Kyrra, Dragoon

S192 - Kyrra, Dragoon

There's trouble brewing in Targ Wood!

Came across a young bangaa run afoul of a band of ne'er-do-wells. Thinking I'd be little good against so many, I ran, hoping to find some as might defend him well and proper.

Ksava, Woodcutter


Quest Notice

Rank: 7
Fee: 200
Days: 20
Repeatable: No

Required Item(s): None
Required Talent(s): Negotiation 4, Teamwork 4
Recommended for Dispatch: None

Quest Type: Escort
Reward(s): 690 Gil, Xergis Tin x3, Wool x1, Animal Bone x3
Dispatch: No
Cancellation: Yes

Destination: Targ Wood
Location: Targ Wood

Battle Statistics

Objective: Protect Kyrra and defeat all foes!
Law: Targeting an Area

Total Unit(s): 7
Required Unit(s): None
Partner Unit(s): None
Guest Unit(s): Kyrra, Bangaa Dragoon, Lv. 4

CP Earned: 14
AP Earned: 30
Talent(s) Earned: None

Previous Quest: None
Next Quest: None

Bangaa White Monk
Level: 6
Equipment: Metal Knuckles, Leather Clothing
Abilities: Discipline: Air Render, Roundhouse; Critical: Berserk

Bangaa White Monk
Level: 4
Equipment: Leather Clothing
Abilities: Discipline: Roundhouse

Bangaa White Monk
Level: 2
Equipment: Leather Clothing
Abilities: Discipline

Bangaa Warrior
Level: 4
Equipment: Samson Sword, Linen Cuirass
Abilities: Art of War: Rend Power, Rend Magick

Bangaa Warrior
Level: 2
Equipment: Shortsword, Linen Cuirass
Abilities: Art of War


Despite the low level of the enemies, this battle could prove difficult depending on your luck, the main reasons being Kyrra, the dragoon you have to keep alive, and the law.

Slightly different from the implied meaning of the law, which seems to prohibit actually targeting more than one unit, the law actually forbids any area-target attacks, even if it only affects one unit. In other words, you won't be able to use White Magick to heal. And Kyrra will almost certainly need healing.

Kyrra will most likely be a liability rather than an aid, as his level is just as low as the enemies, and he likes using Jump and only Jump. Jump, despite its around-50% hit rate, actually hits around 5% of the time unless you're extremely lucky. If it does hit, however, it's a great help, and will almost kill your enemies in one hit.


Kyrra: …

White Monk: Quite a spear you have there.
You think to spit your enemies on it?
Hra hra hra!
Small wonder you hide beneath a helm. I’d be ashamed to wield that pig-sticker meself!

Player: That must be the bangaa who’s in trouble.

Kyrra: Spear and helm are part and parcel of the dragoon—a prouder group of warriors ye’ll nae find!
Yammer on about me as ye like, but I’ll not have ye drag the name of dragoon through yer filth!

White Monk: Hear that, lads?
A dragoon, he says.
Let’s show him what we think of him and his dragoons!

Player: We have to help him!


Player: That’s all of ’em!
You okay?

Kyrra: Did I ask fer yer help?
I’d have sent the lot of ’em packing, yer help or nae!

Player: Some gratitude!
Would it kill you to say thanks!?

Kyrra: It’s nae so simple as that…
I-I’ve never been much good at the old gratitude, see.
What say I teach ye to fight like a dragoon?
By way of thanks, I mean.
Ye have the look of a hunter.
Our methods will serve yer kind well.

[The Dragoon job is now available!]

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