Stranger in the Woods

M001 - Stranger in the Woods

Monster in Targ Wood!

We hunters of the village tried to stop 'im, to no avail. Somebody do something', please! You don't need to kill 'im, just drivin' 'im off will do.

Heriward, Wood Village Hunter


Quest Notice

Rank: 1
Fee: 100
Days: —-
Repeatable: No

Required Item(s): None
Required Talent(s): None
Recommended for Dispatch: None

Quest Type: Defeat Mark
Reward(s): 250 Gil, Gikhet Lead x2, Faren Pollen x2
Dispatch: No
Cancellation: No

Destination: Targ Wood
Location: Targ Wood

Battle Statistics

Objective: Defeat Klesta!
Law: Ranged Weapons

Total Unit(s): 4
Required Unit(s): Luso
Partner Unit(s): Viera White Mage, Lv. 3; Nu Mou Black Mage, Lv. 2
Guest Unit(s): Cid, Bangaa Warrior, Lv. 3

CP Earned: 2
AP Earned: 80
Talent(s) Earned: Negotiation +1, Adaptability +1

Previous Quest: None.
Next Quest: A Paw Full of Feathers


Normal Enemies

Level: 1
Equipment: None
Abilities: Territorialism: Peck

Level: 1
Equipment: None
Abilities: Territorialism: Peck


Level: 3
Equipment: None
Abilities: Territorialism: Peck, Territorial Marking


This is a pretty simple battle. The White Mage teaches you how to move, and you can move her; then the Black Mage teaches you how to use magick, and instructs you to use Fire against Klesta. Cid moves by himself, and there's nothing much you can do except hope he doesn't do anything stupid; and you can move Luso, but he won't be able to do anything except attack and use items.

As far as the two mages go, as the White Mage explains, selecting "Wait" without moving or attacking — or doing only one of the two — gives you a shorter delay before that unit's next turn. As magick has a long range, a good idea in general is to have White Mages wait somewhere not too far from your units so that they are ready when you need healing; and to position Black Mages somewhere where they can cast a few times without moving so as to reduce delay.

Keep in mind, as well, that most magick will affect the targeted space and all adjacent spaces. You can use that to your advantage to attack or heal more than one unit, but you should be careful not to attack your own unit or heal the enemies inadvertently.

Cid will be the one taking the most damage during this battle, as he likes to go up close to Klesta, where she can attack him all she likes. Make sure you keep the White Mage ready to heal him.

Klesta's Peck does around 50 damage to one unit, and her Territorial Marking does around 40 damage to units adjacent to targeted space. The Cockatrices do about 9 damage, but are faster than Klesta. All of them take around 30 damage from either Cid or Luso's attacks or the Black Mage's spells.

The Cockatrices, with 77 HP each, do not need to be defeated, and are there purely to annoy. Klesta, despite the mission objective, does not need to be and cannot be defeated — she will fly away when she is taken to lower than around 150 HP.

The law is a complete freebie in this mission, likely used to just give you a longbow. It is quite impossible to break, as none of your units can even equip ranged weapons.


Summer vacation’s so close I can taste it.

I’m out that door as soon as the teacher stops talking.

Summer homework: keep a journal.
That’s not too bad.

Better write my name on my notebook before I forget.

[Name your character.]
[Default name: Luso]
[Proceed with "Luso"?]

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not crazy about homework. Just, it could be worse.

And I can already guess what my first entry’s going to be:

“Summer Vacation, Day 1: Aunt chewed me out. Grounded for a week.”

Maybe this journal thing’s not such a great idea after all.

Oh, we got another assignment due today: “My Summer Vacation.”

We’re supposed to write our goals for the summer. Well, here goes…

My Summer Vacation

1. This summer, I’m going to…
A. Hang out with my friends!
B. Play video games non-stop!
C. Study for next year!

2. As a personal goal, I want to…
A. Be able to swim half a mile!
B. Get my warrior to level 75!
C. Learn a foreign language!

3. Next year, I promise not to…
A. Misbehave in class.
B. Oversleep in the morning.
C. Let my dog eat my homework.

[“I promise not to misbehave in class…”

…Or at least not get caught, hehe.]


