Secrets Unearthed

A young boy in Mitra seeks a mysterious tome somewhere in the Shrine of Earth. What monkeyshines does the lad have planned for this hidden codex?


Name: Secrets Unearthed
Type: Find, Task: Secret Book
Location: Mitra, Areas: Earth Shrine
Reward: Blizzard recipe


Once you've picked up the mission, head for Earth Shrine. The Secret Book is directly on the path to the boss, you can't miss it. Deliver it back to the suspicious boy to complete the mission.


Suspicious Boy: I've got a request that maybe a real knight like you could help me out with.
Maybe you could find a certain book for me that was left in the Earth Shrine.
You wanna know what kind of book? Let's just say it's a…secret book.
All I can tell you is that I need it. And don't look in it, no matter what!
(mission accept)

(talk again)
Suspicious Boy: The secret book I need should be in the Earth Shrine somewhere.
You'll find it for me, right?

(turn in)
Suspicious Boy: Did you actually find that secret book!?
Mm-hmm… Yes, I see… This is it! Heh…heh… Heh-heh-heh-heh!
I knew I was right to believe in you! Here. Your reward.
I picked that up some time back, but I've got no use for it.
Handy if you like blizzards, I guess. Thanks again.
(mission complete)

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