Zekehart (ジークハルト [zekehart] in Japanese) is one of the secondary main characters in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, and is also known as the Veritas of Earth. He has extremely high self confidence and values his beauty above all other traits he has, although by his family's definition 'beauty' also means 'strength' and 'skill'. He comes from a noble lineage on Paladia. His parents are unknown, but he has two older siblings, Theobalt and Dietlinde. His exact age is likewise unknown, but is known to be several years younger than Fina1.

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Early Years


Zekehart was born the youngest2 child of a noble family on Paradia. They lived in a giant mansion reasonably close by to a town of commoners, and he was raised to uphold the family value of beauty, and the nobleman's duty to the commoner. He never lacked for anything, be it education or material things. What he was never taught however, is how to appear approachable, friendly, how not to come off as overbearing. His family, while supportive of commoners sometimes to an absurd degree, still strongly upheld the divide between social classes.

When Zekehart came of age3, he participated in the family tradition of picking his weapon from the family's weapons vault. What he picked was the shield, on the basis that with this shield he could keep himself from being wounded even as he admired himself on the reflective inner surface.

Some time later, while on a self-imposed mission to save a group of children from a rampaging gargoyle who had kidnapped them, Zekehart first met Fina. She barged in to the castle the gargoyle was holding the children at, and without regard to Zekehart who was having difficulty defeating the gargoyle, she took it out in one blast. Her strength=beauty took Zekehart by storm, not really aided by her blasé attitude about it. Once he found out Fina's name and her whereabouts, he headed to the military research base she was at and challenged her to a duel to decide who was the most beautiful of them. Fina defeated him easily. This eventually evolved into Zekehart's lifelong rivalry with her.

One day when he was once again at the research facility to challenge Fina, she refused to fight him, saying she had an important treatment coming soon and wasn't feeling up to it. When she also failed to reassure him that she would fight him after the treatment was over, on the grounds that she might not survive it, Zekehart was once again shocked to his core. The treatment Fina was receiving was the immortal youth treatment, and this prompted Zekehart to join the Paladian military.

It took him several years, but eventually Zekehart became one of the Sworn Eight of Paladia, and received the immortal youth treatment. He was stranded on Lapis when emperor Vlad decided to get rid of them at the end of the Aldor-Hes civil war. It is unknown how he spent the 700 years between then and the start of the game.

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