Sant' Angelo di Roma

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Sant' Angelo di Roma (アンジェロ [angelo] in Japanese) is the full name of this half German shepherd, half border collie pet dog from Final Fantasy VIII. She is usually referred to as simply Angelo, and belongs to Rinoa Heartilly. She's 55 cm tall and two years old, born on December 13th. Rinoa bought Angelo from the Timber Pet Shop when she was a puppy, and neglected telling her father.
It bears noting that Angelo doesn't appear to have a tail.

Angelo likes white chocolate, sushi, apples, yogurt and peanut butter, and hates dog food as well as food with too many spices. She is extremely attached to Rinoa and will behave like the pampered princess she is if she can't join Rinoa for a while. She is also the main focus of Rinoa's first limit break type, the Combine. Angelo will learn new types of limits by having Rinoa walk her (ie walk around normally) after you've assigned a limit to learn after learning about it in a pet magazine.

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