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Hiryu (飛竜 [hiryuu] in Japanese) is a wind drake from Final Fantasy V. He was originally companion to the wife of the king of Tycoon, but came to accompany him and his daughter Lenna after the queen passed away. It's unknown how long exactly Hiryu accompanied the queen, but it is known he is old by the time of the game's events.

In the opening sequence of the game, the king flies away on Hiryu to investigate the Wind Shrine. It is unknown what happens to Hiryu at this point, but the king is assaulted by monsters at the Shrine. It is likely Hiryu flew away. He also fell sick due to some unknown reason, this might have been the cause of his leaving, as he could have went in search of dragon grass that can cure wind drakes. Said grass grows on Northern Mountain, where Lenna and her companions find him. Hiryu was too weak to get himself dragon grass, but Lenna does it for him at risk to her own life. Once Hiryu receives the dragon grass and is cured, he in turn uses his own powers to heal Lenna.
From that point on Hiryu accompanies Lenna and her companions around the world inner seas of Tycoon and Walse. As he cannot fly them over mountains however, he stays behind when they go in search of the Fire Crystal in Karnak.

When the two worlds unite, Hiryu finds Lenna again, just in time to save her from being sucked into the Void from the opening around the castle Tycoon. While he does not travel with the party much at this point, he also tries to attack Lenna when she has been possessed by a monster later on, and in his final appearance is found resting atop the Phoenix Tower. He dives off the tower to be reborn as the summon phoenix.


Trading Card Game

Hiryu (together with wind drakes) have appeared several times in the FF-TCG series, bearing the Wind element. Note that while the translations are different, the names on the cards are the same.

tcg_4044.jpg tcg_10056.jpg
4-044U Wind Drake 10-056R Hiryu

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