Succor for Sore Eyes
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Alas! An innkeep has been cursed with a dreadful bout of dry eyes. Procure some eye drops, that he might gaze upon the smiles of his guests again.


Name: Succor for Sore Eyes
Type: Collect, Task: Eye Drops x1
Location: Mitra
Reward: Hi-Potion


Innkeeper: Welcome, welcome. Come on in.
In fact… If I might ask, sir, do you happen to have any eye drops on you?
I'd be much obliged if you could share a drop or two with a stranger.
They can always be gotten at the tool shop, if you don't have any on you. Do you think you could help me out?
I'd be happy to trade you a hi-potion for them if you can!
(mission accept)

(talk again)
Innkeeper: Did you bring me those eye drops? You'd really be helping me out, friend.

(turn in)
Innkeeper: Did you bring me those eye drops?
Oh, I can't thank you enough! These old eyes of mine just aren't what they once were.
Here, take this from me. Just as a token of my thanks.
(mission complete)

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