Yuri (ユーリィ [yuurii] in Japanese) from Ring of Fates is the Clavat main character, and twin to his sister Chelinka who is older by several minutes. Their parents are Latov and Aleria. Yuri has brown hair and green eyes, and while he was more of a coward as a child hew grew much more courageous due to the events in his life. He lives with his family in a tiny village east from Rebena Te Ra.
In the world he ends up in finally, Yuri has no special position other than that of remembering events that didn't happen in that world. However, in the beginning of his life he and his twin Chelinka held great power, great enough to drastically change the world. It is unknown how old he and Chelinka are in the beginning of the game, although after the skip of several years during which they grow up, they are 12 years old, although mature for their age.

Yuri is voiced by Kumiko Higa in the Japanese version of the game, and Mona Marshall in the English version.

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Early Years

Aleria gave birth to the twins Chelinka and Yuri in the tiny village they later grew up in, supported by Meeth Crym who later became a tutor of sorts to the twins. Witnessing the birth was one more person, Alhanalem who became their magic tutor. The births were expected and the twins spent their very first days under the care of their loving family.
However, this was not to last. While Yuri and Chelinka were still babies, Cu Chaspel came on orders of Hierophant Galdes of Rebena Te Ra to retrieve Aleria and bring her to the Crystal Temple. Aleria left without a fight, wishing to bring no harm to her newly born children.

The twins grew up under the care of their father Latov assisted by Meeth Crym and Alhanalem. Yuri loved her sister dearly, and would always do as she said. Neither of them had any interest in magic, and were generally bright, cheerful kids. This was the situation at the start of Ring of Fates.

Ring of Fates


Several years before the 12th birthday of the twins (the exact time is left unclear), Yuri and Chelinka went to adventure in the Valley of Heroes, a cave complex right near their tiny home village. While Chelinka wasn't too fond of the dark, Yuri was excited about the hatchet Latov had just given the two, and they could light up the cave with the Crystal Chelinka carried. They ended up killing a big monster at the very back of the cave, and met a mysterious red-haired girl. Chelinka immediately tagged her as a ghost, and the two left the caves, running. This was their first encounter in a series of many.

Some time after, Latov had business to do in Rebena Te Ra, and agreed to let the twins come with him for the first time ever. Upon reaching the city, the twins naturally ran around the place enthusiastically, but returned to the central square at the specified time to meet their father. However, Latov didn't show up, and sunset arrived. When the twins started despairing about their father ever coming, they saw him - or something that looked just like him - and followed the apparition to the Abandoned City. With some searching, they came across a charging Behemoth and defeated it. Right after they saw the red-haired girl again.
Meanwhile, their father had been panicking about not finding the twins, and the twins stumbled across him. They came to the conclusion that something was off about the city, and returned home.

Their third encounter with a strong monster was on a trip with Al to Mt Vaal to gather some Moogle Grass. After this, came the biggest turning point in their lives. The same night they returned from Mt Vaal, Cu Chaspel arrived to the village again, this time on a mission to retrieve the twins. He set Meeth flying from the village and imprisoned Alhanalem, before arriving at the house of the little family. Latov tried to stop him, but ended up dying while protecting Yuri and Chelinka.
That was the point the power hidden within the twins was used for the first time. Cu Chaspel retreated from the village without the twins. However, Al and Meeth were missing, Latov was dead, and Yuri to his horror discovered that Chelinka was completely catatonic, her eyes reflecting only the golden color of the power she carried.
Forced by the situation to do so, Yuri grew up very fast. He buried Latov with his own hands, and took care of Chelinka alone, all the while honing his strength and skills so as to never be caught helpless again.

Years passed, and the twins were 12 now. Then one day, Chelinka talked to Yuri through telepathy. She had finally woken up from her catatonic state, and Yuri told her what had happened. The two made the decision to go search for Alhanalem, who Yuri was certain was being held on Mt Vaal. In no time they made their way to the mountain, and freed Al from the red crystal he had been encased in. Following Al's instructions, the three headed for Rebena Te Ra's King Kolka to look for some answers.

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Yuri has appeared several times in the FF-TCG, under the Fire and Light elements.

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