Green Dominion

S175 - Green Dominion

There's talk of a strange group gathering in Targ Wood. They stand in a circle chanting of a "green dominion" and something they call a "Njrg." Look into this, and see what they're about.

Domis Streetears


Quest Notice

Rank: 2
Fee: 100
Days: 20
Repeatable: No

Required Item(s): None
Required Talent(s): Teamwork 3, Adaptability 3
Recommended for Dispatch: None

Quest Type: Battle
Reward(s): 370 Gil, Xergis Tin x4, Gikhet Lead x3, Birch x2
Dispatch: No
Cancellation: Yes

Destination: Targ Wood
Location: Targ Wood

Battle Statistics

Objective: Defeat all foes!
Law: Reaction Abilities

Total Unit(s): 6
Required Unit(s): None
Partner Unit(s): None
Guest Unit(s): None

CP Earned: 4
AP Earned: 30
Talent(s) Earned:

Previous Quest: None
Next Quest: None


Miss Midori
Viera Green Mage
Level: 3
Equipment: Hempen Robe, Druid Mace*
Abilities: Green Magick: Blind*, Sleep*; Spellbound*

Miss Midori x3
Viera Green Mage
Level: 4
Equipment: Hempen Robe
Abilities: Green Magick

Note: One of the Miss Midoris, randomized at the start of the battle, will have the equipment and abilities marked with *.


Don't get confused by the four nearly identical Green Mages. One of them, chosen at random, will have a Druid Mace equipped, and be able to cast Blind and Sleep, and that is the only one who is really a threat. Blind and Sleep are area-casting, and while their accuracy is low, they can be a big pain if you're unlucky. Take her down first, heal up if your healers aren't sleeping, and then pick off the rest.

If you take this quest as soon as it becomes available (after completion of A Paw Full of Feathers), this is probably your first time in Targ Wood after your very first battle. You will want the fancy treasure chest on the upper-left side of the map. It appears once in most of the locations — once meaning that if you get it, you won't the next time you're in that area. The contents of chests are randomized as well, but generally contain somewhat better items than normal chests.

This is also probably the first time you're in a battle that requires maneuvering over water. If you've played Tactics Advance before, the water system works slightly differently in this game. Attacking in water is normal for most races, however Nu Mou and Moogles can't enter water at all unless they have Winged Boots equipped, so just keep that in mind.

If you're doing this quest near the start, you shouldn't have to worry about the law, either, as you probably won't have any reaction abilities yet.


Green Mage: Njrg, njrg…
Elom njrg…
Green Dominion…

Player: Those have to be the ones we’re after.
Sounds like they’re chanting a spell.
Um, hey!
What exactly are you doing over there?

Green Mage: Green Dominion, heed us.
Njrg, njrg. Grant us your power.

Green Mage: Who can concentrate with this noise!? The incantation is ruined!
How close we’d come to divining a new magick…
You will pay the price for disrupting these rites!

Player: What did you expect, chanting some creepy magick in the middle of the woods?


Green Mage: I am beaten.
Not yet has our power grown to maturity.
Forgive us our anger.
Fully a day we’d spent preparing, only to have all come to naught.
I go contrite.
Let me share the wisdom of the green mage with you.
Each month we come to this place to study the art of these magicks.
Join us, should you like.

Player: That’s, uh…nice of you to offer, but I think I’ll probably pass.

[The Green Mage job is now available!]

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