't get to Camoa; and if I can't get to Camoa, I'm finished!

Kagran, Merchant


Quest Notice

Rank: 3
Fee: 100
Repeatable: No

Required Item(s): None
Required Talent(s): None
Recommended for Dispatch: None

Quest Type: Battle
Reward(s): 1750 Gil, Lamia Scale x2, Sanative Needle x3, Earth Stone x3
Dispatch: No
Cancellation: No

Destination: Targ Woods
Location: Traveler's Way

Battle Statistics

Objective: Defeat all foes!
Law: Ice

Total Unit(s): 6
Required Unit(s): Luso
Partner Unit(s): Player-controlled non-clan-members.
Guest Unit(s): Cid, Bangaa Warrior, Lv. 6

CP Earned: 6
AP Earned: 80
Talent(s) Earned: Negotiation +1, Teamwork +1

Previous Quest: A Paw Full of Feathers
Next Quest: You Say Tomato


Yellow Wings

Bangaa White Monk
Level: 3
Equipment: Leather Knuckles, Leather Clothing
Abilities: Discipline

Moogle Animist
Level: 3
Equipment: Demon Bell, Leather Clothing
Abilities: Calling: 100% Wool

Viera Archer
Level: 4
Equipment: Shortbow, Leather Clothing
Abilities: Precision: Focus

Nu Mou Black Mage
Level: 3
Equipment: Rod, Hempen Robe
Abilities: Black Magick: Fire, Thunder, Blizzard


Hume Thief
Level: 4
Equipment: Jackknife, Adaman Vest
Abilities: Thievery: Steal Gil#ffta2; Safeguard


This is pretty much an average battle. If you're feeling confident, split up and start smacking things. If you want to play it safe, try to keep together and defeat enemies one by one. At this point, it's fine to just let Cid do what he wants as long as he doesn't get completely mobbed, since he's a few levels higher and better defended than the rest of your units. Concentrate your healing on your mages, thieves, and other squishier units.

Kidd, the leader of the Yellow Wings, is not any harder than the other units, but annoying in that he will try to steal your gil fairly often, and you likely don't even have much of it at this point.

The Black Mage is not any stronger than the other units, per se, but be careful in that he can target areas. However, he's extremely slow, so he's not really much of a threat anyway.

The Archer might also be an annoyance. She likes attacking from far off, as per usual for archers, and might slowly whittle down your HP uncontested unless you send someone to chase after her. She's not much of a problem either otherwise, as even though she uses Focus, she only does as much damage with it as another unit would without it, and it wastes one of her turns.


Blue Mage: My route is blocked?
Whatever do you mean?

Hunter: Bandits on the highroad.
Several merchant caravans reported attacks between here and Camoa.

Illusionist: Purely profit seekers, I hear.
They let those who offer up the goods and gil they want to go free.
Little good it does us without two coins to rub together.

Hunter: And that’s the only highroad out of this place.

Cid: Bandits, hrrah?
Their timing couldn’t be worse.

Luso: Why’s that?

Cid: I had a mind to take that highroad to Camoa.
I’m tired of scratching around in the dirt here for scraps of information.

Luso: If there are bandits on the road, why not bring ’em in?
We can teach them a lesson and open the road… Two birds with one stone.

Cid: It’ll take more than a stone to put that lot in their place, but I don’t see as we have a choice.

Luso: Hey, maybe someone’s posted a reward for getting rid of them in the pub, too!
Better get there quick before someone else has the same idea!


Cid: I’ll have a look into this journal of yours on my own.
While I’m away, you’ll have to quest without me…but I’m sure it’s nothing you can’t handle.
Don’t worry, I’ll come back if you need me for anything particularly important. Be safe.


Thief: Hail, travelers!
Passing this way? You’re prepared to pay, I trust.

Luso: Pay? But we’re just walking.
When people pay, they usually get something in return.

Thief: How about your lives!?
Don’t tell me you’ve not heard of our band, the Yellow Wings!

Luso: Ring any bells, Cid?

Cid: Not a one.

Thief: Fools!
Hand over the coin, or we’ll exact a higher price…in blood!
Not that you look like you’ve more than a pint in you, runt.

Luso: I like my gil and my blood right where they are, thanks.
What do you say we show these guys just who rules the roads, huh, Cid?


Luso: Don’t judge an enemy by his size!


Cid: Well, now that the bandits are taken care of, we’re free to make for Camoa.

Luso: This will be my first big town in Ivalice…
I can’t wait!

Cid: Stay close once we arrive.
I don’t want to spend all day looking for a lost lamb.

Luso: No problems! I’m good at remembering streets. I’ll just take a quick tour…

Cid: A tour? Have you forgotten why we go to Camoa in the first place?

Luso: To find out more about the journal! You didn’t think I’d forget that!

Cid: Sometimes, I wonder.

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