Adaptability I

Adaptability I

Clan Trial - Adaptability I

Title Benefits:
Raises Adaptability

Adaptability must exceed 1

*Obtaining titles confers new clan privileges.

Trial Administration Guild


Quest Notice

Rank: 10
Fee: 10 CP
Days: 20
Repeatable: Yes

Required Item(s): None
Required Talent(s): Adaptability 1
Recommended for Dispatch: None

Quest Type: Meet Objectives
Reward(s): Empowered Moogles (Scouts), Agility Boost 2 (Surveyors), Agility Boost 3 (Mimics)
Dispatch: No
Cancellation: Yes

Destination: Camoa
Location: Dias Plain

Battle Statistics

Objective: Drive off all foes in # rounds!
Law: Fire, Ice, Lightning

Total Unit(s): 6
Required Unit(s): Luso
Partner Unit(s): None
Guest Unit(s): None

CP Earned: 0
AP Earned: 0
Talent(s) Earned: See Script

Previous Quest: None
Next Quest: None


Red Marshmallow
Level: 15
Equipment: None
Abilities: Metamorphosis: Acid; Black Magick: Fira, Firaga; Reflex; Archmage


This one is possibly the easiest out of all the clan trials. It starts off seeming like a normal battle as the Judge summons Red Marshmallows, but you are forbidden to use Fire, Ice, or Lightning. In addition, the Judge tells you to use "whatever means you deem necessary", and they really mean that.

The objective of this trial is not to fight the Marshmallows, but to use the "Experiment" option that comes up when you stand next to them in order to get rid of them.

At the start — and every time after you defeat an enemy — one Marshmallow will do a motion. That one will be your target. There are a total of three motions it can do, and three options you can choose from the "Experiment" menu.

They match up as follows:

Threaten: The Marshmallow does a kind of spin with a small hop at the end.

Surprise: The Marshmallow leans backwards with a small flail.

Stare Down: The Marshmallow twirls. Note that this one does not have a hop.

When you do the correct motion, the game will say "The enemy turns tail and flees", and the Marshmallow will leave the field. If there are more remaining, the next one will do its motion.

The number of Marshmallows you face and the number of rounds in which you must drive them off depend on the title you choose:

Scouts: 1 Red Marshmallow, drive off in 4 rounds

Observers: 1 Red Marshmallow, drive off in 3 rounds

Surveyors: 2 Red Marshmallow, drive off in 4 rounds

Imitators: 2 Red Marshmallow, drive off in 3 rounds

Mimics: 3 Red Marshmallow, drive off in 3 rounds

You should be able to finish well within the time limit. If you're having trouble making it in time, consider doing some of the Teamwork trials to get your Speed Boost Clan Privilege.


Judge: You stand upon the clan trial proving grounds for Adaptability I.
There are five clan titles associated with this phase of your training.
I will administer a trial suitable in difficulty to the title you wish to bear.
The more prestigious the title, the more arduous the trial.
Choose with care.

[Select the title you’d like to earn.]

[Scouts: +4 Adaptability, -3 Teamwork

Observers: +7 Adaptability, -4 Teamwork

Surveyors: +10 Adaptability, -5 Teamwork

Imitators: +13 Adaptability, -6 Teamwork

Mimics: +16 Adaptability, -7 Teamwork]

Judge: A new clan privilege awaits you should you successfully complete the trial.
(Note: Only if you haven’t yet obtained the clan privilege associated with that title.)

Judge: Very well.
Hear now the trial to earn the title of [title you chose].
You must drive off # enemy(ies) in # rounds of combat.
Use whatever means you deem necessary. I care not.

Luso: Still time to change my mind…
-On with the trial!
-Choose another title.

Judge: So be it.

Judge: Let the trial begin!


Judge: Well done.
Clan Gully will henceforth be known as [title]!
But do not rest on these laurels. Still greater trials await.

[You earned the title of

[You obtained a new clan privilege:

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