Aptitude I

Aptitude I

Clan Trial - Aptitude I

Title Benefits:
Raises Aptitude

Aptitude must exceed 1

*Obtaining titles confers new clan privileges.

Trial Administration Guild


Quest Notice

Rank: 10
Fee: 10 CP
Days: 20
Repeatable: Yes

Required Item(s): None
Required Talent(s): Aptitude 1
Recommended for Dispatch: None

Quest Type: Meet Objectives
Reward(s): Empowered Bangaa (Grease Monkeys), Power Boost 2 (Machinists), Power Boost 3 (Dab Hands)
Dispatch: No
Cancellation: Yes

Destination: Targ Wood
Location: Targ Wood

Battle Statistics

Objective: Find the winning barrel in # rounds!
Law: Attack

Total Unit(s): 3
Required Unit(s): Luso
Partner Unit(s): None
Guest Unit(s): None

CP Earned: 0
AP Earned: 0
Talent(s) Earned: See script

Previous Quest: None
Next Quest: None


This isn't a particularly difficult trial except for the last title.

The conditions are as follows:

Grease Monkeys: 4 barrels close together, find within 3 rounds

Apprentices: 4 barrels far apart, find within 4 rounds

Machinists: 6 barrels close together, find within 3 rounds

Technicians: 6 barrels far apart, find within 4 rounds

Dab Hands: 6 barrels far apart, find within 2 rounds

For the first four titles, you should be able to reach all the barrels in time, as long as you pick relatively fast units. You can only have 3 characters in total, and Luso has to be one, so he might well be a liability if he's slow, although you have access to the clan trials pretty early on, so if you started them right when you got them, it shouldn't make too big of a difference anyway.

If you have Ninja Tabis, give them to the units you'll use here. If you have either of the Move Boost clan privileges, use them. If you're doing this trial close to when it first appears, you likely won't have either, but the Speed Boost clan privilege should help a little.

As stated, you should be able to get to all the barrels in time anyway in all the titles except for the last. If you do this trial around when it first appears, it is practically impossible to get to all the barrels in time. The best way to go about it is to just save before you try, check as many barrels as you can, and hope you get lucky. Otherwise, you can always wait until you're faster and/or have Ninja Tabis or Move Boosts.


Judge: You stand upon the clan trial proving grounds for Aptitude I.
There are five clan titles associated with this phase of your training.
I will administer a trial suitable in difficulty to the title you wish to bear.
The more prestigious the title, the more arduous the trial.
Choose with care.

[Select the title you’d like to earn.]

[Grease Monkeys: +4 Aptitude, -3 Negotiation

Apprentices: +7 Aptitude, -4 Negotiation

Machinists: +10 Aptitude, -5 Negotiation

Technicians: +13 Aptitude, -6 Negotiation

Dab Hands: +16 Aptitude, -7 Negotiation]

Judge: A new clan privilege awaits you should you successfully complete the trial.
(Note: Only if you haven’t yet obtained the clan privilege associated with that title.)

Judge: Very well.
Hear now the trial to earn the title of [title you chose].
Examine the four barrels on the proving grounds and find the “winning” barrel in [number] rounds.

Luso: Still time to change my mind…
-On with the trial!
-Choose another title.

Judge: So be it.

Judge: Let the trial begin!


Judge: Well done.
Clan Gully will henceforth be known as [title]!
But do not rest on these laurels. Still greater trials await.

[You earned the title of

[You obtained a new clan privilege:

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