Reagent Run

S186 - Reagent Run

The muskmallow, favored herb for treatment of ague, is again in season. Seeking herbalists to venture into Targ Wood and procure a supply.
No previous experience required.

Jylland Apothecary's League


Quest Notice

Rank: 8
Fee: 200
Days: 20
Repeatable: Yes

Required Item(s): None
Required Talent(s): Aptitude 2, Adaptability 4
Recommended for Dispatch: None

Quest Type: Satisfy Petitioner
Reward(s): 1580 Gil, Cactus Fruit x3, Nepenthis x1, Spruce x3
Dispatch: Yes
Cancellation: Yes

Destination: Targ Wood
Location: Muskmallow Field

Battle Statistics

Objective: Collect a sample of muskmallow!
Law: Knockbacks

Total Unit(s): 6
Required Unit(s): None
Partner Unit(s): None
Guest Unit(s): None

CP Earned: 16
AP Earned: 30
Talent(s) Earned: Aptitude +1

Previous Quest: None
Next Quest: None


Level: 6
Equipment: Leather Clothing
Abilities: Taktak: Magick Hammer; Archer's Bane

Level: 5
Equipment: None
Abilities: Maw: Summon Pack, Fangs

Level: 6
Equipment: None
Abilities: Maw: Summon Pack, Fangs

Level: 7
Equipment: None
Abilities: Enticement: War Dance, Hip Attack

Level: 7
Equipment: None
Abilities: Enticement: Hip Attack; Counter


You can either avoid the monsters and search the shining points, or kill the monsters first and search the points after, or do both at the same time, it doesn't matter. The battle will end once you find the muskmallow.

As far as Arivess knows, the muskmallow will always be in the last point you search.

Be careful of the law — critical hits count as knockbacks, and you can't control them. The best way to ensure you follow this law is to make sure you hit things against something else, or in a hollow, so that they can't be knocked back.

On a different note, dreamhares (and others in its family) are weak against fire. Feel free to roast them.


Baknamy: Rnak… Rnak…

Player: Monsters…
Why am I not surprised?
Looks like this herb hunt won’t be a walk in the park.

Baknamy: Rnaak!

Player: Not gonna get any help from him. Better start looking.
It’s gotta be in one of these clumps of grass…
Only one way to find out!


[You search the stand of grass…
…and find a sprig of touch-me-not!
Your hands start to itch.]

[You search the stand of grass…
…and find a steaming pile of wolf dung!
Your hands smell…unpleasant.]

[You search the stand of grass…
…and find a clump of wild slimeroot!
Thick goo covers your hands.]

[You search the stand of grass…
…and find a muskmallow!]

Player: This is what we came for.
A bitter weed, but the apothecaries would have it no other way.

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