Negotiation I

Negotiation I

Clan Trial - Negotiation I

Title Benefits:
Raises Negotiation

Negotiation must exceed 1

*Obtaining titles confers new clan privileges.

Trial Administration Guild


Quest Notice

Rank: 10
Fee: 10 CP
Days: 20
Repeatable: Yes

Required Item(s): None
Required Talent(s): Negotiation 1
Recommended for Dispatch: None

Quest Type: Meet Objectives
Reward(s): Empowered Nu Mou (Hagglers), Luck 2 (Barterers), Luck 3 (Orators)
Dispatch: No
Cancellation: Yes

Destination: Camoa
Location: Dias Plain

Battle Statistics

Objective: Uphold the law and defeat all foes!
Law: Targeting Distant Units

Total Unit(s): 6
Required Unit(s): Luso
Partner Unit(s): None
Guest Unit(s): None

CP Earned: None
AP Earned: None
Talent(s) Earned: See script

Previous Quest: None
Next Quest: None


Level: 9-12
Equipment: None
Abilities: Enticement: War Dance, Hip Attack, Illude


There are five different levels of this trial, each progressively harder, with better rewards. The trials for the first (Hagglers), third (Barterers), and fifth (Orators) titles will award [[Clan Privileges of Grimoire of the Rift|Clan Privileges]] upon successful completion. The Negotiations titles will also give price reductions in stores and pubs (see script below for amount), but only while they are in effect — ie, before you do a different trial and earn a different title.

The battle conditions are as follows:

Hagglers: 2 Dreamhares

Intermediaries: 3 Dreamhares

Barterers: 4 Dreamhares

Brokers: 5 Dreamhares, defeat in 4 rounds

Orators: 6 Dreamhares, defeat in 3 rounds

As the dreamhares are all levels 9-12, it shouldn't be hard to defeat them. However, they are very fast and very annoying. Their biggest threat is Illude, which has around a 50% chance of charming your units, which will take them out of your control until they are hit, or it wears off in a number of turns. That in itself is already annoying, but if your units have any long-range attacks or abilities, they might well use them, and thus break the law. You have to finish the battle while keeping the law to complete the trial. If you're lucky, the bunnies might smack the charmed character for you.

If you have or can learn Counter, it's a good idea to use it; it will make your battle go a lot faster.

Be careful of critical hits! If you knock something back with a critical hit (speaking of which, don't use knockback moves), it counts as targeting something more than a space away. As much as possible, try to hit things into other things, or use special abilities instead of the normal "attack" command.


Judge: You stand upon the clan trial proving grounds for Negotiation I.
There are five clan titles associated with this phase of your training.
I will administer a trial suitable in difficulty with the title you wish to bear.
The more prestigious the title, the more arduous the trial.
Choose with care.

[Select the title you’d like to earn.]

[Hagglers: +3 Negotiation, -3 Aptitude
Quest Fees –1%, Item Prices –1%

Intermediaries: +6 Negotiation, -4 Aptitude
Quest Fees –2%, Item Prices –2%

Barterers: +9 Negotiation, -5 Aptitude
Quest Fees –3%, Item Prices –3%

Brokers: +12 Negotiation, -6 Aptitude
Quest Fees –4%, Item Prices –4%

Orators: +15 Negotiation, -7 Aptitude
Quest Fees –5%, Item Prices –5%]

Judge: A new clan privilege awaits you should you successfully complete the trial.
(Note: Only if you haven’t yet obtained the clan privilege associated with that title.)

Judge: Very well.
Hear now the trial to earn the title of [title you chose].
You must slay [number varies] enemies while upholding the law against targeting distant units.

Luso: Still time to change my mind…
-On with the trial!
-Choose another title.

Judge: So be it.

Judge: Let the trial begin!


Judge: Well done.
Clan Gully will henceforth be known as [title]!
But do not rest on these laurels. Still greater trials await.

[You earned the title of

[You obtained a new clan privilege:

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