A Paw Full of Feathers

M002 - A Paw Full of Feathers

What's in the woods? Wolves, that's what! And my chocobos are so put out, they're molting early. Somebody, rid us of these horrible howlers!

Chocobo Corral "Sasasha"


Quest Notice

Rank: 2
Fee: 100
Days: —-
Repeatable: No

Required Item(s): None
Required Talent(s): None
Recommended for Dispatch: None

Quest Type: Battle
Reward(s): 1050 Gil, Snake Skin x2, Tiny Mushrooms x2, Fresh Water x4
Dispatch: No
Cancellation: No

Destination: Targ Wood
Location: Muskmallow Field

Battle Statistics

Objective: Defeat all foes!
Law: Fire

Total Unit(s): 6
Required Unit(s): Luso
Partner Unit(s): None
Guest Unit(s): Cid, Bangaa Warrior, Lv. 4

CP Earned: 4
AP Earned: 80
Talent(s) Earned: Teamwork +1, Adaptability +1

Previous Quest: Stranger in the Woods
Next Quest: The Yellow Wings


Level: 4
Equipment: Leather Clothing
Abilities: Taktak: Goblin Attack; Geomancy

Wolf x2
Level: 3
Equipment: None
Abilities: Maw: Fangs


This battle is actually easier than the first one. The controls might take getting used to, but the enemies are easy despite being a higher level than your units. Just try to attack them from the sides and back for added damage, and try to protect your back.

It might be a good idea to bring a White Mage, but it's really not necessary if you know what you're doing. You should be able to take everything down without sustaining too much damage. If you do bring one, Cure heals roughly the same amount as all enemies' damage here.

As per the law, be careful not to cast Fire if you bring your Black Mage. Thunder and Blizzard do the same damage, anyway, even if Fire is the most convenient, being the first in the list.


Luso: So you really do find work in pubs…
I always pictured a pub as someplace to kick back and grab a snack.

Cid: What better place? People gather to share a meal, and where there are people, there’s talk.
Clans pay good money for the sort of talk that leads to work—the quests I mentioned before.

Luso: So if we need to make money or find something to do, the pub is the place to go.

Cid: Exactly.

Barkeep: Ah, Cid.
Looking for work?

Cid: That’s right.
We have a new member in need of training.

Cid: Talk to the barman, Luso.
Find us a good quest.
The best way to learn is to do, lad.

Luso: Okay, leave it to me.

Barkeep: So you’re Cid’s new recruit?
Well, if you’re looking for a quest, the first thing you’ll want to do is ask to see the quest roster.
The roster lists all the quests on record at the pub.
Once you’ve found a quest that catches your eye, simply pay the finder’s fee and you’re done.
It’s not enough to read the quest and go running off. If you haven’t paid that fee, you’ll be on a fool’s errand.
Now some quests you can take as long as you please to finish. Others you’ll have a set number of days to do it in. It’s all there on the quest roster, so just pay close attention and you’ll avoid any unpleasant surprises.
That’s all there is to it.
Ready to have a go?


Luso: I got us a quest.
“A Paw Full of Feathers”.
They want us to chase off some wolves.

Cid: Let’s see…
That ranch isn’t far from the village.
No hurry, though.
There’s no deadline written on the bill.

Luso: Sounds like they’re in a tight spot. I don’t wanna keep ‘em waiting.
I’ll go get the others!

Cid: See that you’re ready before you go running off!

Cid: That boy needs to get his priorities straight.
At this rate he’s like to stay here forever.


Cid: You may want to pay a visit to a shop before we leave, Luso.


Shopkeeper: Good day.
I’m afraid our selection isn’t very good at the moment.
Still, we might have something you’d like, if you’d care to take a look.

Shopkeeper: I can’t help but notice you have some loot on you.
If you’d like, I can put your loot up on the bazaar and see what I can get for it in return.

Luso: Loot? Bazaar? Huh?

Shopkeeper: Loot can be almost anything, from a rat pelt to a precious gem.
Hunters and clans usually come into a fair bit of loot while questing.

Luso: So that’s what all that stuff we’ve been finding is.
Meaning this lump of metal here…is a piece of loot?

Shopkeeper: That’s a piece of loot if ever there was one.
Since you seem a bit…confused about all of this, perhaps a more detailed explanation would help?
You see, traders at the bazaar are always interested in acquiring new, exotic pieces of loot.
The better the loot, the better the item they’ll give in return.
Just tell me when you have some loot you’d like to put on the bazaar, and I’ll take care of the rest.
I’ll add any items I can get from the bazaar to the stock of items you can purchase here at the shop.

