Ceres is a wyvern trained to work with dragoons in Final Fantasy Dimensions. She was bonded with the dragoon Abel, who was also called the strongest dragoon, before he died in a war with Avalon.
After his death, Ceres grieved, and one day in the woods came upon Abel's 4-year-old daughter Barbara. Ceres being a very familiar figure and connected to her father, Barbara went with Ceres to live with the wyverns at Dragon Roost.

More than 10 years later, the empire of Avalon was poisoning the wyverns. Ceres was one of those affected, and was also carrying an egg at that time. She grew weak, and when the time came for her to go nest at the top of the Highwind Tower, she was close to death. Barbara followed her along with the Warriors of Light who brought the healing herb dragon grass with them. Ceres did manage to eat it, but it was too late. As she laid her egg, she passed away.

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