Bleeder of the Pack

Some impertinent wolves in Dalnakya Cavern are disrupting the flow of goods between cities. Take up arms and exterminate this threat to free trade.


Name: Bleeder of the Pack
Type: Battle, Task: Wolf x10
Location: Mitra, Areas: Dalnakya Cavern
Reward: Bronze Mace recipe


Wolves aren't too uncommon in Dalnakya Cavern exploration, although you might be hit with a but that doesn't allow any further random battles to spawn. If that happens, you will have to re-enter the Cavern to get your remaining kills.


Gylbart: Oh, you lads again? What fortune. I actually had something I wanted to ask of you…
A pack of wolves has taken up residence in the Dalnakya Cavern near here…
They're making it real hard to get any goods to or from the capital.
Think you could take care of them? Culling a good ten or so ought to take care of the problem.
(mission accept)

(talk again)
Gylbart: A pack of wolves has taken up residence in the Dalnakya Cavern near here…

(turn in)
Gylbart: Ho! Took care of them, did you? There's a Grandshelt knight for you!
What a pinch. Had those caravans not come through, I couldn't have gotten my granddaughter's her…
Uh, I mean, the townspeople's vital supplies were getting dangerously low! Take this as a thank you!
(mission complete)

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