[“I promise not to oversleep in the morning…”

…So I’ll just sleep in till the afternoon.]


[“I promise not to let my dog eat my homework…”

Maybe I can find a cat….]

Heh, that all sounds pretty convincing.
Summer vacation, here I come!

…Not that I have any idea what I’m doing this summer.

But, I guess not having any expectations isn’t all bad.

I mean, whatever ends up happening, it’ll be a surprise!


“There’s the bell.”

“Have a good summer.”

“Class dismissed!”

Mr. Blair: Not you, Luso Clemens!
Sorry, but your vacation doesn’t start quite yet.
Your friends are going home, but you’re going straight to the library, young man.

Luso: Aw, c’mon, Mr. Blair! Why?

Mr. Blair: Think about it.

Luso: Mmmmm…
Done. I got nothing.

Mr. Blair: Let’s take a trip down memory lane…to this morning!
When you were late to my class for the—how many times is it now?

Luso: That would be…
I don’t know.

Mr. Blair: Enough times that you’ve forgotten, apparently!
You’re not a bad student by any means.
But, occasionally, you require a little…correction, shall we say.
Which is why, I have decided to put you in charge of cleaning up the library.
Maybe a little straightening up there will help straighten you out, too.

Luso: Look, I see what you’re trying to do here. But the last day of school? You’ve gotta be kidding!
I mean, it’s summer vacation!

Mr. Blair: Vacations are to be earned.
And you’ve got a lot of earning to do, my boy.
Mr. Randell’s down in the library.
Don’t keep him waiting.

Luso: …

Mr. Blair: And don’t even think about loafing off or sneaking out.
Not unless you want me to pay a visit to your house.

Luso: …Yes, Mr. Blair.
Well, see ya! Oh, and I hope you have a really, really great summer vacation.


Luso: Huh?
I thought Mr. Randell was supposed to be here.

Luso: Check out that book!
It looks older than Mr. Blair!

Luso: Wonder what it’s about?
The pictures are pretty cool.

Luso: Huh?
That’s funny. The book just stops halfway through.
The pages are all blank!

Luso: Let’s see what the last page with writing on it says…
“One is fated to fill these barren pages. Know you his name?”
“Know you his name”…? What’s with all the backwards words?
Well, I never pass up a chance to write in a library book!
I’ll tell you his name!
“His name is…”
…“Luso Clemens!”


Cid: Oi, oi.
What have we here?

Cid: Why is it always the vicious ones that pay the worst?
250 gil is barely enough to pay for our time sweeping up the feathers when we’re done.
What, you hungry? Sorry, but I’ve got higher aspirations than becoming chicken feed.
Hop to it then!

Luso: M-Mr. Randell!?
Not Mr. Randell!!!

Cid: You there!

Luso: Ack!
Who are you!? You’re n-not even human!

Cid: Calm yourself, stranger.
We’ll protect you, if you’ll let us.
Join our clan now if you care to live. I hardly need to spell out the alternative.

Luso: Join your what!?

Cid: Our clan.
You may be injured, but if you are in our clan, you will not die.

Luso: Why should I trust you?

Luso: Yikes!

Cid: Because I can guarantee you’ll get no such offer from him!

Luso: O-Okay, what do I do?

Cid: Swear your oath to the Judge.
Say you’ll join the clan!

Luso: That’s…a judge?

Cid: Quickly, before the beast has time to act!

Luso: Hey, um, Judge!
I swear the oath!
Let me in the clan!

Luso: Woah, check it out!

Cid: Ah, he’s brought the little ones along to feed.
Stand back, stranger, we’ll hand this lot.
Ready yourselves!

Luso: You’re going to fight them?

Cid: Once you stand back as I’ve told you, yes.

Luso: Hey, let me take a swing at them!
I swore my oath. That means I can’t die, right?

Cid: Harrumph! Spoken like a true greenhorn!
No, you will not die, but get a beak in your eye and you might wish you had.

Luso: Well, I didn’t mean I’d go in first or anything. And I’m no fan of getting beaked…
But I won’t just stand here while you do all the hard work.
C’mon, let me fight!

Cid: Hrm… I did not intend to make you fight when I invited you to join us, however…
You promise to do exactly as I say?

