A Hello to Arms

A lowly armorer wishes to create a new item: Encourage his spirit of enterprise by gathering the necessary materials from Latius Woods.


Name: A Hello to Arms
Type: Collect, Task: Lumber x5
Location: Mitra, Areas: -
Reward: Silk Robe


You should have the required lumber already if you've run Latius Woods exploration once or twice. If not, go do that and make sure to hit those gathering spots. Then go turn in your lumber.


Armorsmith: Hmm. What am I going to do? Oh! Sorry, did you hear that?
I just happen to be running out of materials for my work, is all.
The monsters have been so aggressive lately that it's been hard to go out and gather more…
If you happen to come across any lumber, do you think you could part with a few lengths, hm?
If I had just…just give lengths of lumber! It would keep me in business.
(mission accept)

(talk again)
Armorsmith: You can normally gather lumber in the Latius Woods.

(turn in)
Armorsmith: C-could that be…?
What a savior! It must've been a lot of work to get all this for me.
So I want you to have this. Just my way of saying thanks!
(mission complete)

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