FFP - Master Trial


Dear Pictlogicians! Shall we accumulate some training experience. We've again prepared a challenging quest! This time the setting is a coast! Fight through the strong enemies looming ahead and show your strength!

Runtime: 10.3.-18.3.2014


Master Trial

Difficulty: ★★★★★★★, Stamina: 80, Battles: 5
Enemies: Sandworm (battle 1), Devil Club, Skeleton, Rock Slug (battle 2, 5 enemies), Wild Nakk (battle 3, 5 enemies), Calcruthl, Gatling (battle 4, 5 enemies), Dhorme Chimera (battle 5)
Drops: weapon from battle 1, accessory and 80 blue element from battle 5 (see list of possible weapons and accessories below)
Rewards: Superior-quality Gold (first time), Superior-quality Mythril


Attack pattern: nothing, Attack, Quakera, Attack, nothing, Quakera (repeats)

Attack pattern: nothing, Watera (repeats)

Dhorme Chimera
Attack pattern: nothing, nothing, Thundara (repeats)

Possible Drops
Weapons: Cat Claws, Coral Sword, Healing Staff, Kagenui, Partisan, Serpent Rod, Thief's Knife, Thunder Bow
Accessories: Diamond Armor, Golden Breastplate, Knight's Armor, Ninja Gear, Power Sash, Princess Vest, Sage's Surplice
Others: Superior-quality Mythril, High-quality Gold

Category: Quests

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