Boko is friend and companion to Bartz Klauser in Final Fantasy V. It's unknown how long Bartz has had him, but the two have clearly travelled together for a long time come the game's start.

In the opening sequence of FF5, Boko and Bartz save Lenna and Galuf from landslides due to a meteor strike nearby. With the way back closed, the humans go on through a monster-filled cave, and since Boko is a chocobo, he's left to wait outside the cave. At first Boko waits patiently, but then he charges onwards to find Bartz again. He gets hurt by the monsters in the cave, but gets taken in by the pirates who live at the very back of the cave. They nurse him to health.
While Bartz and his new human companions go around saving the world, Boko is recuperating. At some point, a female chocobo called Koko shows up, and the two come to like each other. By the time Bartz comes back from the second world and the two worlds have united, Boko and Koko have had several little chocobos.


Boko has appeared in the FF-TCG series with the element of Wind.

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