Tonberry (Kurasame's)

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While the appearance made by tonberries in the series are plentiful as monsters, even going so far as to have appeared as a summon before, Final Fantasy Type-0 broke new ground with them in that in it a tonberry was the companion of Kurasama Susaya. He was never given a separate name, and was only called Tonberry.


Early Years


Tonberry's early years were spent growing up in a remote area of Concordia1 with all other tonberries.

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In Type-0

After Kurasame turned into a crystal, Tonberry would appear instead of him in situations where Kurasame would have appeared in battle to help. Below are his stats.

Level 45
HP 2,646, MP 1,514
ATK 195, DEF 134, FIR 209, ICE 215, LIT 222, MDEF 142

Weapon: Great Kitchen Knife
Accessories: Safety Bit, Angel's Earring

Grudge Strike, Thundaga SHG2, Curaga

Category: Pets

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