For My Eyes Only

A girl has lost her precious notebook. Gather information from the townspeople to ascertain its whereabouts.


Name: For My Eyes Only
Type: Find, Task: Notebook
Location: Mitra
Reward: Cure recipe


This entire mission is handled within the town of Mitra. Once you've picked it up, head back up the ledge and a little to the left, where you'll find a young boy who's found the notebook and delivered it to the soldiers. Head to the barracks to talk to one of the soldiers there to find out the person has to come pick up the item personally. Talk to the woman again to complete the mission.


Woman: *sigh* What am I going to do? Losing my precious notebook like that…
I'm sure I must have dropped it here in town somewhere… But I can't find it anywhere!
I'm going to keep searching around here, but could you ask around for me, too?
Please tell me if you hear anything!
(mission accept)

(talk again)
Woman (1): *sigh* What am I going to do? Losing my precious notebook like that…

Villager: A notebook? I haven't seen any.
There's some kid who's always playing around here. Maybe he knows something?
He's normallky out by the soldiers' barracks or thereabouts.

Young Man (1): A notebook? You mean that weird book?
Yeah, I found it by the shore. I gave it to one of the soldiers in the barracks there.
I didn't understand half of what was written in it. It looked like gibberish.

Soldier (3): That notebook the boy found? Yes, I still have it.
So it belongs to that woman? How horrifying… Do all women like that kind of thing…?
Ahem. I'm afraid I can't hand it over to a stranger like yourself. Can you ask the owner to come and claim it?
And quickly, if you please. The sooner it's gone from my desk, the better…

Woman (1): My notebook? The soldiers have it?
What? What do you mean, what's written in it? Just recipes for cooking octopus.
Nothing better than a bit of fried octopus, you know! Not that you'd know it around here. Folks here won't eat it.
But I can't make any of my favorite without that notebook.
I'll get it back at once. Thank you so much for your help. Please take this.
(mission complete)

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