Apkallu (Pet)

This page is about the tame monster Apkallu. To see the data of the monster you fight against, see here.

Final Fantasy XIII-2

Role: Commando, Speed: 75
Max Level: 45, Growth: Standard, Crystarium Formation: Sahagin
Base Stats: HP 1,877-2,075, STR 99-101, MAG 60-62
Growth Total (Potent): HP 5,443, STR 841, MAG 394
Growth Total (Vitality): HP 7,068, STR 549, MAG 248
Growth Total (Power): HP 3,778, STR 1,060, MAG 248
Growth Total (Mana): HP 3,778, STR 549, MAG 499
Material Required: Orb (P V S M) x31, Essence (P V S M) x46, Crystal (P V S M) x23
Weakness: Fire, Lightning
Halve: all debuffs
Abilities: Attack, Ruin, Area Sweep, Powerchain (lv5), Slow Chaser (lv18), Scourge (lv21), Ruinga (lv45)
Passive Abilities: Attack ATB Charge, Strength +16% (lv12), Strength +20% (lv27), Resist Dispel +10% (lv35), Strength +25% (lv41), Resist Dispel +44% (lv42)
Feral Link: Abyssal Breath
Find: Academia 500 AF (fixed encounter x2)

Category: Pets

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