Company Chocobo

This is your basic mount in Final Fantasy XIV, and unlocking this one also lets you ride other mounts. Before buying and activating your Company Chocobo, you will not be able to use any other mount even if you obtain them. This chocobo also activates the Companion Chocobo feature, letting you call upon your chocobo to fight by your side.
マイチョコボ [my chocobo] in Japanese.

Final Fantasy XIV



Item: Chocobo Whistle
Obtain: join a Grand Company, then buy a chocobo issuance from them for 2,000 seals
Description: Summon your Grand Company-issued battle chocobo


This section deals with the features your Company Chocobo has as a companion. To unlock the companion feature, first obtain your Company Chocobo, then complete the quest My Feisty Little Chocobo. Once unlocked, you can call upon your chocobo by using a bunch of Gysahl Greens. Note that the gysahl is used up in the process, you must keep buying greens to be able to continuously summon your chocobo.

When fighting with your chocobo, he gains experience points towards his rank. With each rank he gains, your chocobo receives an amount of Skill Points (SP) equal to the rank's number - for example, when gaining rank 2 he gains 2 SP, and when gaining rank 9 he gains 9 SP. This SP is used to buy abilities from the various stances the chocobo has. To be able to gain all abilities from one stance, you must put all your SP in that one stance. Anything else results in a chocobo that is more versatile, but will never master any stance. By mastering one stance, you can unlock an exclusive barding for your chocobo (listed below).
Currently it isn't possible to redistribute SP once you've used it on an ability, but this feature is forthcoming.

Basic Commands

These are the basic commands that can be used on your chocobo. Note that the commands are very generic, and do not allow you to activate specific abilities within a stance. If you haven't learned the 1 SP ability for a stance, that stance's activation can't be used. The default stance is Free Stance.

Free Stance
Defender Stance
Attacker Stance
Healer Stance

Defender Stance

Choco Drop (1 SP)
Enhanced Strength (2 SP, STR+5%)
Increased HP (3 SP, HP+10%)
Choco Kick (4 SP)
Enhanced Accuracy (5 SP, ACC+5%)
Enhanced Critical Hit Rate (6 SP, Crit rate+15%)
Choco Guard (7 SP)
Enhanced Strength (8 SP, STR+5%)
Increased HP (9 SP, HP+10%)
Choco Strike (10 SP)

Attacker Stance

Choco Slash (1 SP)
Enhanced Strength (2 SP, STR+5%)
Increased HP (3 SP, HP+5%)
Choco Beak (4 SP)
Enhanced Accuracy (5 SP, ACC+5%)
Enhanced Critical Hit Rate (6 SP, Crit rate+15%)
Choco Rush (7 SP)
Enhanced Strength (8 SP, STR+10%)
Increased Attack Speed (9 SP, ATK Speed+10%)
Choco Blast (10 SP)

Healer Stance

Choco Regen (1 SP)
Enhanced Mind (2 SP, MND+10%)
Increased HP (3 SP, HP+5%)
Choco Cure (4 SP)
Enhanced Accuracy (5 SP, ACC+5%)
Enhanced Critical Hit Rate (6 SP, Crit rate+15%)
Choco Surge (7 SP)
Enhanced Mind (8 SP, MND+15%)
Increased HP (9 SP, HP+5%)
Choco Medica (10 SP)


So far, the Company Chocobo is the only chocobo capable of wearing barding. Listed below are the various barding choices obtainable. While all bardings are treated as one item when in your inventory, when used they become three separate items - one for each of the three barding slots on your chocobo, for Head, Body and Legs. You can choose which type of barding to wear in each slot, and thus combine the barding.
Barding does not have any effect at this time.

Default Barding
Gridanian Saddle / Lominsan Saddle / Ul'dahn Saddle

Grand Company Barding
Gridanian Barding / Lominsan Barding / Ul'dahn Barding
Gridanian Half Barding / Lominsan Half Barding / Ul'dahn Half Barding
Gridanian Crested Barding / Lominsan Crested Barding / Ul'dahn Crested Barding

Stance Barding
Paladin Barding
Dragoon Barding
White Mage Barding

Event Barding
Starlight Barding

Other Barding
Behemoth Barding
Black Mage Barding
Sleipnir Barding
Sovereign Barding

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