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Zidane Tribal (ジタン·トライバル [zidane tribal] in Japanese) is a Genome created by Garland in Final Fantasy IX. It is unknown how Genomes are created, but generally his fellow Genomes Kuja and Mikoto are considered his brother and sister. He is currently 16 years old, and was born in September 1783. While he was born in Bran Bal, he has lived most of his life in Lindblum.

Zidane has no voicing in FF9, but he also appears in Dissidia and Duodecim that are voiced. His seiyuu in the Japanese versions is Romi Paku, and he's voiced by Bryce Papenbrook in the English versions.

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Early Years

Zidane was born (or created, as it were) in Bran Bal in September 1783. Nothing much is known about his life in Bran Bal, and it wasn't until he was 4 years old when Kuja threw him out of Bran Bal that Zidane's life can be considered to truly begin. He ended up in the sea and was rescued by Baku of the Tantalus Troupe.

Baku took care of Zidane for most of his life. He taught him everything related to thievery and such that he knew, and Zidane grew up to be a thief and a member of the cover-up act of the Tantalus Theater Troupe. Zidane might not have been entirely content with his life, as in the year 1796 when he was 13 years old he ran away from home.

While out enjoying his independent life, Zidane met Freya Crescent in 1797 and the two became friends. Not much is known about their time together, but February of the next year Zidane returned home to Baku and Lindblum.
It's unknown what happened, but two months later he escaped Treno and outwitted Amarant Coral while at it. The latter couldn't forget such a slight to his abilities. This was the situation for Zidane at the start of the game.

Final Fantasy IX

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Zidane has appeared several times in FF-TCG, under the elements of Wind and Light.

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