Cactuar (Pet)

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This page is about the tame monster/pet Cactuar. To see the data of the monster you fight against, see here.


Final Fantasy XIII-2

Role: Commando, Speed: 65
Max Level: 45, Growth: Standard, Crystarium Formation: Cactuar
Base Stats: HP 963-1,065, STR 141-145, MAG 61-63
Growth Total (Potent): HP 3,244, STR 756, MAG 264
Growth Total (Vitality): HP 4,277, STR 476, MAG 150
Growth Total (Power): HP 2,159, STR 977, MAG 150
Growth Total (Mana): HP 2,159, STR 476, MAG 347
Material Required: Orb (P V S M) x31, Essence (P V S M) x46, Crystal (P V S M) x23
Weakness: Fire
Halve: all debuffs
Abilities: Attack, Ruin, Launch, Bravery Feeder (lv7), Stagger: Wound (lv13), Deprotect Chaser (lv23), Protect Feeder (lv25), Powerchain (lv38), Scourge (lv40), Ruinga (lv43)
Passive Abilities: Critical Bravery, Resist Slow +10% (lv10), Resist Slow +44% (lv17), Resist Slow +66% (lv30), Auto-Bravery (lv45)
Feral Link: 1,000 Needles
Find: Archylte Steppe ??? AF (Plains of Eternity in sunny weather)



Cactuars have appeared quite a few times in the Final Fantasy series, first simply as a monster, then later as a race and as a summon, but what Type-0 managed to do was expand upon this and have a cactuar appear as a companion (pet). The cactuar was never given a separate name and was simply called Cactuar.
In the game, Cactuar could be found randomly running around the Peristerium.


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