Luso: All right, I’ll give it a try!

Shopkeeper: I’ve a new item in stock now.
Next time you feel like making a purchase, take a look!
We carry all manner of weapons and armor.
You seem rather new to all this, so perhaps I should tell you a little about the equipment we sell.
Some pieces of equipment bestow new abilities on their wearer.
With these pieces equipped, you can use the abilities, whether you’ve seen them before or not.
There’s no better way to give a new ability a try before deciding whether to learn it.
Of course, you’ll need a variety of equipment, and that’s where we come in. *chuckle*

Shopkeeper: I’ll tell you what I’ll do.
I’m going to write up a summary of our discussion about the bazaar and equipment.
I’ll post it on the pub’s rumor board so you can read it whenever you like.
Not much of a rumor, really, but it might be helpful.
I hope we’ll see you again soon!


Luso: Whoa, so this is a chocobo, huh?
It’s way bigger than I imagined!
Hey, they’re kinda cute.

Cid: Step too close and he’ll peck your eye out.

Luso: Oh, I already know all about that.

Luso: What is it?

Cid: Company.

Luso: Um… Here, chocobos!
Stay in the hutch while we deal with these wolves.

Luso: Don’t even think about touching those chocobos!


Luso: Hey, Cid.
What was the Judge saying about some law just now?
What do laws have to do with fighting?

Cid: Ah, I was remiss in my explanations.
Laws are like the rules of engagement guidelines you must follow in combat.
When an adjudged clan—that is, a clan watched over by a Judge—fights, it abides by laws.
It is not enough to do battle.
We must do battle with care to not break any law.

Luso: You serious?
That sounds like a pain.

Cid: Yes, but not without gain.
Only by keeping the letter of the law may a clan enjoy its full privileges.
Not to mention the reward offered those who heed the Judge’s word.
Why don’t you try picking the clan privilege this time round, Luso?
Don’t fret over your choice.
Consider it to be a gift.
First choose which clan members will participate in battle, then choose the privilege you will use.


Cid: Listen, Luso.
Always obey the law when you can.
But know that all is not lost when you can’t. The penalties for breaking the law are not so severe.
You will merely lose your clan privilege, and fallen comrades will remain so until the battle ends.

[The Judge will abandon you if you break the law during battle, negating the effect of your clan privilege.
Furthermore, KO’d units may not be revived with Phoenix Down or Raise.
The Judge will return when the engagement is over. If you should break the law, simply keep fighting and hope for the best.]


Luso: That’s the last we’ll see of those mangy mutts!


Luso: Today is a good day to be a chocobo! Heh heh.

Cid: And a good day to quest.
All we need do now is collect our pay.

Cid: So I think you understand well enough what it is we do.
You might keep an eye out for quests that promise to lead you toward home.

Luso: Home… Right.

Luso: It’s all tied up in that book with the blank pages…
Figure that book out, and I’ll find my way back.

Cid: The magick book, yes.

Luso: I just wish I’d been paying more attention to the thing.
I remember it was old, real old. The cover was all faded.
I didn’t even see what it was called.

Cid: The question is, who wrote it, where, and for what reason?
…Three questions, actually.

Cid: Hrm? Don’t tell me you carry a journal around, Luso.

Luso: Huh? A journal?

Luso: Hey, it is a journal.
I assumed it was some kind of belt, or tool pouch.

Cid: You mean…that’s not yours?

Luso: Do I look like the type to keep a journal to you?

Cid: That you do not.

Luso: …?

Cid: What is it?
Has it been written in?

Luso: Look at this, Cid!
This journal talks about me in the library…
…and coming to Ivalice, and getting rescued… Everything I’ve done is in here!

Cid: Ah, so you do keep a journal!

Luso: I think it keeps itself!
Look, words are appearing in it right now!

Cid: Ah, it’s recording the fight with the wolves just now.

Luso: A magick journal?

Cid: Yet another surprise.
You’re full of them, aren’t you?

Luso: You think this magick journal’s got something to do with that book?

Cid: Probably… No, it’s certain. You’ve found your first clue.

Luso: That wasn’t so hard.
So who would know something about a magick journal?
Maybe a wizard?
What if I find a quest that’d take me to one?
That’s it!
Cid! Let’s get back to town and check out the lists at the pub!

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