Luso: Promise!

Cid: Then you may fight.
I am Cid. And you are?

Luso: Luso.

Cid: Very well, Luso. We begin!


White Mage: If you are to fight with us..
…it is best that I first explain to you your role.
In combat, speed is essential.
The swift moves first.
The sluggish, never.
You will find, while my words may come slow, my feet move quick.
Know this: in battle, we fight not only our foes, but the terrain as well.
Master it, and move well…
or your sword will eat only air.

White Mage: When it comes time to move, move swiftly, but do not rush to strike.
Sometimes holding your ground is the prudent course…and your next action will come sooner.
There is another thing you should know.
Those of different blood and different calling move differently as well. Some are swift, some not so.

Black Mage: Allow me to explain “Actions”.
There are many actions one might take on the field of battle.
Whether it be the simple thrust of a blade, or an ability learned through one’s job.
As a black mage, I use black magick.
I will show you one suck magick called “fire.”

Black Mage: Would that I could use magick whenever it pleased me.
Alas, all things have a cost.
Magick is no exception.
Thankfully, the energies spent in casting are renewed over time.

Cid: Oh, and Luso—
Just so you know,—I’m the one who decides what I do.
Think of me as a “guest” in your midst.
I might not take orders, but we’re on the same side. Try not to forget that in the heat of battle!


Luso: Yeah! That wasn’t so bad!


Cid: A job well done.
Clan, back to town!

Luso: Um, Cid?
Do you think you could, erm…

Cid: Do not worry. I didn’t invite you to join our clan just to abandon you in the wild.

Luso: You mean you’ll take me with you?
I got so caught up in the fight, I kind of forgot…
But now that I think of it, I don’t have any idea where I am.

Cid: And I have questions to ask of you.
Beginning with how you managed to appear from the empty skies.

Luso: Ah…
I kind of skipped lunch today…

Cid: Ha ha ha!
Very well. First order of business is to go home and eat.
Then, we talk.


Cid: …So you wrote your name in the old book, there was a flash of light, and you dropped in on our fight.

Luso: Hey, I was more surprised than you were. Finding myself in the middle of the woods…
…with that chicken thing and you, Cid… I mean, you’re not human!
Or a “hume”, was it?
Here, I thought I was off to clean a library.

Cid: Ah, but you adapted quick…
or perhaps it’s just that you lack a healthy sense of danger.
I’ve never seen someone eat so well after battle!

Luso: Hey, what can I say?
When you gotta eat, you gotta eat!

Cid: Apparently so.
But I’ve changed the subject.
You…came here, to our world of Ivalice from somewhere not of Ivalice.
Through that book of yours.

Luso: Um, yeah, that’s about the size of it…
So…how do I get back?
My aunt worries if I’m half an hour late home from school.
I have to find a way back.

Cid: I took you in, I’ll help you find a way back.
Back to your world.

Luso: You will?

Cid: I will, lad.
I expected as much when we took you into the clan.

Luso: Well, thanks, Cid!
I guess I’ll do what I can to help the clan out until we find a way back.
You gotta admit, I pulled my weight back there in the woods, huh?
If I’m stuck here for a while, I might as well enjoy it.
I wouldn’t mind seeing a bit of this Ivalice place.

Cid: As I said, utterly headless of danger.

Luso: Heh, I try.
So all the people here are in the clan?

Luso: Hey, I’m Luso.
Thanks for letting me join your…
Um, Cid…
Does this clan have a name?
It must. C’mon, tell me!

[Name your clan.]
[Default name: Gully]
[Proceed with Clan "Gully"?]

Cid: We’re Clan Gully.
Not that it’s a name many know.

Luso: Right, well…
I’m Luso Clemens.
A, uh, proud member of Clan Gully!
Thanks for taking me.
I hope I don’t slow you down too much.

Luso: So, do clans do much else other than fight monsters?

Cid: You’ll find that most work falls along those lines…
but there are other things.
Available jobs, which we call “quests”, are posted at the local pub.
There’ll be time enough to show you this later.

Luso: You mean we’re done for the day?

Cid: That’s right. There’s your welcoming party to attend to, after all.

Luso: Huh?

Cid: Barman!
Refreshments for all!

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