FFT0 Missions

This page remains incomplete.

This page lists all Final Fantasy Type-0 missions. Note that for now the page remains incomplete. Chapters 1 and 8 are located on disc 1, while chapters 2-7 are located on disc 2.
Note that the missions marked with a + are practice missions, optional missions that expand Suzaku's reach of influence in Orience. They become available during the main story mission they're listed after, and stay available for the duration of the chapter they're in.

Chapter 1

The Three Hours that Changed the World
Operation: Recapture Rubrum

Chapter 2

Raise the Vermilion Banner
Their First Campaign
Operation: Reconquista
Capture Operation of Togoreth Fort

Chapter 3

Weapons of Mass Destruction
Isqah Infiltration Directive
- Keziah Diversionary Tactics
- United with Souryuu
Destroy Magitek Armor
- Breaking Down the Fight of Suzaku Areas
- Battle of the Limestone Cavern
Destroy Magitek Armor: Continuation

Chapter 4

The Last Queen's Return to Oblivion
Escape the Range of Death

Chapter 5

The First Battle of Judecca
Operation: Recapture Eibon
- Protect the Cadets
- Advance to the Borders
- Destroy the Elite Corps
The Battle of Judecca

Chapter 6

Terra Mortis, Khaliya's Decision
Coming soon

Chapter 7

Fate of the Crystal - the Endless Battle
Coming soon
- Fight to Evacuate Roshana
- Dragon Slayer
- Hinder the Enemy's Strange Dragons
- Dragon Corps of the Hidden Grove
- Operation: Obtain the Classified Documents
- Scout the Empire's Movements
- Azul, Land of the Decisive Battle
Coming soon
- Prisoner Rescue Mission
- Imperial Refugees
- The Last Imperial Base
- Suppression of Amiter
- Destroy the Nest of Dragons

Chapter 8

Verdict: Finis
Coming soon
Coming soon
The Place of Final Judgment

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